Chris A. Baird | January 20, 2021
Can’t Find A Topic For My Book!

Are you getting started in self-publishing but can't find a topic for your book? Find out these free tips to help you find a perfect topic for your book and learn more about self-publishing techniques.

Today's question has three answers. And you're going to want to stick around because I'm going to tell you the absolute perfect topic for your book that you're not going to want to miss.

Let's get into it. Today's question or problem is, can't find a topic for my book? This is something that many authors face when you're getting started. Because usually there are two major issues, you have way too many ideas that you're dealing with or too few.

If you've got too many ideas, you don't know where to start. Because it's like "Well, I could write on this, or I could write on that". Whether we're talking a story or non-fiction, either way, you just have too many ideas going through your head.

You can't figure out which one is the correct one. Even worse, you have no idea what to write about. You're thinking "Well what should I write about? I have no idea what would make money or what I even been good at".

There are all sorts of questions that you have and that leads you to be very frustrated. Ultimately, the one thing we don't allow here is not publishing, because our goal is to get a book on the market. We're going to be answering these questions and more.

But before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist. Now, let's get into it. Too many topics and can't find a topic for your book? When I first got started, I had way too many topics that I wanted to write about.

I was thinking I could write about these Goals or Sleep or a lot of other Exercises. There are several topics which I find very very interesting but which one should I choose? And that led me to not really doing anything which is the one thing we don't want to end up doing.

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I wrote books on many different topics like Sleep, Goal, Achievement, and all of these other topics that I was talking about. What happened was that my sales were terrible because I wasn't really sticking to a single topic establishing myself as an expert on that one topic.

But just jumping from topic to topic and ended up limiting the number of people that I could reach as opposed to sticking to a single topic. At least a single topic per pen name of the books that were being put onto the market. So that was one of the biggest ones, jumping around is a bad idea.

Choose A Single Topic

The second thing is I put out self-publishing books and that did much much better. The reason is that I was sticking to a single topic. Somebody had pointed out that it's better to use different names for each of the genres or niches that you're trying to write into.

As opposed to if you're doing one book on Circus Clowns and then your next book is on business, then your next book is on Pet Care, it is just all over the place. It would be a question, "Who knows all stuff about these things in reality?".

You can still write helpful books. It's just best to have a different name being used for each of those to keep it clear in the mind of your reader. I remember watching a Youtube video of somebody who was teaching about Entrepreneurship at the same time mixing in Karate or Taekwondo videos.

It brought about a level of confusion. I saw they ended up not doing those martial art videos as a result. Their viewership and subscribers started to go up as a result of that, not mixing it since it confuses your audience.

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It's just a bad idea, so that was what I found. I also put other books onto the market but I used different pen names to do that. I didn't confuse my reader establishing expertise on the specific subjects.

That also helps in general. I chose a single book topic I did. Then if you want to do others, you can but just start with one at a time. Make sure something is getting on the market.

My sales started to go up about 10 times. I had seen before as a result of sticking to a single topic per book. This is something like a little tip that you're definitely going to want to do if you're in my situation dealing with too many topics.

So, can't find a topic for my book? Let's get into the answers for today. The first one is to write down a huge list of topics that you're interested in, that is anything that you think is fascinating or interesting.

Maybe you're good at it or you're interested in it. You can research it and then figure out from that list which one of those items would be of most interest to write about.

KDSpy Is The Perfect Tool

The second thing is you're going to want to make sure there's a market out there for that topic. That means we want hungry readers who are very eager to buy books on that topic but very few books are available.

Currently, there is no better tool than KDSpy to do that. Go ahead and check that out. That is the tool that I use to figure out exactly not just the niche but also what should the exact words in the title be to make as much money as possible.

We don't want to be writing in a market that doesn't have many readers who are interested in it. So we want that high sales volume with a low number of books on the market. And KDSpy is a perfect tool for finding that particular niche.

The secret answer today connects with this. It's the starving artist isn't a good idea. You don't want to find yourself having written a book on a subject for which nobody cares about.

Some people like to read books, other people like to watch videos. There's a whole series of crowds but those people who don't like to read, let's say maybe it's funny cat videos or something, they may not enjoy reading a book on your funny cat or funny dog.

You're going to want to make sure that the market already exists. So, what we're doing is we're going to start with a
market. Then define the things that we can write about.

We take all of the ideas from our list and then find out using KDSpy which one of those is going to be profitable for our specific market. Then we will move forward from that direction as opposed to putting books on the market. Hoping for the best and that includes something as important as the title, the keywords in that title.

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To make sure that when people are searching Amazon, our books are going to come up and the covers are looking great. The descriptions are great and we're going to be seeing sales coming through because we're hitting specific markets of people who want to buy our books. That is the secret answer for the day.

So, can't find a topic for your book? If you are, I want to know because it will help me target making videos on this exact subject some more. Write "Yes" below in the comments if you are.

And write "No" if you are not having a problem. Also, let me know if you find there are too many topics and you can't figure out because I can definitely help you out. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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