Chris A. Baird | June 28, 2021
Must Have Self Publishing Tools

If you are thinking of the right tools you need to publish your book, then you probably need to read this one. Let me tell you the must-have self-publishing tools that will help you get your book on the market and selling.

Flooded By A Thousand Tools

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it is a secret as to which tool I consider to be the best when it comes to self-publishing.

Our topic for today is must-have self-publishing tools and this is one I've looked forward to for a very long time. To get down into it which tools are the best tools that you should be using when it comes to self-publishing. So maybe you're a self-publisher, you've written your very first book and there's a key thing that's going to happen.

You're going to discover to get this book self-published. It means you're going to need to know which tools you should use. But don't worry, there are a thousand tools developed for self-publishers just like you to help you get your book on the market.

Well, you got that right, the problem is there are a thousand tools. If you threw in courses and information and all sorts of stuff, you're going to get completely flooded and overwhelmed. One thing here is we like to keep things easy not hard.

And if you expose yourself to too many tools and all of the learning that goes on that frustration, it could mean your book doesn't get on the market. The ideas and the stories that you want to tell will never get into the world because of these tools.

That is a problem I want to help you with today. Check out my free Checklist and grab a copy of it. Find out the secrets involved in getting your book onto the market and also selling.

When I first got started self-publishing, my very first tool was Scrivener, well, that's not completely true. My very first tool was Microsoft Word and Excel because I had to keep track of which book am I on? What have I done so far? Sort of keeping track of that.

When I wrote my first book, I did it in Word. But then came the interesting part, I'm going to need a cover and I'm going to need to format this book. Those are your first two starting points that create a bit of confusion.

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I originally thought I'll just pay somebody on Fiverr to do the formatting for me. Only to discover that the table of contents did not work when I clicked on it. In addition, I discovered that they messed up the colors when it came to the Kindle version.

So that if somebody were looking in the nighttime mode, they couldn't see it because the colors were dark blue. They hard-coded the colors into the Mobi or now it would be the EPUB format that goes onto the eBooks on KDP Publishing on Amazon, your Kindle book.

When they were coming down to it, they made it impossible for somebody who'd want to read it. Well, that's easy enough, I can just go back to them but I did and they gave like one revision. During that one revision, they messed up something else.

The formatting on the bullet points was now off and I thought this is ridiculous. I may have to actually go about and learn how to do the formatting of the bullet myself. Since then, I've obviously learned how to do it and I teach people.

You can check out my Course for book formatting. But the thing is that my very first formatting tool was Scrivener which I had heard so many people talk about as being just this amazing tool. I started using it and I thought "wow this is pretty easy".

There are several aspects I know in many ways. Word covers a number of those things. But then what I found was that when it came time to put out my table of contents, I was in the same problem where the table of contents was not working correctly.

I read a lot of sites talking about how you can get to do it. Maybe this has been fixed since then but I thought this is very very difficult. So my next one was I went over to Jutoh from Scrivener to do formatting with the cover.

Because as I mentioned, you had to do both the formatting and the cover. I started by again, I paid for somebody on Fiverr $40 or something to do a cover for me and it was terrible. Then I realized, okay maybe I need to learn how to do covers myself as well.

Perfect Combination Of Tools

So therein I went on to GIMP and I went to Canva and I learned about free photos. You can get on different websites like Pexels and the other was using Pixabay. That was being used to find free pictures and Canva has a whole series of free pictures.

I was almost amazed that you can throw books onto Amazon using their templates. Don't even change the photos, use their free templates for covers and those books sell. Because the covers are so well designed by graphic artists on Canva.

That was just a quick discovery that I made. Continuing onwards, I then went on to KDSpy to help me find out competitive keywords and things like that. KDSpy, Publisher Rocket, Aweber for my emails which I later went over to Active Campaign for email lists.

Bluehost for my hosting. I think I also tried Hostgator and a couple of other hosting platforms before I landed on Bluehost. Which some people don't like but you know, it's been okay for me.

Onlinejobs.ph when finding virtual assistants that would work well for doing my day in and day out tasks. And later, for hiring Upwork people doing transcription and Fiverr for covers and all sorts of things.

As you can kind of get a feel for it, there's a whole series of tools and services that I played around with. And maybe you don't have a very big budget to work with. I certainly didn't but the money that was coming in gave me the ability to start playing.

And as I had more books on the market, that meant more money coming in which meant more money to play with. To figure out which tools weren't just the best tools but the best tools for me. That's something you're also going to have to keep in mind as you continue this game.

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So there were so many things to try and fail at until finding the perfect combination of tools that worked for me. I've stuck with pretty much the same set for the last 2 years. I don't think I've swapped out any tools at all in the last couple of years.

Because the set that I use is so powerful. But I'm always looking for new ones and we'll hit that a little bit later. I want to hit on the 3 top tools that I use today.

So tool number one, it's KDSpy. This is for finding the correct titles and keywords for the books that I'm putting out. When people are going to be searching for a book unless they already know you and if you've got a big audience, well then you're already selling books.

Why are you listening to me? Well, I can help you sell more books. But anyway, you got the idea. If you already selling so many books, there's no point.

I mean you've already got an audience. You could probably put out anything with any cover and they would probably sell just fine. But for the vast majority of self-publishers and authors, you do not have that audience, those people who already are looking for you.

So the keywords are going to be the first and starting point that they're going to look at. They might look at categories as well on Amazon. But the keywords, they're going to look up some keyword and it's going to hit your book.

So no matter which type of book, you want to make sure that your keywords, the things people are searching for on that type of book are going to register when they do that search. Now obviously, with non-fiction, it's a lot easier like you know my classic one is "puppy training".

When they type in "puppy training", you want to make sure you have "puppy training" in your title so that your book is going to show up at the top of the list on Amazon. Or even Google for that matter, when they do that search for those keywords. But how would we know if the keyword was profitable?

Well, the answer is you're going to use KDSpy to figure that out. But then we're going to run ads to find that audience and to push people in. The way that we do that is with Publisher Rocket, that's the one I use for the keywords that I'm going to be using in my ads.

If you're first getting started, just set it up to automatically choose and automatically figure out the keywords that will be used for you. That can be very helpful when you're getting started if it's a barrier. And that's something that I want to focus on, we want to do it the easy way.

The Best Formatting Tool

There are so many people out there who tell you to buy these 5,000 tools. Do this and do that, it's just so confusing. I'm just not one of those people, these gurus confuse you. They make everything hard, I think it should be easy and fun.

But that's just me, hopefully, you're here because of that exact reason. It should be easy and it should be fun, what we're doing here. If it isn't, you're doing something wrong so let's move on to point number two.

The next one is Grammarly and that is something that I also use when I'm doing my first-level editing. It's an unbelievably powerful program like the other tools. I only use and promote tools that I personally use.

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I train my virtual assistants to also use them when formatting and putting the books together. I'm just giving away everything. Because I don't think you should have to experience the suffering that I went through when I was trying to figure out the tools.

You're going to save an awful lot of money on these tools. Now is the right time to go about getting the tools that are going to meet your needs. So let's move on to number three and this is the secret of today, it is by far my most useful tool.

And it is Jutoh somebody corrected me recently I know I have been calling it "Yutoh" incorrectly. Because so few people have found this gem of a self-publishing tool. It is by far the best formatting tool on the market so that you yourself can format your books just using this tool.

I show you exactly step-by-step for book formatting made easy Course. This is something you're not going to want to miss because you're wasting hours trying to figure this out. Or hiring other people to do the formatting for you. Just save yourself time and money and just get the course.

Go through it, we walk through the whole thing. You can ask for your money back if you're dissatisfied but the fact is we're going to take you right through those steps. Make sure that you're not wasting time when it comes to formatting your book which is what an awful lot of authors do.

The result is their book never gets on the market. You see, so it's the best in the market for formatting. It does the table of contents perfectly unlike Scrivener at least when I was using it.

I don't speak negatively of anybody's software. I just say that when I was using it at that time, it didn't have that solved. I know it was the most popular at the time but Jutoh was by far a better tool in my opinion.

You know I only give you my honest opinion and I only tell you about the tools. The thing is if you look below in the description of all of my Youtube videos, you're going to see 100% of all the tools that I use and what they're used for.

These are the ones that I use and recommend and so check out my affiliate links below my videos. That's another way to help me out so that I can produce more videos that you will find useful. But I have a question for you, what are the best or the must-have self-publishing tools that you have used?

What are you using when it comes to self-publishing? I want to know if you could put your number one top pick tool. Mine is Jutoh, what's yours? Put it down in the comments because I need to know exactly where you're coming from and which tools you're using.

Because maybe I'm using the wrong tools. I learned from you all just as much as you learned from me. So sharing is exactly how we as authors pull this whole thing together and can win as a team.

There's enough of a reader audience to go around for all of us so let's help each other out. And check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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