Chris A. Baird | October 7, 2020
Top 3 Mistakes People Make Self Publishing A Book!

When you are first getting into doing self-publishing, you are most likely to commit mistakes. Let me share with you the top 3 mistakes people make self publishing a book so that you can avoid doing them and win at self-publishing.

I Was Paying Too Much At First

Today's question has three answers and the third answer is a secret you're going to want to stick around for. Because I'm going to tell you why many self-published authors out there are making a huge mistake that is causing them to lose lots of money, they would have made otherwise.

So, let's get into it. The question that was sent to me today was, it was not a question but rather the issue is the top 3 mistakes people make self-publishing a book. Now, this is a very big issue that a lot of people have.

There is a whole series of mistakes that people can make. But the 3 top mistakes are the ones that are costing you the most money possible when you're trying to get your book onto the market. So that is what I'm going to hit today.

But before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my free Self-Publishing Checklist to make sure you're not making the mistakes that many other self-publishers are making. So, the top 3 mistakes people make self publishing a book!

Let me get into my story. I can tell you when I first started publishing back in the year 2015, I was making all of the main mistakes. Now, there were a few that I wasn't making but I can tell you, let's just hit a couple.

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I was paying too much for my cover. I was paying too much for editing. I was having other people do my formatting, then having to redo it myself costing me lots of money on that.

I was waiting too long to get my book onto the market. I was not publishing enough or writing enough. I was thinking I had to do all of the writing myself.

I was putting multiple books under different genres, under my name which decreases my authority in any of those areas. So, these were just a few of the mistakes I was making in the first couple of months, 6 months to a year.

Challenges That You Might Be Facing

I was making all of these mistakes when I was putting my book on the market. Now, some of these are not the ones we're going to hit today as the top 3. But I wanted to get into just a little bit of some of the mistakes that I was making because I was going it alone.

I wasn't listening to anybody else, just going through a book that was explaining how to do it but didn't tell me how the big mistakes that could be or was making when I was self-publishing.

So, what are then the top 3 mistakes people make self publishing a book! Let's get into it. Here are they, number one, they never get their book published.

I don't know about you but there are all sorts of reasons we don't do it because we're so busy. Of course, we have time for Netflix and other things like that. But we are just so busy we just don't have time to get it out.

Or we are a perfectionist. You know, we shouldn't put a book onto the market until it is not perfect. It isn't going to sell, does that make sense?

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So that's another challenge that a lot of people have when they are first getting started with self-publishing. It is that they have expectations that everything needs to be absolutely flawless before they are even going to bother to get going in the first place. That's another issue that a lot of people have.

The next issue is that they don't optimize their book and this one is pricey. They didn't choose the right market in the first place. Your content is terrible in terms of the way that it's formatted.

When you look at the table of contents, it doesn't really reflect as opposed to using your chapter headings as selling points of your book. When people look at your book and say the editing is awful on the books that you're putting on the market.

Push Your Books Into Different Formats

You're not using the keywords and your title is incorrect, they are not drawing people in there. When they do searches, they are not finding you because you are using the wrong keywords. Your description is based upon just telling people what the book is about as opposed to selling them.

Then, when we finally do get the book onto the market, our pricing is off. We are not making what we should be making. We should be selling our single eBooks and making $2 on each one on our eBooks.

On our print version, we should be making $5 and raising the prices whenever we're getting about 6 to 10 sales in a given month. So these are a few of the big mistakes and the final one is when it does get on the market, we're making a major mistake in not marketing it correctly.

We are not running the ads we need to. The secret answer of the day is that people don't push their book into all possible formats. Paperback on Amazon KDP Print and Ingram Spark, hardback covers on Lulu and getting an audiobook and eBooks on Smashwords.

So, these things are coming through all of the different formats possible. But don't let that make you do the first mistake. Get it out on Kindle Direct Publishing and then you can move from there.

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Then, we're pushing it through all the formats and all of the markets. This single mistake is a huge one that literally can cause you to make only a quarter of the money you would have made otherwise.

I've seen this time and time again with people doing this exact mistake. Do not be a person who is doing that. Finally, the top 3 mistakes people make self publishing a book!

Tell me which mistakes you have made. I would love to hear from you in the comments. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions and find out the mistakes you're making.

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