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is it better to self publish or get a publisher?

It is absolutely difficult to decide at first whether to self publish or get a publisher. Check out the tips that might help you choose which is better between the two.

Tricks On How To Market Your Books

Today's question has three answers. The third answer is a secret as to how you can get the best of both worlds between self-published and traditionally published books. So let's get into it.

The question that was sent in today is, is it better to self publish or get a publisher? Now, this is an excellent question. Many people are wondering what exactly should you do with a particular book?

Should you attempt to self-publish it? Does it require a lot of work and trying to figure out how to do this? Maybe it's a sort of vanity publishing so it doesn't have the same credibility.

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Or should you attempt to find a major publisher that can go about helping you get this book out into the market? So that you can focus on writing and they can focus on getting the book sold.

They will be helping you build a reputation off of these books that you're producing. This is a very common question.

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So let's get into it. When I first started self-publishing, I wrote my first book and I didn't even consider getting it traditionally published.

Because I don't know anything about that but I did have a book that's committed to how easy it is to publish. I also was aware of other people who had already done it in my family alone.

It made me realize that maybe this might be something I would like to get into. After I had published my first book and second book and my third book, I began to follow podcasts.

Listening to people who are telling me different tips and tricks on how to go about selling more books and marketing your books. And that was when I became introduced to the community of people who are looking to get their books traditionally published.

And one thing became very clear it was that the profit was much lower. And there was no guarantee they were going to be willing to market your books. This led to a lot of people to become frustrated.

Have A Better Control

In fact, some people actually did get their books traditionally published. But then found that the publishers were unwilling to market their books to help them find new audiences.

When they wanted to take control back from their books to control the flow, the pricing, the covers they were not allowed to. Since they didn't own the rights to it. And the total amount of money that they were paid compensated for their books was minimal.

And so they were very dissatisfied. After a whole period of work and stuff, they were able to finally get the rights back. That was my introduction to traditional publishing.

The other thing was is the number of people who get rejected by traditional publishers. Whether Stephen King or JK Rowling or the others who are in that same category. Those who submit their books many times and never manage to get their books published.

Not because of the quality but because the gatekeepers simply deemed their books not worthy of publishing or too high of a risk. So is it better to self publish or get a publisher? Well, there's a couple of answers.

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The first is self-publishing is almost always a better solution. Unless you already have a platform, that is if you already have people who are following you. Large amounts of followers and people who are subscribing to your YouTube channel.

Then major publishers will pay attention to that and realize that your followers, your viewers, your listeners will be more likely to buy those books. So it's less of a risk for a traditional publisher to take a chance on you and to publish your book.

The other thing though is with self-publishing you have much higher royalties. 70% with Kindle Publishing as opposed to like only 10% to 15% on the traditional publishing for the books that you have.

And so you have much better control over that. You also can control the pricing of your books, the covers, the titles, the keywords, the descriptions, your distribution, and all of your marketing efforts.

These are things that you have an insane amount of control. That gives you the ability to ensure you're going to sell more copies of your book. Unless you're already famous which in that case it's probably better to go with traditional publishing.

Get A Following To Sell More Books

The other thing is getting a publisher is better if your target audience cares about it. So that if your audience or the people who you're doing let's say are doing for business reasons, you need to say "I'm a New York Times bestseller".

Or something along those lines. Then traditional publishing becomes a lot better for you. Like you're a professor at a university and maybe doing traditional publishing or self-publishing.

Maybe he's looked down upon within that community then it makes it clear that you should go and shoot for the traditional publishing category. But that is a minimal number of people.

And the secret answer for today's question is you can always build a platform by self-publishing. Getting your following selling lots of books and then moved to traditional publishing afterward.

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This is what some people and many people have done on Amazon. They start with self-publishing and then they find a traditional publisher afterward.

It's a lot easier because you can once again show them and prove to them you're going to be able to sell books. Because you have so many followers you're already selling a lot of books.

It's a low risk. Not a very difficult decision for traditional publishers to help and decide "yes we're willing to sell your book". So is it better to self publish or get a publisher?

Well, what have you found? Go and let me know below in the comments. I will answer every question and every comment that you make. I'd love to hear what have you found.

Have you tried traditional publishing? Or have you tried self-publishing? Go and let me know and check out my other blogs and videos that answer to your self-publishing questions.

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