Chris A. Baird | May 22, 2020
Winning Topic For Your First eBook?

Choosing a topic for your first ebook can be very exciting and at the same stressful if you are not sure which topic to choose. Let me tell you the winning topic for ebook that you must write on to rock that first self-published book of yours.

Write The Right Book

Before I answer this question, I want to let you know that the fourth answer to this question is a secret you are not going to want to miss. That is the key to this entire issue.

So, let's get started. The question that was sent to me was, what could be the winning topic for my first ebook? Well, this is an excellent question and it's the right idea as opposed to just starting to write on anything.

It is what I would recommend if a person didn't have any better ideas to choose a winning topic for ebook. But still when you are just getting started, it can be a little bit tricky to know.

If I want to win at publishing, not just publish a book because sometimes some people have the idea that if you just put any book on the market, it is going to sell. That is a complete mistake.

If you are going to be selling a book, you are going to want to make sure that you write the right kind of book in the right market. That makes it a little bit tricky for a lot of people.

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Let's get right into it. When I first started publishing, I just figured out what I was interested in. I started writing books on the subject for me, Goal Achievement and Habit Development.

There were many issues that I thought were kind of interesting so I wrote books on that. I had no idea whether these were winning books or winning strategies now. As it turns out they did sell thousands of copies.

It worked out okay but I was not playing the correct strategy in terms of how to get these books to sell. I didn't have any idea of what was necessary.

Try Using Kindle Spy

It was only years later after taking courses, reading other books, following different Youtube channels, podcasts, and all sorts of blogs that I began to understand that we need to figure out a little bit more than just what topics we enjoy and are interested in.

So, here is a couple of answers. The first thing is you need to decide, are you going to write fiction or nonfiction? Now, in terms of winning fiction books, make more money if you look at the top bestsellers.

But it is a lot harder to get found of those bestsellers. Whereas, nonfiction people usually have a problem and they are looking to solve it. Maybe, it's puppy training or maybe it's golf tips or cryptocurrency.

There is a whole series of areas that you can go in the nonfiction route. People are searching and they are not caring so much about who wrote the book not like when you go for the fiction route.

What they cared about is whether the book will solve the problem that they have or the question that they have. It can be regarding their hobby or whatever else, maybe the interest they have at the moment.

The number two is you should let the data decide for you to know exactly which market you should jump into. So, in other words, we are going to want to make sure that we use a tool like Kindle Spy or Publisher Rocket.

These are the tools that I use when I'm trying to figure out which niches or winning topic exactly I should be jumping into to win at self-publishing when putting out ebooks as well as paper books and audiobooks.

Know The Ratio

The secret that I told you right from the beginning, it is finding the magic ratio. That is to say, we want to use these tools where we can see. For example in Kindle Spy, we can see the books that are at the top.

Let's say we do a search on Puppy Training and we do a search on it and we can see all of the books to show up the Top 20 Books. We want to see how many of those books are under a hundred thousand. So, that would tell us an idea of the top hundred thousand books, basic sales rank for those books.

Then, we would see how many of them are falling inside of that range, in the top 100,000. So they are selling about a book a day of the top 20 when we have the search results.

So let's say the answer is 10, the next thing we want to know is how many books exist currently on Amazon for that topic? We could then search for let's say Puppy Training and if we found out there were 100 books on that topic, we would divide the top 20 by that.

In the top 100,000 we said there was 10. By the 100 divided by 10, and that would give us a ratio of 10. Based on that, this is secret many people will not tell you.

Using Kindle Spy, makes it very very easy to figure this out. So, it would just take in 100 books there is 10 that would give us a ratio of 10. I do not like to publish any books unless the ratio is 20 or less.

That gives us a wide variety of books that we're going to be able to publish on a lot of different issues. Then we can write books on those winning topic for ebook now.

Hopefully, one of the topics with the keyword research that you are doing is going to show up in one of these areas. And you are going to be serving an underserved market.

So, that's the important thing to remember where that market, they are looking to buy, they are already buying lots of books but there just aren't that many books. This is a secret that you aren't going to hear from a lot of people but it makes a huge difference.

Again, check out the tool Kindle Spy. It's best for finding out exactly how to go about doing this.

So why don't you tell me, what have you found? What has been your way of figuring out what exactly are the books you should write on that would be a winning strategy.

Maybe you have found other helpful tools. I would be very interested in hearing from you. Check out my other blogs and videos like this one answering your self-publishing questions.

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