Chris A. Baird | February 10, 2021
Must Have Self Publishing Tools

Are you having difficulties marketing your book? Let me share with you the must-have self-publishing tools that you should have if you are to venture into self-publishing.

Having Trouble Formatting

Today's blog is a question or problem that has three answers. You're going to want to stick around because the third answer to this question is a secret as to which tools and why exactly you're going to need them as compared to others.

If you don't want to lose at the self-publishing game, let's get into it. The question that was sent in today or rather a problem is must-have self-publishing tools? And it's a question of which tools are necessary to win at the game of self-publishing.

This is very common. You first get started as an author, you write your very first book or you're looking to make money online. You've written your very first book but then you think that's great because now you're ready for the next step which is just putting it out there and self-publishing it.

Then you find out that it's not so easy. You put your book out there and it's getting rejected. You're finding that the formatting is difficult or the cover and a lot of the other things that are necessary to get in place are not as easy as you thought they would be.

That leads you to start going down the tools and services hole. As you're moving down this particular rabbit hole, you discover that there are so many tools that you can use to self-publish. But which ones are right for you?

What you do is you start testing them all out and this leads to overwhelm very quickly. The one thing on this blog that we don't like is that you don't get your book out. We want you to get your book onto the market, that's the top priority over anything else.

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And why should you allow the tools to get in your way? Well, we're going to take a look at this today. To help you prevent the overwhelming feeling you get when you see all of the tools that are possible to do self-publishing for your book, you can check out my free Self-Publishing Checklist.

Let's get into it, in my own story. When I first started, I thought I want to save money. I didn't have too much money available for self-publishing.

I was just dealing with the money that I would have. Just my monthly money that I would have within the family that would be leftover that I could use on whatever I wanted to my slush money. But that's not enough to do the amount of difference I would want to do with self-publishing.

You see I was on a very thin budget which caused me to say I'm going to save money. I'll just do it for free, I'll use only free resources. I won't take any courses, pay for any content, coaching, or anything and I'll just do it for free.

That was my plan to make money on this strategy. I got a rejection, after rejection from Amazon because the cover formatting was off or the book formatting itself was off. There were all sorts of problems that were going back and forth.

You Need Better Tools

  • I was wasting my own time and money which is the most valuable resource. I realized that this is not the way to go about doing this. What happened was I started to realize I was going to need better tools and services to figure out how to get my book to sell on the market.

    That was when I started paying for tools and services. Taking different courses on how to run Amazon ads, how to put your book together, how to format, and how to do all of these sorts of things. I started testing tools like Jutoh, but I am still using some of the free tools that I had been using.

    I think Kindle KDSpy was one. I had a whole series of tools that I was using to figure out the right keywords and all of these things that I've heard were very important. That is from some of the courses I had been taking but it still wasn't completely clear to me like building an email list and all of these things.

    So I was testing out lots of tools. Spending a lot of money and time in this testing process was something that I found a little bit frustrating. Because some of the tools work better than others and which ones, how do you know?

    Finally, I found a set of tools that work. I have been using those tools to get the nearly 200 books that I currently have on the market. I started using a common set and the sales continue to rise.

    I'm continuing to use the very same set of tools I discovered about a year or two ago. At least I've stabilized, I've been using some of the tools from the very beginning. So must-have self-publishing tools?

    Well, the first thing is the right tools and services will save you a lot of time and money. It's not just about saving time and money, it's about ensuring your books are making as much money as they're able to make.

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The only way for us to get that to start cranking up, building up the sales that are coming in on your books is to make sure your books are optimized then come back to the tools and services. Number two, I share exactly what I use in the description of my Youtube videos.

Every time I make a change to one of the tools or services that I'm using, I update it below in the description of my videos. In my affiliate links, I've tested out 100% of the tools that are there. My team also uses these exact tools to make sure that the books are as high of quality as possible.

Go For KDSpy Tool

To make sure that we're going to make as much money off of each book. Giving it its highest chance. Now, if your book is not in a hungry market, then it's going to be difficult anyway but we still will optimize and we learn for the next book.

I would just say 2 tools come to my mind if I were to recommend 2 tools. One is KDSpy, making sure that we're choosing the right market and you'll see that in the description of my videos. And the other tool is Jutoh.

Those would be the ones, there is also the Fiverr designer that I use and you can find that in the description of my videos. I would recommend it because, for only $18, you can get yourself a very high-quality cover. That will ensure you're getting the sales on your book that you deserve.

Other than that, I would say that this is the complete set that I've currently been using. I'm open to seeing if maybe other tools will work. But I don't have any reason to switch because when you find a set of tools that are doing exactly what you want, you should generally stick with it.

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Many of my students have also discovered that when it comes to using the tools and understanding them, sometimes Coaching helps which you also can find in the description. If you need additional coaching you can let me know. I will help guide you through the process.

Which can amplify and give you 10 times your results because you're no longer trying to do it alone. The secret answer for today is you can save big money by just going with what works. Stop trying to figure out everything for yourself whether it is coaching or whether it is the right tools.

You need to not make the mistakes that I had made which were thinking I could just figure it out all for myself. I would save money when in reality I was losing money with this exact strategy. That is something that you're not going to want to ignore because you only have so much time, money, and energy.

We want your books on the market and selling. You can produce more books and that was the biggest thing that a lot of people have found. The best way to become one of the winners on Amazon like those people who are making $100,000 or more a year is by producing more books.

They found they had 40 books on the market on average. That was a study that had come out in the last couple of weeks and I was completely blown away by that. Because I already sort of knew it.

But the more books we have on the market, the more money we're going to make. And we get better at making books when we produce more books as opposed to taking one book and trying to save money on these tools and stuff. That's something that you're going to want to consider.

So what is your favorite self-publishing tool or service? What do you consider the must-have self-publishing tools? I'm always open, I'd really love to hear them below in the comments. Check up out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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