Chris A. Baird | September 21, 2022
The ONCE IN A LIFETIME Opportunity To Self-Publish Is Coming…

You might still be thinking about the Amazon Gold Rush. Let me tell you that the once in a lifetime opportunity to self-publish is coming.

Jill told me that she was writing her books just for fun. Because after all, we were long past the Amazon Gold Rush for all of the Kindle books and all of these things. That was back in the years 2012 to 2015.

So, there wasn't any major rush to get her book onto the market. Since it wasn't going to sell anyways, well at least that's what she thought until we had a chat. That's the reason why in today's article, we are going to discuss The Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Self-Publish Is Coming.

Jill is from France or She's an American. She's an ex-pat living in France and she's been writing over her entire life lots of children stories. But recently, she's been working on a specific story that she plans to put on Amazon.

The thing is that she looked at the market and figured, look, I've got this story let me just put it on there. The problem though is she realized she wasn't going to make any money off of it. Because she read all of the articles addressing how many books are going on Amazon daily.

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There were already tons of children's books that were out there. So, it wasn't going to make that much of a difference. So, putting her book on the market, she assumed, wasn't going to have that much of an impact.

Now at one level, this might make a little bit of sense. Because there are an awful lot of books going on in the market. So, what happened was that she started writing books.

But she realized it was getting very difficult to write because her motivation levels were not that high. After all, how could you be motivated if you knew you were going to put something onto the market that nobody was going to buy?

So maybe, after this would be her last book. She wouldn't do anything else with self-publishing once she got this first book onto the market. Because that was maybe the goal. It was just getting it on the market not that it would make sales.

She found her motivation starting to go down because of this whole issue. And that caused her to stop writing as fast. In addition, she found that her day job was taking up so much time in her life that it was also pulling away her ability to focus on this particular thing.

So, she had been working on it for a very long time and was still not making much progress at this point. What did she do? She was watching some of my YouTube videos and I was commenting exactly that this Gold Rush may have been a certain time but we have not gone past it.

There are still lots of opportunities available. So, she booked a Discovery Session with me where we could sit down and go 1-On-1 and take a look at the issues. One of the big ones I was pointing out to her is this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to self-publish. 

It's only getting better based on all of the things that we're seeing. That's where the issue is coming very shortly. The first thing is that it's never been so easy to get the tools, so that's the first thing.

The tools, you'll notice if you follow things like Black Friday sales and stuff, the prices always drop on all of these tools. There are a few that don't but for the most part, they do. That gives you an even better deal where you can get them.

In terms of the training instruction, I give away a lot of the stuff just on my channel. Where I go through every one of these points showing exactly how to use these tools. Discussing this issue of how to get the most out of it.

And knowing which tools to use since there are a lot of choices that you can make when it comes to choosing the right tools. But this was not the case, if we go back 10 to 15 years ago, you did not have all of these tools available. Every day, new tools are coming out.

The tools we already have, continue to be upgraded. That's why it's getting a lot easier to do the research for the small percentage of authors who research. They don't just write a book and hope for the best.

Making Your Book Easily Available

The second reason here is that with what's going on, the royalties are incredibly high. So, we're getting high percentage royalties. With new and additional distribution channels, those royalty rates are sitting at like 70% for a lot of these books.

It’s giving us more flexibility to make more money which is phenomenal. But there's a good reason why we would be making more money as we're moving forward in time. This is the point where it's coming, it's the fact that more people are buying cell phones and coming online. 

They can buy our eBooks with their phones across Africa and South America. Many regions previously did not even have access to the content that we'd like to put on the world and share this value with the world. Suddenly, they're coming and can buy our books in their specific regions.

It's continuing to expand. This also includes your audiobook versions of these books. So, the number of readers is drastically increasing with a Hunger Force exactly the types of books that we're putting on the market, assuming we're figuring out where the profitable markets are.

That's the key issue. It is that there are still tons of very profitable subgenres on Amazon to put your books in. No matter what kind of book you have, you can usually position it in alignment with one of these particularly very powerful sub-genres.

You're able to find them using exactly the tools like KDSpy and Publisher Rocket and these other tools I talk about on my channel. You can check out my affiliate links in the description of all of my videos for these exact tools that I use that I recommend and I teach how to use. 

Then, by taking these particular tools, we're able to find those keywords that people are searching on. And then positioning our books in alignment with it to ensure that all of this massive number of millions and millions of new readers are going to be able to quickly find our books.

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It is the number one goal as a new author. It is to make sure as many people as possible who are in your target market are going to want to find your books. You want to make it easy for them by choosing titles, subtitles, covers, and then your seven keywords.

Make sure each of these is properly in alignment. You're going to be able to get that same value out of it. The other thing I was commenting to Jill was that with the right marketing and content, there is no limit to what you can do.

Assuming you also stay within the same genre. Not hopping around from one short story here to another. Like she had mentioned when I was talking with Jill that she had some interest in other subjects. Maybe she can do fantasy books or something or historical fiction.

And I commented that she needs to choose a single sub-genre and not move away from that. That was one of the big points that many of my coaching clients have a problem with. It is the temptation to move away from their primary niche.

If we find a very powerful niche, we want to write books into that particular sub-genre and make sure that our audience associates our name with it. One of my clients recently even commented that now.

Even in the reviews, they were commenting and saying oh another book from this author which is phenomenal. Because it would just be showing her that the books, they're writing are associated with them. So, you do not want to switch tracks, you want to stay on the track.

That's one of the reasons why even though the Gold Rush has to throw anything on the market and it will sell. But I can tell you, throw anything that's got the right content and position to the right market on Amazon and it also will sell. As if it were a Gold Rush.

That's the reason why marketing has never been more important than now when it comes to Amazon. You can win and the cool part of it is using the very same tools like Publisher Rocket will give you this huge cloud of keywords. You can then use it against running ads for your books. 

Knowing Your Book Surely Sells

It will then leverage them to sell even more copies. As we go around and around, just imagine what happens if you've been doing this for 2 to 5 years. Usually, it's a 3 to 5-year marker to get your name associated with your books.

Then it takes about the 10-year marker that's when the engines are in full force. You see what happens, most of the authors you know did not start by making amazing books. Their first try usually takes several books.

After we've done a whole series, then we're getting new people introduced to the first book. Then, they're coming through and then more people are coming in. It starts to build momentum like an engine is really what we're talking about here.

That is the possibility and that's why we are looking at it once in a lifetime. I don't know how long this opportunity will be around for books, I'm not sure something will come later. But I'm telling you this opportunity is massive and it's only growing.

It's going to be even better regarding the opportunities for books. Especially quality books since a lot of the websites like IngramSpark and Amazon are now getting a lot stricter on what they are accepting. Whether they're going to give you ISBNs.

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So, it's important to write books that you're enthusiastic about. You're going to be able to put a high-quality book and then even more importantly get the marketing correct on that book. To ensure you're going to be selling that book for years to come into the future.

Jill was starting to get a bit excited about this. Because she started to see that maybe she hadn't even done the research for her book. We took a little bit of time like I always do during every Discovery Session, to do a little deep dive into your specific sub-genre.

If you would like a little bit of help exploring that, then just check it out to get the ability to book a free Discovery session. Where we can take a look at exactly what you've already written or plan on writing. Find out if it is in a profitable submission and if not, where can we find a profitable niche?

So back to Jill, she decided that yes, she could shift the angle of her book. She didn't have to have this children's book in this particular thing. She also decided that she was going to double down on the children's books.

Not to start moving away from this type of book and onto some other genre or some other sub-niche. This is a terrible idea. But rather, hold the focus on just the children's books. So, what happened was she started using some of the tools that I've discussed before.

She found that the niche of books that we're going to be great within her specific market. Her original title was completely off and several other things would be a problem there as well.

But by correcting and optimizing these exact things and taking the steps necessary to improve the quality of her book and the way that it was marketed and positioned on the market, she was setting herself up for a win.

Now the thing that she found was that she was still not finished writing her very first book. Some of my clients are already done. Some of them but not so much. The fact is that she still is working on that very first book.

One thing that's huge here is that she's finding it a lot easier when she knows after the book hits the market, it's going to be seeing some sales. Because she's in the right market for this specific book. She's made it very easy for readers to find the book.

Just knowing that your book is going to do okay when it gets into the market, is enough to motivate you to keep on keeping on. So, my question for you today is do you feel there are still opportunities in self-publishing?

If you feel there are still opportunities, then write “Yes” below in the comments. And if you feel no, the candle Rush is gone and it's hopeless, then right “No” below in the comments. Because I need to know where you're coming from.

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