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What does self publishing a book mean?

So, you have heard about it but you are still curious about the whole concept of self-publishing. Let me tell you the answer to the very question, what does self publishing a book mean as well as some interesting tips that you should know.

Figuring Out Some Terminology

Today's question has three answers and you are going to want to stick around for the third answer. Because I'm going to tell you why self-publishing a book may be the best strategy for you. But we'll get into that in just a bit.

So the question that was sent to me today was what does self publishing a book mean? The person who's asking this question is maybe an author who has already written a manuscript and trying to figure out what exactly is the definition.

And you are trying to figure out how exactly you should go about if you are going to self-publish because there is an awful lot of terminology. Whether we are dealing with traditional publishing or indie publishing or some hybrid form of publishing.

There are lots of different things and it can be very confusing. That confusion can mean that you don't get your book out. So, a very important thing is to just take a little bit of time and figure out what exactly the terms themselves mean and that is what we are going to explore in today's article.

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One of my goals is to make it easier for authors out there to get their books onto the market. The excitement of that is something I really want to help people with.

And for your own sake, check out my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist to make sure you are not skipping any of the important steps necessary to make sure that your books are making the sales that they deserve.

Let me tell you a little bit about my own story. When I first got started, I had a series of ideas that I wanted to get out into the world but I didn't know what was the best way. In fact, I didn't know any of the terminology surrounding what exactly self-publishing is.

I have no idea about indie publishing, traditional publishing, and hybrid publishing. These things were very confusing to me. So I was trying to read as I could. I watch videos, read blogs, search on the internet, and ask other people who maybe had done this process.

I was trying to figure out some of these answers because I wasn't sure what are the best ways to go about getting my ideas out would be. The thing is that maybe no one would buy if I self-publish. That was when I began to understand this idea of putting the book out there yourself.

Everything Is So Confusing

And what are the downsides? Well, if you put it out yourself, how do you know it's going to be of quality? How would anybody like it?

How are you going to market it and run ads and these other things that are so confusing? Even if you do want to get it out there but what about all the steps involved? With the cover, manuscript, formatting, and getting it into the right things.

Where do you upload it, which websites? There were so many things that were confusing. But the fact is I followed through with some step-by-step instructions with regards to the Kindle version of how exactly to get your book onto the market.

I used a lot of time which is something I'm trying to save you here. So you do not waste as much time as I did in terms of trying to get my book onto the market. I finally got my book onto the market as a self-published book.

I learned what it takes to get the book to sell and this combination wasn't overnight. And that is something that we try to hit here, of how to make slow but easy steps every single day. Small dedicated time to reach our goal in the long run.

So, what does self publishing a book mean? Well, the first thing means doing or coordinating all the steps yourself to get your book onto the market. We are not talking about a hybrid where you give your idea to some group of people and they just put together a book for you.

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Or traditional publishing where you write the initial manuscript and then they edit it. They do all of the steps for you. We are not saying that you are going to do all the steps but you can hire them out. You can have other people do it.

In fact, that is probably the best strategy. That is the thing, you can hire some or all of the steps including even the writing of the book itself. Because sometimes when we find markets that are very hungry for books, we simply don't have the capacity to write as many books as fast as we would like.

We go through agencies that have the ability to do that writing for us in high-quality. Then we can run it through our routines and put those books onto the market, helping even more people. So that's on the one side.

The Downside Of Self-Publishing

Then the other side is just getting our own book onto the market and learning the steps that we have. But the secret answer of the day is the key to self-publishing. It really comes down to having freedom.

You can choose what your book is going to look like. What it's going to be about and how well it is edited. You can control the structure of it.

You can control which markets it's going to sell on and such. So, every key aspect of the entire book production process is really up to you. This gives you complete flexibility that you need to make sure that your book is going to be able to both get onto the market and to sell.

The downside of self-publishing is that you need to figure out these steps. To try to make it simple and easy for you to get started right away which is what you should be doing. I have many students who come to me and wanting to know what about this step and that step?

They have like 50 different things in their mind and it is just so confusing for them that they say, okay I need help. So they sign up for coaching with me and we are able to go through those steps to make it much simpler on a weekly basis following up with accountability. And in terms of the overall flow of the self-publishing process.

So you have seen countless people make success after just following through these simple steps and working through a general flow. Just like one of the simple ones is getting your initial manuscript and getting your cover ordered, and getting the Kindle version out.

This is something that once you get that stone rolling, it is a lot easier than moving on to paper versions and audiobooks. So these are just a few of the things that I found that make self-publishing the clear winner for most people.

Even though maybe if you don't have the time or you are really not very good with computers, then you might go for something else. So, have you considered self-publishing?

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If you have, write the word "Yes" below in the comments and if you have never considered it, then write the word "No". That will definitely help me make sure this content is good for you. And check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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