Chris A. Baird | March 14, 2022
How Long Should A Self-Published Book Be?

To make your book sell, there is an ideal length to follow. Let me tell you some self-publishing tips and the answer to the very question, how long should a self-published book be?

The Correct Length

3,000 words, 10,000 words, or 30,000 words. How long exactly does the book need to be? I was completely frustrated trying to figure this whole thing out.

That's the reason why today we're talking about how long should a self-published book be? It was about five years ago, I was just getting started with self-publishing.

I was putting my very first book onto the market. I decided the correct length for me would be around 10,000 words. I wanted the books that I was putting onto the market to sell properly. 

That was the key thing. But then I didn't know exactly how long the length would need to be to get that correct and working.

So I heard an awful lot of information about what is the correct length. I jumped into the thing and said, okay we're going to go for about a 10,000-word book.

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But it was extremely confusing because of all of the information that people had been saying. So after putting my 10,000-word book on the market, I discovered it simply wasn't selling.

I figured maybe the length of the book may play a key role in whether it would be selling or not. So, how long should a self-published book be?

The problem is by spending all of this time working on getting books onto the market. If they are the incorrect length, what was at stake was that I would be losing and wasting resources.

The things that I need personally to go about winning it. Because one of my goals was to see if it's possible to make money on the internet using skills that you already have.

And what better way than writing books on topics that you're interested in. The thing was I began to doubt that maybe I was not up for the challenge.

Maybe this whole length issue. Trying to get it right was something that I was simply not going to be able to overcome.

The problem is after trying an even longer book which was 20,000 to 30,000 words, I noticed that it did do a little bit better. So how long should a self-published book be?

Get To Know Steve Scott

But it was really not that great. I also tried a shorter book to see if maybe that would make a difference with regards to getting things to sell.

So I was already three books into it and just not seeing the results I wanted to see. That was when it came along Steve Scott.

He's played a very big role with regards to my very early years on self-publishing. The thing is he commented that one of the important things to remember is that you should be testing different links.

So we can figure out what works best for your target audience. Well, one of my huge mistakes here was that I hadn't even chosen a specific target audience.

Many of my coaching clients will comment regularly, they are trying to figure out who that audience is? So, how long should a self-published book be?

It was he himself, Steve Scott, pushing for 30,000-word books. He’s saying that the longer the book would be, people would be more satisfied with the book.

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But at the same time, there are different genres of books that you're going to be writing. And that short is not necessarily going to be a problem for you.

If you decide to write short books. The reason is that in the non-fiction area, a shorter book can in fact provide just as much value. Because it will solve a person's problem.

It will give them a result. So if a person is trying to figure out how to properly train their pets, how to go outside, play, fetch, sit still, or any other sorts of things not jump on you. 

For example, if it's a puppy, then you don't need a thousand-page book. A person would prefer to have a shorter book. That was another key issue here.

It was that in the early days of Amazon, Steve Scott pointed out that you would be rewarded by every download of your book. 

My 3,000-Word Books

So by having lots of short books, you could increase your profit later. They changed it to pages red and that completely killed a lot of these shorter books.

So then people said, okay fine maybe the value is in longer books. But that isn't necessarily the case either. It was trying to figure out where that balance was.

But getting Steve Scott's help and his advice was incredibly helpful. How long should a self-published book be? So I was considering at this point maybe I should give up.

But it was still a little bit of a challenge. So I decided one last time I'm going to give these 3,000-word books a try.

The reason for 3,000 is that it also puts us at what can be a paperback version on Amazon. At 24 to 28 pages which is what you get based upon Georgia font size 12 or 13.

So I put it onto the market and I started seeing what was going on once I'm running ads. As well as using content marketing against these specific books. So, how long should a self-published book be?

Without that much more time, I suddenly discovered that 3,000-word were outselling my 10,000 and even my 20,000-word books. 

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I was making more money off of these shorter books. People were getting it. They were a lot happier with just a short book that would quickly solve their problem.

At a price that was reasonable for them to afford. They would look at it and it would get the value. We would get positive reviews on those books.

That has played a key issue. It is letting the data tell you what exactly you should be doing with your money and your resources.

That was a huge transformation that I discovered on the whole thing. But the thing that I want to know is what exactly have you tried?

For you, how long should a self-published book be? Let me know below in the comments upon the ideal book link that you've tried. Has it worked?

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