Chris A. Baird | July 26, 2021
They Laughed When You Said You Would Write A Book

Maybe you have a lot of ideas about something that you really want to put into writing but you are afraid that no one would want to read your book. Let me tell you why you should not care if they laughed when you said you would write a book!

Don't Doubt Your Ability

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it's a secret as to the one thing you should definitely be doing if people are laughing at you when you tell them you want to write.

So the topic that we're going to be hitting today is they laughed when you said you would write a book! Now, this is something that happens all too often for many authors when you're first getting started, in fact when you're getting started with anything.

Your friends and family can sometimes be the worst when it comes to telling you things you can't accomplish or do. And when it comes to writing, there can be many reasons that they're telling you this. They care for you and they just don't want you to fail and feel that feeling of failure.

Then they look and they think, you've never been very good at writing. Or the subjects you're interested in, nobody would want to read that. Your stories or self-help books or any of these sorts of things or maybe somebody's written all of these books already.

So there's no reason for you to write this book because your story is really similar to somebody else's. Or maybe the tips that you have on "puppy care" or whatever are already been done. So since somebody's already said it, there's just no need for you to rewrite the book.

Or final reason might be that they say that you lack the motivation to get started on this project. Just like all of your other projects, you'll never finish by saying these things. They're inadvertently shutting down your entire creative process that's involved.

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As well as the motivation necessary to actually get your book onto the market. That is what we're going to discuss in today's article. Check out my free Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist to make sure that you're not skipping any of the secret steps necessary to get your book published and selling on the market.

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So that will never happen and that was what I heard. But let me tell you a little bit because we're dealing with laughing or people doubting your ability. I had a story from my past when I grew up.

I grew up in a family where all of my siblings were in the Air Force. They had all gone to the Air Force Academy in the United States. One of the three major service academies in military service academies in the United States.

I also was thinking I would go in along the same things. I was in eighth grade and I had an Economics teacher and what did this teacher tell me? They told me when I said I wanted to go to the Air Force Academy, they said there's no way you're going to get in.

Functionally laughing at my idea because after all, I had all sorts of issues. I wasn't very good at studies, I wasn't very athletic maybe I wasn't motivated. There was a whole series of things that were out of alignment in eighth grade.

So this person was putting a limiting value and trying to establish a limiting mindset when it came to this whole thing. He was himself a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel so he knew what he was talking about. Because after all, since he had done it before himself, he knew what was necessary for somebody to succeed or fail.

Clearly, I was a failure in his mind, I would never succeed at this. I mean I could think about it but after all, he was going to do me a favor. He was going to be very helpful to me in informing me of what I could or couldn't do.

I would just say at the time and this is a key issue here. He was right that the version of me in eighth grade really would never make it. If that version of me had applied for the Air Force Academy, they would have probably laughed at me at that moment.

I had joined the track team in my junior high during that specific grade there. I was the absolute worst runner on the team. But here's the thing, it is that I went and showed up for practice every day and ran around the track.

I would even get looped by people who would come all the way around. They would get it, they would laugh at me which is unbelievably painful in that sense. Most people would completely give up.

But the fact is I kept doing that every single day. I kept sticking in it but that version of me at that point clearly wouldn't have done it.

Forget About Limiting Mindsets

I wasn't so motivated in terms of studying and applying myself and all of the things that would be necessary to get in. In this sense, this teacher was correct. In just a quick side note, the version of you right now maybe isn't able to get a book on the market or things like that.

So you have these internal things. But the beauty of this situation is that as we're sitting in this when we do apply ourselves. We want something enough and we're doing a route that is not easy.

But it is an easy route in terms of breaking it down, you want to get in there. Well then, you need to get in shape and that means you're going to need to be running every single day for example, or writing every single day. So by applying ourselves to the version of us that we are today may not succeed at this specific task.

But what about the future version of us? Are we frozen? Six years later after this point, I returned to the very same junior high school. That was during my second year at the Air Force Academy.

So I had already reached this 2 years end and I thought "maybe I would find this teacher". But I decided not to because, in reality, there is no need to go back and rub it in. The fact that when we're coming back to these points and you have these people around us, after all, they were just trying to be helpful with us.

With coming to our school and trying to tell us what we can and can't do. And maybe they even have the experience because they know what it takes. The thing they don't know though is what exactly is inside you.

They don't know what you have. That's possible kind of like in a sense this little seed that's growing up inside of you. This idea of what you actually can achieve if you apply yourself and sometimes it takes a little motivation.

That's one of the things I think with a Youtube channel and blog like what I have where we focus on some of the mindset that's necessary to succeed, we don't focus on who you are today. Whether you're creative or whether you're able to write a lot or not. These are secondary issues.

Or whether you have the technical ability to put a book together. Rather, what we're focusing on is this idea of making small baby steps, applying ourselves daily to achieve our goal. The thing is that starting in that eighth grade, what happened was I immediately started getting in shape.

By the time I was in eleventh grade, I was in way better shape. Now I wasn't great and by the time I took the running test to get in and push-ups and pull-ups and things like that. I was exactly on the line necessary to get in right on academics.

Much better on that side of things where I began to understand applying oneself in those areas. But the eighth-grade version was and is an important point that I need you to take home. Don't allow other people to put barriers and limitations on you when it comes to your goals.

Also, when it comes to people who are telling you what they wish to be and become, don't tell them what they can and can't do. Encourage people and ask them what are we doing daily to get there?

So if a person says I want to become a soccer player for example or something the best in the world or whatever it would be, well are they practicing every day? This is how we get there, don't tell them "oh well based on your shape or based upon how much you play, you'll never get there".

Setting these limiting things and the words that come out of our mouths can shape and form what other people become. As opposed to encouraging other people to get there. When people tell us that we're not able to achieve and accomplish these things, we need to learn to put that to the side.

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Simply not allow the limiting mindsets that they're putting on us to impact us. So, they laughed when you said you would write a book! The first point I want to hit though is that people think they know what you can and can't do and this is completely ridiculous.

Now it is true that whatever you've done previously is probably a very good representation of what you're going to do in the future. This means that you need to focus on what you have done in the past. You may need to change your mindset of how you view yourself.

I am a hard worker, I am somebody who can put in a certain amount of time. I can learn new skills like for example when I teach you the absolute best tool which is Jutoh for formatting your book. I will show you in my Book Formatting Course how to put your book together.

You might think "I can't do it, that's too difficult for me". But the fact is we break it down, we show you how to do it. I interact with my students to explain exactly how you're going to do this and you can do this.

Find The Right Audience

So whereas some people would say "oh somebody else needs to do it or I need to get it done by traditional publishing". You in fact can break it down and do it yourself. The second thing is people may not want you to succeed where they failed.

This is a hard one and sometimes they will sabotage you specifically because you're trying to do something they wish they could do. But clearly, they never have taken the time to put in the effort themselves. As long as you fail and they fail they can convince themselves that the world's against them.

And that they're just a victim when it comes to trying to achieve their goals on this matter. So this is something else that you have to consider which is maybe they don't want you to succeed. This may be something that you have a little bit of difficulty fully coming to grips with.

I wouldn't accuse them because they may not be aware of it themselves. They just are envious of what exactly you're achieving. The secret answer of the day is if you have an idea or a story you want to get into the world, you will find an audience.

That's something that so many people don't understand. The world is full of so many people and every day more people are getting phones and devices where they can read the books that you're coming out with. If you have an idea, there are going to be people out there even if you're terrible at writing.

Even if your ideas are not original, the more you write the better you will get at these skill sets. Your stories will get better. The advice that you're giving people is also going to be improving over time as we move along in the process.

This is one reason why I tell you to put your books on the market. So that the market can tell you what they like or don't like. Remember, we're not saying that they're experts at being able to tell you what it is that you should fix on your book but they can say "look, you have multiple readers who don't like something about your book".

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Get it on the market and let them tell you that so that you can see if you can fix it. So that your readers will like it just like I can go to a restaurant and taste food that's gourmet food. I may not know it was too much oregano or maybe too little salt but I can say I didn't like the food.

And if other people say the same thing, we can try to figure out what it is that we can improve the quality of the food. So we get our things on the market and we get into this like the Toyota improvement cycle. Where they're continually coming back and telling us what it is we should improve on the books that we're coming out with.

The stories that you're doing like if they say too many characters or the plot is too many twists we can't follow it. These things can be useful, maybe they're correct in their diagnosis and maybe not. But they can at least tell you what they don't like and that can be very useful information.

But don't let it get you down, just say I'm going to improve for the next time. The thing is people won't be laughing at you when your book is being sold on Amazon and making sales. That is the irony of the whole situation.

I don't know if I'd say irony but it is something along those lines. When you do get it onto the market then suddenly where is all the laughing then? Because you did get on the market.

And then the best part is when you put your second and your third book on the market, the same thing happens again. Where your books start to get better, you start to build an audience of loyal readers. Then it just starts to snowball from there in terms of the people who are reading your book.

They are getting excited about what exactly you're doing and the laughter comes to an end. Then your friends and family have to find somebody else they can laugh at. Telling them that their dreams can't come true with regards to their things.

So you can prove them wrong and that feeling of knowing that you achieve that particular aspect of it is a very powerful one. But don't allow the people in your life to get you down when it comes to these areas. Sometimes they do care about you so you shouldn't think that it's just them wishing the worst for you.

Sometimes they do wish the best for you, they're just trying to help you avoid the pain of failure. But it isn't failing that we succeed in the long run that is important to remember. So do you feel the people around you are telling you what you can and can't do?

Are you having the same problem with your friends and family? Did they laughed when you said you would write a book! If you feel these limiting mindsets and these people pushing and enforcing and telling you what's possible for you, write the word "Yes" below in the comments.

And if not, write "No" so I know where exactly you're coming from. Because I need to know if this is a problem that you're facing when it comes to writing your books. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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