Chris A. Baird | July 20, 2021
Which Is Better Ingram Vs Kdp Choosing The Right Book Distribution

As an author, maybe you are not quite sure where to put your books, which is better Ingram vs KDP | choosing the right book distribution. Find out the answer now and win at the self-publishing game.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. It is a secret as to the absolute best way to know which publisher you should be going with. When it comes to getting your book onto the market.

Let's get into it, so the question that came up was which is better Ingram vs KDP | choosing the right book distribution? When you're first getting started and you've written your very first book, you need to put it onto the market but which service should you go with?

This is something that is a very common question that I am asked very often. Because some people don't like Amazon or they've heard about other publishers and have thought, "well if everybody's on Amazon, maybe I should go with one of the other publishers".

In particular, Ingram Spark is a very tempting publisher to go with as well. If you're looking for a distributor to push your books out along a huge distribution network. Ingram Spark may be the best for you.

However, we're going to discuss in today's article the pluses and minuses of these different options. Grab a copy of my free Self-Publishing Checklist. It has the secrets you're going to need to get your book onto the market and start getting them to sell.

When I first got started self-publishing, Amazon was the only thing I had heard of. It wasn't a difficult decision for me. I slowly became aware though over time of smaller services.

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They charge you money to put your book onto the market. This includes Lulu, Ingram Spark, and some other services. I decided to go with the free option which was Amazon.

Because after all, I had already invested plenty of money in getting my book onto the market just in terms of getting the cover. I paid even for a description and I paid for multiple rounds of editing. I had to pay for the software, a website, and an email program.

There were many things that I was trying to do to get my book out including the marketing and the ads costs. The last thing I needed to do was to pay for a company that's not as big as Amazon. To get them to put my book through their distributors.

Some of their distributors are the same as Amazon so then the question would be why would I want to go about doing that? But then I discovered sometimes that paying for the additional distribution through these channels can be worth it.


When I began with Lulu, I saw the money coming in. But with Ingram Spark, it is currently the one I'm earning more money on each book compared to what I'm making through my Amazon sales. For the same books which were completely mind-blowing.

I didn't even believe this would work but I was listening very closely within the self-publishing community. Others were commenting on this same aspect that they were making more money through their Amazon books than through their Ingram Spark books.

But the question we're wondering though is which is better Ingram vs KDP | choosing the right book distribution. The first thing is you need an ISBN for Ingram Spark. Plus you have to pay them for them to check your book.

So if you want them to check out your book and see if you want to get your book onto their market, the positive side there though is that you can get a promo code to help you with the covering. The cost of them checking the book so that they're willing to do that at no cost. They come out with promo codes regularly.

The second thing it's that in countries like Norway and Canada, you can get free ISBNs which is a fantastic service that they have. In addition, they've started even supplying ISBNs in the US from Ingram Spark. This gives you something with this combination and this is a secret you won't hear from any other people.

Even though it's not the secret answer of the day but it is a secret. It's that there are many ways of getting free ISBNs and then the free promo codes which just by Googling, you can find the latest promo codes for Ingram Spark. And that combination means now it costs you nothing.

They will do both your eBook and your paper book for free if you're using the method that I am talking about right here. Now when it comes to Amazon, they will also do it but when they profit, there's a barrier to entry. Fewer people are competing on Ingram Spark.

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The rules of Ingram Spark have gotten a lot tighter. They're stopping things like no content books and a lot of these other things from reaching onto their marketplace. Books that I publish for example which would be self-help and generally helping people solve problems that they have not so much on the fiction front.

Though I do have a few fiction books out that people are very interested in and eager to buy on through Ingram Spark's distribution channel. So this is something you will not want to miss. The secret answer today is you should listen to people who are publishing and winning.

And tell you what is currently working and give it a try. Now the thing is this is an important point, it's that you need to be listening to the people. I told you I listen to lots of videos, I read lots of books and I'm listening to lots of podcasts.

Winning Strategies

I'm sharing that information with you here and I share it also in my courses and Coaching. As well as with my students to make sure that you're up to date. You have all of the research and the information you need to make it easy.

As opposed to what many of the gurus of self-publishing which will make things so complicated. They say there are 50 ways to do this and 14 ways to do that. I'm trying the best I can to break it down and keep it simple.

That's why when you subscribe to my Youtube channel, it tells me that I should keep producing videos that make it easy. And if you find some way to do it easier, I want to know about it. But one of the things and this is again a part of the secret is that we need to know what other people are doing that is winning.

There are lots of losing strategies, just speak to most authors on Amazon who are selling a couple of copies a year of their books. But the winning strategies if you're listening closely, that information is also available. I share all of it with you free.

Because I know that you have a book that is worth being read. I want to make sure as many people as possible can read your book. So the thing is that if you're going to succeed, you need to have a lot of failures but make sure you're testing things that other people have also tested before you.

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We are not trying to invent markets and invent new tricks. We are trying to find out what is currently working with the current strategies. Like if I were learning the game of chess, I'm not trying to figure out brand new ways to play the game.

I'm studying the masters and the greats, understanding why they make the moves that they take. Then copying the examples that they're doing to make sure that I'm also going to win. It's for every success, maybe a hundred failures to get a single success.

If I wish to have 10 successes, I'm going to need a thousand failures to reach that point. This is a good way to judge it. So every time I fail and I tell my virtual assistants this as well, it's that when we fail, it's only getting us closer to the goal of succeeding.

As long as we are learning, we're paying close attention to those failures and we're also measuring everything. We can say, "look, I tried it out on Lulu or Ingram Spark and my book is not doing well. I should stop with that service" and this is the reason why that's the secret.

It's that we're trying a lot of things and we're listening to the community. Now you tell me, do you prefer Amazon or Ingram Spark? Which is better Ingram vs KDP | choosing the right book distribution? Let me know below in the comments and check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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