Chris A. Baird | November 11, 2021
What To Do In Your Book Pre-launch Period - 3 Strategies

Do you want to get your sales to explode but are worried about what strategies you should be using in your pre-launch period? Check this out, I want to share with you some tips in regards to what to do in your book pre-launch period - 3 strategies.

Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret as to which group of people the pre-launch strategy works best for you. So let's get into it.

The topic we're going to be discussing today is what to do in your book pre-launch period three strategies. So you're first getting started and you're putting your book onto the market and you've heard about this pre-launch strategy.

Build Anticipation To Your Audience

To get your sales to explode as your book hits the market. But you're not sure which strategies you should be implementing in the pre-launch to get those sales. Therefore you're going to want to stick around.

Because I'm going to break this down and tell you exactly what you need to know to get your books selling. Grab a copy of my free self-publishing secrets Checklist.

To make sure that you are not skipping any of the steps necessary to get your book on the market and selling. So from my own story when I first got started I took my very first book. And as I knew the date of the actual launch was approaching I was in the pre-launch phase.

So I started going onto social media and telling all of my friends and family and followers exactly about my very first book. Trying to build up a little bit of hype before the grand release. Then I informed everybody exactly when the book went live.

I set the first book to go free for five days. This is a common strategy to start building up an audience and seeing the sales coming in. Or at least the purchases of the thing at zero cents so they wouldn't have to pay anything.

But the fact is it would continue to increase the things and before I knew it my first book had hit in the top 1000 free books on amazon. Which was very exciting in the old days it would also rank once it went off of this particular thing.

But that strategy no longer works so well but afterward, the book went back to full price at 299. Which is what I suggest for a single manuscript book. And at that point, it was just crickets and I would still get a sale here and there but nothing particularly spectacular.

So the question was, what exactly was going on I had done? what I had heard was helpful when it comes to your pre-launch strategy. It just wasn't working and that is what we're going to be discussing with our strategies today.

What to do in your book pre-launch period three strategies, so strategy number one start building anticipation from the moment you start writing your book. What you're doing is you're taking your very first book even if you haven't written any books before.

You're letting people know you're working on it. Maybe even letting them be part of the decision process of choosing what the title, the cover are going to look like. These are excellent ways to build anticipation with your audience.

Whether it's your first book or your 100th book the fact is that by allowing your audience to participate and be engaged with what you're doing. It builds up the anticipation as opposed to no anticipation. Then just one day you throw the book on the market without any warning whatsoever.

Without any pre-launch strategy and you lose the benefits of the pre-launch. Because what we're doing is what's known as pre-selling we're getting people in their minds. The idea that looks our book is amazing and it's coming onto the market soon.

It's something you're not going to want to miss and as we hear it multiple times they say it takes like seven touchpoints. Before a person considers buying we want to get those seven touchpoints in. Before the person even has the opportunity to buy the book.

Getting All Your Reviews

The anticipation is building up when it comes to your book and it's soon going to be on the market. It's a very exciting period and we're pulling in our audience in these early phases. The second thing and perhaps maybe the most important is we're going to want to get our review.

Our advanced review team a copy of the book in advance somebody asked me was I think was book or something like that. Where you can have it automatically give out your book for free. In the versions that they want to buy and read.

Or listen to your book when you're putting it on to the market. They can download the book and they can leave reviews before the book even launches. Because social proof is so powerful for the book this is maybe even more important than all of the other things.

That you've been doing up to this point before you put your book onto the market and so we want to have those reviews. There so when we start pushing ads right away against the book and the book hits the market. People can see "look people love this book it's fantastic what you've been doing".

Then the book hits the market and we have the hype people are buying the books at least friends and family. Your audience and the sales are going up which is causing the books possibly to hit a best-seller status which is what we're going for.

We're choosing categories that are strategic inside of what the book is about. But at the same time pounding a way to make sure that if there's a chance to hit that best-seller status. That'll give us one more social proof that this book is worth buying.

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In addition to the reviews it's just pushing the sales and it's a little bit the people who get a lot of sales. Initially, it continues to go and for those who get nothing, it tends to stay somewhat stagnant on the sales. We're doing everything in our power to get those initial sales in.

I don't particularly push pre-orders because those downplay down the initial sales when you do get the initial sales. People just buy the book when it comes out and does not pre-order the book. These are up to you different people different authors.

Suggest different things on that particular front but I do not think the pre-orders are the way to go on that. The third and secret answer for today is that the pre-launch publicity strategies will only move the needle once you have an audience.

If you have no audience you're not going to see much of an effect. It's still worth going through the trouble of it because we're talking about practicing. As I've commented to a lot of you out there in the comments section we go back and forth on this issue a bit.

It is that when you put your first book on the market we're practicing and trying to get better at these marketing steps. In order for our future books even if you get no progress whatsoever on your first book.

As it hits the market we're still going to want to learn and go through these very steps. You can build an audience with no books on the market but you should set up a website. You should set up some of the basics and that's I go with WPX.

You can see my affiliate link below in the description of all of my YouTube videos they're amazing with web speed at half a second load time. So that when people come to your website they're able to see your content. Also, the internet starts pulling it in maybe you want to put some short stories.

Maybe you want to put samples from your book, maybe you want to do character studies. Or get people excited about you as an author you're selling yourself as well as your book. There is one exception I want to say where the pre-sales can.

Build An Audience Platform

In fact, work it's in hot markets you're putting books onto the market where there are so many people who want to buy books on that topic. Maybe it's pokemon go I know at one point it was Minecraft. You know some of these paleo diet things when they were first coming on there were not that many books.

Anything in that market would make a killing and so if the people within those groups. On the internet who are already interested in those topics and you're getting into dialogue with them. And saying "hey, I'm coming out with a book on this subject"

When it does hit, you can announce it in those groups you've built up. That social capital so they don't see you as spamming their group you're just informing a group that you've already been engaged with. If you're not engaged with your target niche audience you need to do that immediately.

Because they're going to be able to tell you what they like and what they don't like. You're going to be able to get them excited and hyped up about the release of your book. When the book hits the market even if you have no audience you have no author's platform to sell your book.

You're still going to be able to do all right now I always still warn you. You first-time authors do not get high expectations when you put your first book. Your goal is to just get the first book the first book is putting your stake in the ground.

And from there we're going to build out and we're going to build the audience from there. You're not going to put your book in the ground and then make an infinite number of sales. This is like farming you have a large plot of land that has weeds all over it.

You're going to need to clear it out, you're going to plant the seeds. Your very first book is like the first seed going in the ground what's going to happen is you're going to wait. You're going to put more seeds in the ground and over some time.

We're going to have a crop that starts to grow up and it begins to ripen and then the harvest hits all at once. This can be three to five years usually no more than ten years at max but three to five years is a reasonable amount of time.

You're putting your books out on the market regularly you're regularly writing you're marketing. You're getting better at these skills in about three to five years. You're going to start seeing the money and the increase there most authors give up immediately.

Are you one of those authors who gives up after you've just failed with your first book?. Failed like every other author who puts their first book on the market. I would suggest building your author's platform so that you do not fail.


You have the first book you set your expectations low and then we follow the steps that I'm teaching you on this channel.

If you need one-on-one Coaching you can always grab it below in the description of all of my YouTube videos. Because that's the fastest way to level things up but either way you just pay attention.

I give away all of my secrets here, I tell you everything I know all of the steps that work.

I tell you the biggest thing is just having that grit to stay in the game. Continuing to learn new strategies implementing as we go whether it's the pre-launch or these other things.

You will find success I guarantee you're going to find the success you just need to stay in the game. Keep producing and marketing your books believe in yourself and you will succeed.

Here's my question for you today is, what do you think is the most important pre-launch strategy?

I want to hear from you tell me below in the comments. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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