Chris A. Baird | December 20, 2021
Top 3 Book Marketing Strategies

Maybe you already have your books out but then you don't know how to market them properly and you're completely confused on how to go about doing this exact thing. So you should probably be checking these top 3 book marketing strategies that will surely help you out.

I Saw A Zero Traction

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret as to the absolute number one best marketing method when it comes to getting your books selling.

So the topic we're discussing today is the top three book marketing strategies. By the end of this article, you're going to know exactly what the best three strategies are when it comes to getting your books selling.

You're going to have the steps necessary to go about implementing these strategies and getting started with them. And you're going to feel wonderful knowing that you're going to see these sales coming in for your books when these strategies are implemented.

So let's get into it. Grab a copy of my absolutely free self-publishing Checklist to make sure that you're not skipping any of the secrets necessary to win at the self-publishing game. So let's get into it from my own story.

When I first got started I put my book on the market I was dabbling with social  media marketing. I remember putting out just links to my book on Twitter. And  suddenly I would see 20 clicks little did I know every time I put out a link on  Twitter I would get an immediate 20 clicks on those particular links.

Because of course, it was robots that would just automatically figure out where I  was sending my traffic. I would then also put my links in Facebook groups for  other authors or readers who are looking for free books. And hoping that that  would somehow influence the sales which it did not.

I tried free campaigns for my books. There are many services where you can give it to them and they'll send it out to their readers that did result in me getting thousands of downloads of my book. Where people would go onto amazon during the five-day free period if you're in KDP select.

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And they would download the books but this also never translated into additional sales after it went out of the free period. So I put out a few blogs on my books. And I would say on this one I saw a huge amount of traffic.

I'm still getting traffic driven to these exact accounts through from google over to the website I originally set up for it. It is amazing that those few blogs continue to generate traffic even today. But the problem is I saw zero traction until I got  serious about learning amazon ads.

Learn About Amazon Ads

Another fellow self-publisher had already tested out a little bit and had taken a course on it. And started going through the steps that were necessary to get their ads up and running. And suddenly I saw a jump in my sales and that really  excited me.

Because that was the point which it went from saying "yes I can put a book on the market too", "yes I could get these books to sell". And that was such a huge  massive feat for me and that understanding of how it feels to get your books  actually selling when we're running ads against it.

Now somebody recently asked me but I think they tried running ads and the reality is is that if you're running ads there's a number of things we need to do. We need to make sure our cover is a good match. We need to make sure our title pulls people in.

We need to check that the reviews are in place in our description if somebody  clicks on them. Then we continue from there we're looking and seeing how many  impressions and how many clicks. Now for my own books, I've had now 100  million impressions.

That's how many people have seen my books on amazon, 100 million times they've been shown. The ads play a very key role in my marketing even today even if it isn't my number one method. So the top three book marketing strategies.

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So number one as I already mentioned is amazon ads and they're very easy to get set up. I do Coaching I've helped my coaching clients work through this whole issue of how to get the ad set up. If you're interested in that you want to check out in the description for my coaching offer.

In addition, content marketing is another key element that I still see working with the very first book that I put on the market and all the books I've previously put. In other words, we're continually putting out content.

As a result that content is driving people to the sales pages of those books. That you're able to get the sales to come through for your books as we're continuing to progress in this thing. That's another reason why I sell a content marketing Course.

You can see below in the description of all of my YouTube videos to show you how to set up content marketing properly in order to get your book up and selling. The third and secret answer of the day is email marketing. Email marketing is the most important for a couple of reasons.

Get Started Today

The first thing is we own the audience. So if Amazon were to shut our account down which they do to writers on a semi-regular basis. People losing accounts on Amazon not for doing anything wrong.

But because amazon's robots have misinterpreted what's occurring in those  particular cases. And what happens then is that they would lose their account  and you would lose all your readers.

But if you're able to have those readers on an email list you can let them know where they can find your books at another location. This is just fine because then we just move it over to somewhere else.

In addition, the very powerful issue with the email list is we can drive those people into our latest books all at once. Boosting our basic sales rank on Amazon and amazon then will kick in its motor and engine.

In order to increase the number of sales that we're making as a result of those  people all buying at once. So this is a very powerful tool and the final one is just  getting reviews on your books.

If you have a list of people who know, like, and trust you you can ask them to leave reviews on your books as you release them. This is really the most powerful technique. In fact, almost all marketers of any form will tell you that not content marketing but email marketing.

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It's the incredibly most powerful lucrative way of doing marketing at all. So if you haven't started on email marketing you should definitely get started today for your books. Assuming you have books out if not then get your books out.

Then let's talk about how to market them properly. So my question for you today is what types of marketing have you tried for your books? I want to know because I'm going to try to see if I can focus on the different types of marketing that  maybe I haven't completely covered here.

I would need to know from you what you have found that works or doesn't work. Check out the free checklist that I mentioned previously. As well as my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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