Chris A. Baird | November 25, 2021
3 Tips for Successful Book Marketing

Have you tried any marketing strategy yet you haven't still seen any improvements with your book sales? Well, check out these 3 tips for successful book marketing that might help you get your book onto the market and selling.

The Power Of Keywords

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around because the third point is the most powerful method when it comes to marketing to get your books selling. Let's get into it.

The topic we're discussing today is 3 tips for successful book marketing. Now, when you're getting started you've heard that book marketing is incredibly important for your self-published books if you're going to get them to sell.

And you're ready to get going on this marketing for your books. But you're not sure which marketing tips that you should implement and strategies that you're using in order to get your books selling. Therefore you're going to stick around.

Because I'm going to tell you exactly the most powerful book marketing techniques that you should be using when it comes to getting your book to sell. Grab a copy of my absolutely free self-publishing secrets Checklist.

To make sure that you're not skipping any of the steps necessary to win at the self-publishing game. So let's get right on into it. From my own story, the very first book that I choose was not based upon anything like the idea was a market that was profitable but rather subjects that are near in my own heart.

Things that I think about are not the subjects that every one of us has. That we're interested in talking whether it's sports or survivalism. At the time I was looking at goal achievement and habits which I'm still very focused on.

That's something that I would suggest to all of you. Whether we do not have the habits or somebody has other habit books. Because they teach us some of the necessary skills but these are subjects that I find very interesting.

And I want to share with the world some of the tips and tricks that I have used. But I wasn't really focused on whether there was a market on it at all. The thing was is that afterward I learned the power of keywords and started testing just targeting books on high-profit keywords.

And you might be wondering what are profit keywords? Well, I used a tool called KDSpy, you can find my affiliate link in my description. To figure out which keywords whether are a lot of people who are buying these books.

These books are being bought just by the bucket loads but there are few books on Amazon for that exact keyword. And that means that there is a shortage of keywords. So I was figuring out where those keywords were and you'll be using this exact tool.

And then in addition I will then order and deal with ghostwriters who will write high-quality books on those specific topics and put them on amazon. Well, what exactly was the end result? Well, the end result was major sales.

When I say major sales somebody's books are playing around $2000 a month after putting them onto the market. It was unbelievable, they were bigger than my books which I am connected with but there was one little bit of a problem.

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The fact was is that I wasn't building an audience to connect with these books. So does that make sense? because in other words it was going to make a specific problem of theirs and they were very interested in buying but it wasn't going to connect with them.

The thing is if there is a market for a type of book and a shortage and that's exactly what this keyword game is about. It's finding interested people. They're searching this certain keyword but they are just aren't seeing any books covering that topic.

And this can be fiction as well if it's dealing with I don't know maybe you are interested in puppies or something. In the romance genre, there were shifter romance books that people can't get enough off. So many books on the market they were going to sell regardless.

You're going to make sure you'll get 3 to 5 stars on these books but otherwise, these books are going to sell regardless of what you put out onto the market. And when it comes to solving problems you know something like vertical gardening or maybe you're interested in bread making.

Build Up Familiarity

Bread making was one of the categories that I was doing a book especially in a particular period of time that we're in right now. People became very interested in getting books on baking bread. So some of the books I had on the market were baking bread.

Something like doing crazy well. Now those sales have declined as things are trying back to normal but for the most part, we saw a huge increase in that case. So you have sorted your books and you have targeting keywords that people are searching on and they will show up your books.

The problem is that I didn't have to market these books I was just simplifying where the traffic was coming from. I was positioning the books in order to sell which is a form of marketing. But in terms of the long game, I wasn't building an audience.

That is something I really want to get into in today's answers, so 3 tips for successful book marketing. The first is you should use both paid marketing that would be running amazon ads, google ads then Microsoft ads. I've done all of these we're pushing this under the market.

Pushing this out there on my Amazon ads alone, my ads show to over 100 million people. I have seen my ads and I used them because they get my book to sell. Some people need to see things seven times before they're willing to get a purchase.

The next thing and it's even more powerful and cheaper. It's content marketing where you're creating web pages, putting out blogs and articles, and we're building up a following of people who are able to see it. I found this one to be so cheap and so powerful.

That I created a course on exactly how to go about doing content marketing. You can find my Course below in the description of all of my YouTube videos on how to go about getting your books to sell using the power. It's the cheapest and most powerful long game-winning strategy for your books.

This is we're putting the content out there and allowing google and other search engines to find your articles. And then it drives traffic in, they get a free sample of your books or maybe some character background thing in exchange for their email addresses.

And now we come up with new books we can tell specifically those people via email "hey we have a new book on the market what about you check it out here". Also, you can ask them if they wanted a copy of your book in advance if they're willing to leave a review.

So you see how this is engaging? it's very powerful when it comes to marketing and that's why I would say content marketing is something you should start 20 years ago like planting a tree. But if you're not going to start it 20 years ago then start it today.

If you don't know where to get started by the course then I would take you through the steps hand by hand. And you will get your money back guarantee like all of my courses and Coaching. But moving on to tip number 2 familiarity builds the audience.

In other words, this is a key issue here. We have to build up familiarity but how exactly do we do that? and this is called the know, like, and trust factor. We need to make sure that when people hear our name and a particular type of book that we're putting onto the market.

Or in every book we write should be within the same market that we're targeting it would build people. First of all, it's familiarity, you see how this goes? people begin to know us and they know what we're putting onto the market "wow this person always puts that books on puppy training" or goal achievement.

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I could have done that or one of the people I found to learn was Steve Scott on his habit books. Or maybe L. Ron Hubbard about the miracle morning concept, is that a perfect concept right? because you're putting each book is in the same thing.

I think when he came out with his first book on the miracle morning he did 180-200 interviews in his first year. Only to make three to six thousand sales of his books which is terrible based upon the amount of money and time he was investing on it.

But the fact is it came to pay off and if I say miracle morning L. Ron Hubbard, you can see there his name and you know who he is. And after a while, you begin to like the guy. Now I don't particularly agree with the idea that we should get up early in the morning and that sleep doesn't matter.

But I would say that though you begin to like the guy you've actually heard him enough. I know who he is because he's connected to that particular thing. I liked the guy and he's been doing it so long, he's got to be an expert in understanding what a miracle morning should look like.

The Key Model For Winning

So he just keeps building on this miracle morning as we begin to trust him. As a result, after hearing everybody speaking about him I did buy a couple of his books and listen to his books. So I would highly recommend this strategy is very powerful.

So with your books, first of all, who knows you? when you come out with your first book on the market I need you to understand it's not going to sell a lot of copies. Unless you win the lottery which happens sometimes for some people but otherwise we have one goal it's trying to build familiarity.

You want people to know who you are they are going to start to like you as they see lots of these things. You're going to resonate with some people and some people will hate you. For example, you're reading this article right now because I have sublevel resonate with you, the pros that you're in.

I understand and get what it feels like to be exactly in the same area that you are. If it didn't then you would have already switched over to another article. And that's the case of what I think you need to understand here or try to do the exact same thing with your books.

We want your audience to see exactly who you are. They're going to know, like, and trust and when we know, like, and trust it becomes proof and you're going to start seeing your books sell. Now let's move on to the powerful secret of the day step number 3 and that is the key model for winning is the ATM.

The A stands for the audience, so we build an audience and we're doing this by the know, like, and trust thing. We're putting out lots of content both paid content using lots of books that you're putting on the market and running ads against those. You're building trust by using content marketing.

So you're making it easy for people to find you when they search on google you show up and your name is becoming connected. Then the T in ATM stands for Trust, they're going to trust you because you're not scamming people. We're coming in and delivering value on a daily basis.

This is something I try on this youtube channel as well which results in sales of courses and all of my coaching students as well as we're moving forward through this process here. It's the fact that I give as much free value as I can.

As opposed to the fake guru who comes on the market trying to sell something and then jump off into something else. It's holding the focus, in this case for me it's self-publishing, I'm excited about self-publishing. I'm building an audience as we're raising towards a thousand subscribers.

So make sure you hit the subscribe button and so as you see we're moving forward as a result of helping people for absolutely free and in the comment section as well. People get back and forth we're working on the issues that you're facing to be able to help you as well after that you build a sense of trust.

And the final thing is Monetization and the end result of this is you're going to sell more of your books. Because this is not a get rich quick, a get rich slowly plan is really what we're talking about here. So you're building your audience, you're building trust with your audience.

They know you're books going to deliver quality because your previous one has. And when people complain about something we fix it, it's just that simple right? As a result, people are willing to buy from you and when they buy from you and they get satisfied.

That's why I always give a guarantee and you should as well for your stuff 100% money-back guarantee. You will be satisfied, we will work on your problems, we're going to fix whatever issues you have whether it's formatting or running ads or any of these things as we move through the steps.

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The final thing is that satisfaction results in Testimonials that bring more customers in. And the final thing it does is the same customers that you already have are going to buy again from you. They trusted you, they bought your book, it met their needs and as a result, they're going to buy your next book.

They're going to leave better reviews for you and we're going to keep cycling through this. So if you think you can put one book on the market and it's going to do great from your marketing standpoint you're mistaken.

There are lottery winners but for the most part, it's going to be rejected in the initial. Nobody knows who you are, you have no audience, nobody knows, likes, or trusts you. So the big question you're going to ask yourself is why should somebody trust you? So those are the big 3 steps.

Now my question for you is what is the top marketing strategy you have tried? I want to know from you what have you found maybe one of the ones I've listed or maybe something else. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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