Chris A. Baird | December 22, 2021
Self Publishing is PAIN! (but here’s how to)

As an author, you must know that Self-Publishing  is Pain! but here's how to manage the pain that will make your journey less painful when it comes to self-publishing your books and learning the things you didn't know.

Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret as to the absolute best way of handling the pain associated with self-publishing. So the topic for today is self-publishing is a pain but here's how to.

When you're first getting started with self-publishing you're going to start experiencing an awful lot of pain right away. This is something  that can be very frustrating that's why I created this video. You're going to know the main sources
of pain.

You're going to have the tools necessary to overcome those specific pains. And you're going to feel great knowing you're making progress towards winning at self-publishing. Grab a copy of my absolutely free self-publishing Checklist.

From my own story when I started self-publishing it looked so easy from the outset people commented on. Look you just simply write the book and you can just throw it onto Amazon it will start making money. That was not exactly how things turned out for me.

I just wanted to get my books out onto the market I didn't know whether they would sell or wouldn't sell. I was excited about this concept of the kindle gold rush as they called it at the time. But the thing is that there were so many steps that I suddenly discovered.

Things that I never knew I didn't know things I needed to learn to win it self-publishing. These included marketing and sales and finance supply chain logistics hr. There were so many skills that were necessary to win this whole self- publishing game.

I discovered that if I didn't learn these things then I would be losing well what's the result of that? The answer is it's that I became completely overwhelmed. But what I found was that by slowing things down and simply by focusing on one thing and one skill at a time.

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I was able to overcome this overwhelm while still learning these key skill sets. The other thing I discovered was that it's not necessary to have all of these things in place. This is one of the things I go back and forth with people regularly on this particular issue.

This idea is that if we simply get our books onto the market get a book onto the market we will start the learning process. Let's say your cover is poor you put the book on the market. And you see that it's really when you run ads against it, it's not getting that many clicks.

It tells you that you need to do something about the cover. The same would be true with the title we're not seeing that much organic traffic coming to our book. Maybe there's an issue with your keywords and your title or people do click and they get to your page.

But it's the description can you see that how would you fix all of these things without knowing in the first place that you had a problem that you needed to fix. You wouldn't know that unless we had a book on the market itself already.

Two-Way Communication Street

I discovered that if we break it down and we simply don't try to master everything at once rather single items at a time. Then as we move forward we're able to return to these skill sets. As we continue to sharpen the saw which is I remember from Stephen Covey who visited the Air Force Academy.

When I was there at the time and this was one of the seven habits of highly effective people which is sharpening the saw which is where continually daily. Getting better at the same time we should not be overwhelmed or spend too much time sharpening the saw.

I remember somebody else who had commented they had gone to a lot of Tony Robbins seminars. They were continually just going from seminar to seminar without ever applying some of the skill sets that they were learning.

There's this fine balance between learning and at the same time applying what you've learned. Many times it's the application that brings the learning if we're paying attention to the data that comes out of what happens when we do it.

That's one of the reasons I tell all of my students let's try to get that first book onto the market. We can see how it's doing and what we can improve as opposed to spending forever fixing it. Or improving or writing additional books before we even know what our market is.

They have things to tell us and we need to listen to what they're saying. It's not just a one-way communication street it's a two-way street and our audience will tell us what they like and what they don't like.

The thing is that for many authors we aren't planning and saying I want to be a starving artist. The reason is if you want to be a starving artist then you throw things onto the market without caring about your audience at all. Then we see what happens maybe by the time you die the books become famous.

I think maybe a better way to reach an audience is to figure out what they want to read. Build that audience and as you build trust with them then we can start moving closer to some of the artistic types of books. Maybe you would like to write and people will continue to buy them like big-name authors.

They're able to put things on the market without having such a problem with this. Their audience is going to buy those books regardless and that's where they gain that freedom. To put the books that they wish to write.

Not just the books that the market tells them and they wish to write it's that combination. I think this is where we find some very powerful things but you can see that I experienced the pain of overwhelm. The thing is we're going to hit our points.

Now the self publishing is pain! but here's how to do so the first one is overwhelming. From my own experience, the key was learning one thing at a time. Notice I didn't say we're learning 10 things at a time if you're taking a course take one course at a time.

Connect With Someone You Trust

When I offer my Content Marketing Made Easy Course or my Formatting Made Easy Course you should only take one of them at a time. Do not buy both courses just buy one of the courses we'll work through it. I guarantee a result especially when it comes to either one of those courses that you get your money back.

If there's ever a problem which is a very important point I will hold your hands. Create additional videos to ensure your success when it comes to it and that's something that will prevent overwhelm. We're able to go back and forth as we move through this process together.

The second thing is no progress is the key to getting past. This is to decide how much time or progress you will make daily so we're going to invest 30 minutes to an hour for me. My target is two hours but maybe you've only got like five minutes that is acceptable.

But make sure it's more than zero minutes or writing a thousand words a day. That's another thing that you might find if you can't do that then let's take it to 500 words a day. Our secret answer of the day is wasting time and wasting time can be done in several ways.

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It's trying to figure things out for yourself there are so many tools that I've tried. I put in my description the tools that I use and can recommend but maybe you want to try out the thousands of tools as I did.

I wasted many hours until I discovered the secret of connecting yourself with someone who can help you navigate through the mess. That is self-
publishing and all of the pain that is associated with it. That's one of the reasons I started creating courses and offering to Coach my clients.

To accelerate your growth and progress when it comes to self-publishing. But not only that also helps with regards to keeping the motivation high and keeping you on track with back and forth daily communication.

Now, these are all key bricks. And if you aren't going to go with somebody you know like and trust. Like me for example in this video that you've been watching then choose somebody else but do not go it alone. Because the fact is is that going it alone was probably my biggest mistake.

The thing I most regret was self-publishing. I have a business coach that I also use to keep my motivation high and to ensure laser-like focus. That when we are doing our actions we're able to focus on the things that matter the most.

And that keeps the needle moving forward. This is the thing we want to keep that needle moving upwards so that we're able to make progress. So I hope that was a little bit helpful.

But my question for you today where you can help me is what do you find most painful about self-publishing? Please let me know below in the comments. And check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing

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