Chris A. Baird | April 8, 2021
The Truth About Self Publishing

There are secrets behind everything, that's why many authors wonder about the keys to winning at the self-publishing game. Check out below to find out the truth about self publishing and some helpful tips that will save you a lot of time.

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it is a secret as to what makes the winners and losers in self-publishing and some of the key truths behind it.

Let's get into it. In today's topic, we're going to discuss the truth about self publishing. Some of this is not completely obvious to a lot of authors or people who are just starting on writing their very first book.

So you're definitely going to want to stick around. Because when you're first getting started as an author or writer and you've started writing your book, you're wondering a little bit about what are the secrets?

What are the keys to winning at the self-publishing game? But a lot of the things are not obvious. One, in particular, is thinking "if I just write a high-quality book then readers will find me and start purchasing the book that I've created".

That is a huge mistake, a misunderstanding and we're going to help correct that in today's article. But before we head on to the answers, grab a copy of my completely free Self-Publishing Checklist. To make sure that you are not skipping any of the important parts of getting your book self-published onto the market and selling.

I'll start a little bit with my own story. When I first got started with self-publishing, I was making not just a lot of mistakes but all of the mistakes that early writers and authors make. So I've gone through every possible mistake you could possibly imagine right from the beginning.

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Let me hit a couple of them. I was not dedicating a specific amount of time daily to getting my books on the market. I was not investing in the right tools.

I figured "I should do this for free" because if you do things for free, you'll end up saving in the end. Well, that was incorrect and I thought I would save on education. I was just winging it all.

No need for courses, no need for Coaching, no need for community. I'll just figure it out myself. Well, I figured a few things out, I figured out that I would make very few sales.

I Started Joining Communities

I would be isolated from other communities of writers and authors who were making a killing at it. Now, not all communities are alike. Some communities are focused on people who are actually making money.

Other communities are just promoting their books to other authors who have no real interest in buying their books. That's a waste of time. But the communities or the people who are interested in the sales and marketing that is a very different subject.

They have one goal which is to sell their books. They don't care so much about what the book is all about but the methodology in getting those books onto the market, selling, and sharing that information. This is a key to winning the self-publishing game.

So I started joining communities, I started taking courses, listening to podcasts, and watching Youtube videos. But the thing is that as I was going through this journey, I began to understand the importance of getting feedback from not only your readers but from the community itself.

I started to see the sales jump and finally, I began to feel like I was part of something bigger than myself. I was able to help my readers get better quality books for me. I was helping to find new audiences that I had never found before.

Then it started to go, the wheels started to turn. I found it to be so hard in the beginning. That's the reason why we're trying to break it down and make self-publishing so easy.

And if you stick around, that's exactly what you're going to get. So the truth about self publishing? The first truth is that you need to decide how much time you can set apart each day to getting your books self-published.

That is both starting from the beginning, in the planning phases of choosing the correct niches. As well as getting the idea of the title and already have any idea whether there's a market at all for your books. Writing the book, getting it out onto the market, and all of these things.

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You need to devote a certain amount of time each day and you should do it early on in the day. So that you're going to help yourself ensure that you actually complete the steps necessary. The second truth is that if you're just getting started and make improvements, you can win.

So if you just get started and stay motivated, staying in the game long enough you will win. The reason most people fail is that they quit too early. Or they're not making regular improvements on what they're doing.

Continuous improvement, this Japanese concept that was used within the Toyota model of continually finding "what am I doing?". "What time and resources I'm wasting daily so that I can increase and level up to a point where we start to make serious money off of our self-publishing business?".

Optimize Your Books

The third truth which is the secret truth of the day is that you need to optimize your books to win. That's a little bit tying together with investing time every day being within communities.

So you're learning the skills and such and taking courses so that you're going to be able to do it, getting the coaching you need to win the game of self-publishing. That all starts with getting your title optimized. Making sure it's in a market where people want to buy your book.

Getting the cover looking fantastic matching that same genre and niche that you're in. The length of the book matches, trying to go after initiatives where it's easy for you to compete against these people. Getting a description that has a high-quality sales copy.

And getting the keywords in there that are going to be required to help readers organically find your books and make that purchase. Notice what I didn't say there was the quality of the book per se or even the editing of the book. This is a shocker to a lot of people.

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I'm not saying to put low-quality books onto the market. But I'm telling you that the sales and marketing of your books are more important than the quality of the book. This is the reason why it's a scam on Amazon, low-quality books with good sales and marketing will outperform high-quality books.

That simply nobody sees, nobody finds, and the covers are terrible. The book is amazing and nobody will read it. It's a real shame that it ends up this way but this is what happens with way too many books that get on Amazon.

Here at Self-Publishing Made Easy, we're going to not only make self-publishing easy, we're going to help you get your books selling. So how do you find the truth about self publishing? Have you tried to save money by not investing in yourself?

If you have tried to do that, then write "Yes" below in the comments. And if you have not tried to save money this way, then write "No" below in the comments.

So I know where you're coming from which is very important for me. And check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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