Chris A. Baird | June 30, 2020
Reddit Self Publishing Income?

This is one of the most essential questions and you must know the right answer to this before you decide on doing self-publishing. Let me share with you how much exactly can you earn based on the discussions on Reddit self publishing income topic.

Today's question has three answers and you are going to want to stick around for the third answer. Because it's a secret to how you can also find answers on Reddit self publishing income topic. You can't find it anywhere else other than Reddit.

So, let's get into it. When we are going on the internet and we are trying to find issues about 'how much money can I expect to make from self-publishing income?', Reddit is a very useful source.

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But there are several places also as well to go about finding answers to this exact question. Check out my free Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist to help you get going with self-publishing right away.

When I first started self-publishing, I discovered quickly that there are forums on the internet. I started personally with Facebook. I found different people who are self-publishing and sharing tips and tricks.

They were using these tricks to make sure their books sold to the maximum number of people possible. Because when you are getting started, it's very confusing. I also started with courses and I took Kindle books to show me how to make Kindle books.

So there are many different places you can go to. Later on, I discovered that Reddit also can be a very fantastic place to finding out answers to the question on Reddit self publishing income.

Check Out The Subreddits

Where exactly you should go and how to go about doing it? The answer is yes, Reddit can be a very useful place to find people posting income reports from their self-publishing.

Keep in mind the average person on Amazon only is making $1000 a year. That's for the average writer on Amazon but that is usually because they are breaking some rules. And being a part of Reddit forums can be very helpful.

Where on Reddit should we go if we wish to find answers about self-publishing income? The answer is you can go to the subreddits writing or the subreddits self-publish. Both of these are fantastic places to go to find out where exactly.

What levels of income can be expected from self-publishing? I can say that I have known people who made almost nothing from their self-publishing to people making upwards of $40,000 in a month from doing self-publishing on Amazon.

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But keep in mind they are doing all sorts of different tips and tricks to ensure that that happens. 

Connect With Successful People

The secret answer for today is that there are other forums on the internet that you can use to improve your self-publishing. One of them is KBoards.

That is Amazon's own board discussion forums where you find other authors who are publishing. Also, tips and tricks to rank their books better up on Amazon.

Another place is the place that I started from which is Facebook. This is also an equally good place. Every place has advantages and disadvantages but I would recommend becoming part of a forum.

Be in forums to be able to connect with other successful people. Not just people talking about wanting to write and stuff like that but also being with people who have succeeded at the very thing that you are trying to succeed.

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Have you found other places on Reddit to be useful? What about other sites that are better than Reddit? Perhaps, you have found that.

Leave below in the comments. I would love to hear what you have found. Also, check out my other blogs and videos that answer your self-publishing questions.

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