Chris A. Baird | January 30, 2020
Are there other good self-publishing platforms apart from lulu.com?

My Kindle Beginnings

Today's question that I received is, are there other good self-publishing platforms apart from lulu.com? So that's what we are going to be taking a look at today. The first issue that a lot of people come to is there are just too many options or is it too few options.

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In this case, the person's question was whether Lulu is the only option. In fact, it's the opposite problem, there are way too many options. There are tons of possibilities here. So if you are concerned that there may not be other options than Lulu, you will be very happy to hear the answer that I am about to give you. 

Now, let's start with my own story. When I started Kindle because I realized just how easy it would be to write a book at least. When I first got started, I began to understand that things are a lot more complicated as you get going specially identifying the good self-publishing platforms.

The very first book I did was a Kindle book and that is the one that may be most people are familiar with. But sometimes they can get a little bit confusing when we look at different things. It is because I think you would want to. I want to self-publish like real books, not just like ebooks.

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I Learned To Find My Way Around

I started with Kindle and then went to CreateSpace which is now Kindle Print. I tested Smashwords and a couple of other options like Draft2Digital and eventually I ended up with Lulu. I am testing out IngramSpark now so let's just take a look and see if we can clarify and break these down a little bit for you.

Yes, you should consider these three main options but each one contains a couple of sub-options. So, the biggest and the one you should definitely consider as the most important would be Amazon and KDP which is the Kindle Direct Publishing. That is where you're dealing with ebook publication.

That would be the first one you should look at that brings in quite a bit of traffic. Though, it won't make you as much money as the paperbacks.

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Generally, people who want to read ebooks are going to buy ebooks and not paper books anyway. So many people who like paper books sometimes just seeing the ebook advertisements and such will draw them in. The advantage of this is that it is the biggest bookstore in the world. They have lots and lots of distributors.

If you are going for Kindle, you can run ads. So that is if you choose to just run your digital book through Kindle then through Amazon. You can sign an agreement with them so then they would only do it through there. So that's another option.

If Running Ads Is Not Your Option

You can also take your book and produce it as a paperback. It would give you a very wide distribution and a high-profit margin on the books that you sell. IngramSpark is the next one that you can do in addition to Kindle paperback.

You do IngramSpark in this case you have to pay to get an ISBN which can be up to $150 per piece. Additionally, you have to pay about $50 when you want to have them review your book. The other options were free but this one first has a cost then we already hit KDP.

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We'll move on to Kindle Paperback and that's going narrow. The wide option here is the Draft2Digital or Smashwords. If you do not wish to run ads which I highly recommend because this is one of the best ways and easiest route.
Draft2Digital and Smashwords is a great option for you if you are looking for good self-publishing platforms, where you can just simply give them the main script. Then, they will push that book out to as many different areas but the profit margin is much smaller.

If you are not running ads, I particularly would recommend Smashwords. I have tried that myself and that gives you additional distribution if you are not running ads.

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