Chris A. Baird | January 27, 2021
Don’t Know Anything About Marketing?

Are you getting started in self-publishing but don't know anything about marketing yet? Check out this article to finally learn how to market your book if you want to succeed at self-publishing.

Produce A Manuscript

Today's question has three answers and you're going to want to stick around because the third answer is a secret as to what makes the differences when it comes to winning and losing with marketing. It might surprise you just a little bit.

Let's get into it the question or problem that was asked today. The question was, don't know anything about marketing? The thing is that for a lot of people when they're getting started, you start to build up the skill set.

You understand you have what it takes to write the first manuscript of your book. But then when we put it on the market, we have a bit of fear. We don't know anything about marketing because marketing is very different than the skill set necessary to just write a book.

You're able to produce the manuscript. Maybe if you have the creativity to get a cover together and you're able to do the editing and formatting and some of these aspects of it. But when it comes to the actual marketing of your book, that leaves you hanging a little bit.

And you're concerned that maybe you'll put your book on the market, it won't sell. Or even worse you already have put your book onto the market and it simply isn't selling at all. You're beginning to think maybe it's about the marketing.

That is the problem that you're having with your book and that is what we are going to explore in today's article. But before we get into today's answers, grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist.

No marketing? Let me tell you a little bit about my personal story. When I first got started, I had no idea that I would be learning everything about marketing. I thought it was really about just writing your book which is what I did.

You put it onto the market and then see what happens. In my case, I put it onto the market but I wasn't seeing any real sales on the book. I was thinking maybe I did something wrong.

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That was when I began to understand the reason the book doesn't sell is that I'm simply not marketing. It also can be optimization problems which is a big one for most people but the marketing side is an incredibly important point.

It just wasn't selling and the thing was I thought, maybe I should do something else like trading currencies or maybe getting into drop shipping or something like that. Since I was eager to see if it was possible to try an online business as sort of a hobby, a side gig, or something along those lines.

The thing was that I am wondering because I wasn't seeing the sales. But the answer was "No", it's the marketing that was the issue and what did I know about marketing? Well as I told you, I didn't know anything about marketing.

That was something I was going to be reading a lot of books, watching a lot of videos, and reading a lot of blogs. I still do to today, in fact, even more so on that.

Connect To Your Readers

Then even the book writing process itself, because it is so important to making sales. This is the crazy part, it may be even more important than the quality of the book itself. That seems a little hard to grasp for a lot of authors.

That is exactly the case when it comes to selling books. It doesn't make your book better if you do better marketing. It does mean that people will enjoy your book more and it also means that people will find your book and that's really what it's about.

It's about connecting readers with your book. So the thing was I started running ads. I'm building an email list and doing content marketing. All of these together combined resulted in my book starting to sell.

The sales started to jump and they continue to stay high as a result of my efforts in book marketing. That is what we wish to help you with as well. So don't know anything about marketing?

The first thing is we all don't know anything about anything until we start learning. You shouldn't feel stupid or out of place because you simply know nothing about this subject or know very little. Sometimes the little you know may not even be true.

There are things about marketing that are counter-intuitive for example. Sometimes the things that work best are not what we feel will work best. But what the market tells us will work best so we have to listen closely.

See what is working and what isn't working when it comes to our books. We also want to listen to other people who are selling when marketing their books and find out in groups and forums what exactly the tips and tricks they're using to sell their books.

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So this is another key issue that you're not going to want to ignore. The other thing is we want to start with simple steps like Amazon ads. That would be our very first point we've discussed in previous videos about optimizing your book.

Making sure there's a market for your book. Making sure the cover is optimized. Making sure that the formatting on your book is correct. I show you all of the things that took me thousands of hours to figure out.

Check out these different things that I use when putting my books out. You can find the list of my affiliate links on my Youtube channel. That will save you a lot of time.

The first thing on the marketing side would be Amazon things. Other things don't work so well like taking your book and just spamming other author's group, people who are putting books out.

They don't care that you want to market to them because they're not your target market. Or spamming other groups of pages where people just want free books. Those are also not a particularly good use of time at one period it did work.

Because you would put your book out for free and get a thousand sales, a thousand downloads, purchases of that zero dollars per book. That would cause it to boost in the rankings.

Go To Amazon Ads

So that when it went back to full price, you would then see some sales on that book. That strategy no longer works. A better strategy is to run ads and that is a key issue that a lot of people don't do.

They lose money and then there are different regions and you need to monitor the ads. It becomes a bit of a burden in some sense. But in another sense, it was my first introduction to marketing after taking a course on running ads.

It was kind of funny. I took a course and then the course disappeared within six months. The course had already taught me some things about running ads.

I was able to learn that skill set to continue to build it up. I adjust my ads daily still. But the third and secret answer of the day for don't know anything about marketing?

It is that without marketing your books you will not see sales. You will see maybe one here or there but no real money. You're not going to be making thousands of dollars a month on a book that has no marketing done on it where you don't have reviews.

You don't have any of these sorts of things. And you're not running ads against the book when you put the ads against it. We start to see traffic and you'll start to see your sales coming in.

But the key to this secret is that you should not try to learn everything at once. You should start slowly and steadily start with Amazon ads. For my students, when they ask, I want to get going on marketing my books, so should I do this? Should I do that?

My first question is do you even have a book on the market? If you don't get one on the market first using the tips and tricks that I've told you about optimizing your book, then the second thing you're going to do after you've put your book onto the market is that you're going to learn Amazon ads.

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Number two after you've done that, then we can move on to doing content marketing on your book which is a very powerful way of getting your book to sell that many authors neglect to do. Because you think I'm an author, I shouldn't have to worry about marketing.

But I'm like you're an author, you should worry about sales. We need to move into that area sometimes as we're learning, we grow our skills in directions that we don't feel comfortable with. So that we would get the sales that we deserve for the work that we've put in.

This marketing just helps an audience out there who deserve to read your books but simply can't find them because you're not marketing them correctly. That is another key issue to remember in today's secret answer of the day. Do you know how to market your books?

If you do, write "Yes" below in the comments and if you don't, write "No" below in the comments. That will help me know where you're coming from and be able to make better articles in that direction. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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