Chris A. Baird | July 6, 2020
Is Self Publishing Amazon UK Difficult?

This is not just for those who are from the UK but from other countries as well. Let me share with you how self-publishing can be so easy and whether or not self publishing Amazon UK is difficult.

Today's question has three answers and the third answer is a secret that you're going to want to stick around for. Because it will tell you why publishing in the UK can be better.

Why it can be better than many other areas in the world when it comes to Amazon Publishing. So, let's get into it. When publishing from the UK, a lot of people wonder, is it going to be harder doing Amazon UK?

Amazon Around The World

Are there other places in the world that might be easier to do it? Are there rules that you have to pay attention to that maybe don't apply to other areas of the world? Is it something that maybe isn't worth doing in the first place?

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When I first started publishing, I was publishing from Norway. However, I was doing it through the U.S. Amazon store. Right through KDP within the U.S.

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However, because there is no KDP in Norway, but publishing from the U.S. store meant that I would have my videos or my books being published out onto Amazon. But they didn't just stay in the U.S. store.

They also published on all of the global stores that Amazon had. That meant that no matter where anyone in the world found themselves when they were going to buy one of my books, they would be able to get my book from the closest store to their country.

Not So Difficult At All

In the case of Norway, the people would be getting it from the UK. It would automatically default to the UK store. So, it was a bit of a surprise because initially, you can be thinking that you put the book out through a specific KDP route.

And that it would just show the books at that one specific country that you would be doing it. So, if I did it through the U.S. may just be the U.S or only the UK when in reality it goes through all of the stores.

That was a big surprise for me when I began to understand the nature of the distribution of these books. The same is true also for your paperback books that they will also do the same which is what happened for me.

Now, let's get into the answers. The first is no, it is very easy and just as simple to publish as anywhere else. In particular, if you're doing in the U.S. or Norway or Australia or Japan, wherever it might be that you're wanting to publish, it's just as easy to do it there.

It won't create any barriers for you or any reasons you should not start. The other thing is that Amazon is perfect since it pushes your books to all markets.

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Like I was discussing, when you publish it in the UK you can expect those books to be just coming straight through to all of the other markets around the global Amazon network. That's for the Kindle books.

In terms of your paper books that are done through KDP Print, they will also be sent to their distribution channels. To globally go around including libraries. I'm amazed to find my books in libraries all over the world as well.

That brings us to our third and our secret answer for this day. It is that there are advantages with self publishing Amazon UK since you can create audiobooks through ACX in line with their rules. One of the rules is they don't like people publishing anywhere in the world.

Just Follow The Terms

Audiobooks through ACX which then are pumped out through Audible and Apple and other locations. So this is another major reason that when you're publishing in the UK and if you have a paperback book on Amazon or Kindle book, you can then do your audiobooks through ACX in line with their terms.

If you're in the U.S. or the UK, that is also fine. There might even be another location. But for a lot of these, you are prohibited from using their market without having a U.S. address. Also, a U.S. code like a security code that you would be using or the UK equivalent.

So, this gives you a huge advantage to other parts of the world. Where maybe they do wish to publish books out into the world. But they are not able to, simply because they don't have their residence in one of those key countries.

Now, there are workarounds but still in alignment with the contractual agreements with ACX. This gives you a huge advantage and if you haven't put out your audiobooks from your UK store, you really should.

Because there are the others and you can do it for free, finding free narrators. Just getting started with ACX is a wonderful idea for you.

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What have you found? Have you found that self publishing Amazon UK to be difficult? Or maybe you found that it has been easy?

Different people have different experiences with this. Go ahead and let me know below in the comments. Also, check out my other blogs and videos to find answers to your self-publishing questions.

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