Chris A. Baird | May 14, 2020
Best Free Ways To Promote My KDP Book Online?

Your KDP book is already out in the market, so you should now be promoting it online. Learn about the best free ways that you can follow to effectively promote and sell your KDP book.

Books Don't Sell On Their Own

Today's question is, what are the best free ways to promote my KDP book online? Well, this is an excellent question.

All authors who are self-publishing discover very quickly that the books are not going to sell themselves. So, we are going to need to promote the book.

We are going to need to find some way that we can get this book which is answering questions or solving problems or entertaining people into the hands of our ideal customers. Now, how exactly are we going to go about finding that?

That is what I would like to explore in this video. But before I get into that, check out my free Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist.

Now, where I started. I first published some books, 2 or 3 books and I did see some sales. But I didn't explore whether or not there was even a market for the books.

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I just thought about what I wanted to write about and I put these books onto the market. Then, I quickly discovered that the sales began to go down when you first release the book. It is exciting and you see some sales.

Amazingly, you are even making them at all. Then you discover something very important. It is that without promoting and marketing the books, they aren't going to sell on their own.

Every now and then, you do have an author who manages to get away with this particular thing. But I discovered quickly that this was not going to work for me.

So my path led me to the first issue which was Amazon ads. The next thing it led me to, was free promotions. The third thing, it led me to deal with just promoting in Facebook groups and things like that and then content marketing.

Different Methods You Can Try

Those are the ones that I discovered and the key is, let me just break it down into where the key lies. The first one is running the Amazon ads. So this one is probably the most important if we're looking for the best free ways to sell and promote our KDP book online.

This would also apply for any other, the paperback books, we're going to be running as well through KDP. So we put ads out that will go against both the paper and the Kindle versions of our books on to the platform.

We set up an ads account and then we run ads against it. This is by far the most effective way to bring sales to your book. There isn't a way that competes with this one.

That would be the first method. It is the quickest way I should say, some of the others can also work. Running free promotions was incredibly effective in a time and age when we found that ebooks would rank on free promotions.

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When they went back to being paid for your Kindle books, you would suddenly register that you were a best-seller. That would cause people to buy your book. If you ended the promotion early, that would also cause people to click, check out the book, and then some of them would end up buying.

The next one is paid promotions. We can pay people to promote our Kindle book. They can go into Facebook groups and they can promote it to their lists.

They will tell people, "you should buy this book". I have never had much success with that. But some people find that to be amazingly successful with like BookBub and a lot of other paid promotion sites.

They also have free promotion sites where they will send your book out on free lists book of the day. In general, this did drive sales but in terms of the long run, it was not particularly successful.

The final method is probably the cheapest. It's the most difficult of all the methods. But it's one that will bring you probably the best success in the long run and that is using content marketing.

Build An Email List

What that means is you are creating videos and podcasts and blogs. You could just create one of the three. Then, run the other three through the same method that you have.

These are then posted across social media. You are building an email list off of these people and these are people who are interested in your content already. Who will subscribe or whatever it might be on to get onto your lists.

When you come out with new books, you are going to be able to ask them to leave reviews for your books. They can interact with your books and will also be a free way of finding new people to come into your ecosystem.

This costs only as much as it cost to have hosting, a domain name. Other than that, Youtube is free. You can do the podcast through Anchor and it's just for the blogging itself.

The email will also cost you unless you do it through MailChimp for the first 1,000 to 1,500 people on your list. That is by far the best way to build a list and to build an audience that you can take with you.

Whether we are dealing with the Amazon platform or with a different platform to inform people that you have a new book on the market. And that you are going to be able to promote the book.

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What we are talking about here that is powerful is that we control the audience. If one of our platforms like Facebook decides not to show our latest books to the people who may be following or members of our group.

These won't be hidden when we send an email to them to inform them that we have released a new book. So this is also a very powerful way of letting people know which books you have on the market. As well as in finding your audience or people who will be excited to see what your latest book is.

So, tell me a little bit in the comments below, what have you found? Have you found any other marketing techniques that work? Would you agree with some of the things I said?

Or maybe disagree that some of the methods I think I feel don't work as well, that maybe you find that they do in fact work out. Well, check on my other blogs and videos and see where I answer other questions just like this one.

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