Chris A. Baird | September 19, 2022
Using the right tools can make your work easier. Here are the top 3 self-publishing tools for getting a best seller in 2022.

Using the right tools can make your work easier. Here are the top 3 self-publishing tools for getting a best seller in 2022.

Getting Burnt Out

Randy was using a lot of time researching his competitors on Amazon. He was looking and seeing their titles, he was seeing their rankings as he was going through different keywords.

There was only one problem. Well, the positive side of the was that he was saving money. The downside of his particular strategy was that he was using so much time. That he didn't have time for doing the rest of the self-publishing process. 

He was starting to get burnt out and that's why in today's article, we are going to discuss the Top 3 Self-Publishing Tools For Getting a Bestseller In 2022. So, the thing is that Randy himself by profession is a diver, he does scuba diving.

He lives in Tampa Florida, not too far from where I grew up. I also did some diving myself which is a little bit interesting catching up there. The niche that he's in, the genre that he's writing in is the scuba diving non-fiction niche.

There are lots of books within that specific niche. The downside that he discovered was that his sales were not looking super great. Now he has seen some of the videos that I've put out where I discuss the importance of keywords.

If your keywords are off, it's going to be very difficult to see your books selling on Amazon. Not a lot, only not getting a bestseller. But not even seeing sales at all if the keywords are off.

So, we understood that it was important to make sure that this keyword issue in terms of his title, his subtitle, and the seven keywords he's choosing was going to be very profitable ones. The challenge though with this whole thing is that he was trying to save money.

To see if he could do the whole process completely manually which of course is possible. But there are some costs, so let's get an incubator. The thing was that he saw that his diving books weren't selling that many copies. 

No matter how many books you put on the market, if the keywords are off, they're not going to sell. The idea is that maybe he could leave his job working this scuba diving thing and sell books to teach people online.

As he was building a value ladder within this nonfiction area of scuba diving. Where he could help people answer questions with his books and other things like those courses possibly. Where he could go through that and would give him a way of earning some passive income.

Maybe moving away from this day job issue that he was doing. The problem though was with his day job, together with the self-publishing work of manually going through competitors. Looking through all of these keywords.

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Do some A, B, and C searches where you type in like scuba diving A, scuba diving B. And you do these searches on Amazon to see if you can get some additional ideas. I'm not saying these are bad ideas but he was trying to save money to figure them out because each keyword requires a ton of work.

You need to go through the search page results on the search pages. Looking at each one of the titles that come up. Then you need to see what their ranking is and then how many of them are in the top 100,000.

Then going back and forth. Trying to update your spreadsheet in which it becomes very tedious. But that's exactly what Randy decided to do, clicking through the competition.

He specifically set up an Excel spreadsheet where he'd be able to keep track in case you have this keyword. And then we check through, I'm going through multiple pages of books on Amazon trying to figure it out.

So, is this a good keyword or is this a bad keyword? How exactly are we going to figure this thing out? Randy was working through that and started just to get tired of the whole thing, to be honest.

So, what happened was he moved away from that. He's decided maybe I should just watch some Netflix instead. Which I understand can be very tempting when we're getting burnt out doing unnecessary tasks.

Then the second thing Randy attempted was that he decided to go for a free program that he found that would show traffic on Google. It was like a search engine optimization program. I think this one was Ubersuggest.

It may have been a different one which is a fantastic piece of software for getting Google searches. But not when it comes to getting your books to sell because guess what? The people who are searching for stuff on Google are not necessarily people who are looking for books on the same subject.

So, when we're on Amazon, it is great that there are free tools. But in this particular case, there's just no free tool that's exactly doing this. Giving us exactly the rankings of everything and showing us the competitive scores.

All these sorts of things just don't exist. So, he tried this as well and it was at least faster. It just gave him a list that was still not something he could particularly use. 

Using Very Helpful Tools

I can say though that when you're specifically using Ubersuggest which I do recommend or and other tools, there are a lot of free online tools that will give you keyword planner tools. That will show you possible keywords, we're going to plug those into the actual tool.

But Randy was still trying to save money. Can't we just do it for free and just use our own time instead? That’s what was creating this whole challenge.

So where do we go from here? Well, the answer is after watching the videos, as if you haven't already noticed, I am always telling you about my free Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist. One of the things on that checklist and this makes it worth the freedom that you're going to get out of it, it's that I give you all of my tools. 

A hundred percent of every tool that I use for self-publishing is listed on that checklist. So, you're able to see what exactly I'm using, what my team is using, and what everyone who's doing this is using.

Trying to make money off the books on Amazon, is what everyone is doing. This is something you're not going to want to ignore. So, the thing was that he signed for the checklist which got him also on my newsletter.

He sent me an email and said, okay so where should I start with this whole thing? So, I was emailing back and forth with them, trying to figure out which plan would work best for him. Which tools should he focus on that's a specific reason why we were discussing the Top 3 Self-Publishing Tools For Getting a Best Seller In 2022. That's really what it all comes down to. 

Number one tool, my absolute number one pick is KDSpy. I was telling Randy it's by far the best. Because what it's going to do is it's going to save you hundreds of hours and most likely you're getting burnt out. We're just going to eliminate that.

When we type in a keyword inside of KDSpy, we let it tell us the results. We can look through multiple like the top 100 search results for that keyword. Then we can sort those books specifically by their ranking.

Then we can exclude the ones that are irrelevant to the thing we're looking for. We can have it do word clouds for us. We can export to Excel and we can specifically focus on only the ones I care about.

Those are the ones that are in the top 100,000 non-free books on Amazon. Those are the ones that are the most important. The other thing we want to know is how many search results you have.

Now that's easy enough, whenever you search for Amazon books, you're going to see a total number of books returned. That gives us our base number. We divide that by the number of books in the top hundred.

And when we did use KDSpy, that gives us a ratio if your book is over a ratio of 100, it's going to be very hard to make sales. So, the keywords that we tried, some of the keywords that he'd previously been using, we found that the keywords were in the range of like a thousand or even higher like scuba diving, right?

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It's not easy at all to make money using that as a raw niche. We're going to need some sub-niches there. We're going to need to define as we say keyword, it's multiple words. So, it's a keyword phrase.

A phrase, this expression, these words together, this is what people are searching for. Some of them are searching for more than others and we find the right ones. That's where KDSpy comes in handy.

But then we still need to find which keywords we're going to test in KDSpy and it will give us the initial ones. We're going to look at the top bestsellers. We're going to look at the keywords they're specifically using that we can see in their title and subtitle.

We're going to replug those back in to give us a brand-new list. Until we have a complete list of all of the related keywords that we can find related to the whole thing.

The second tool we then go to is Publisher Rocket. It's a pricier tool but we're using it to hit what keywords are getting huge lists. That we can hit against ads that we're going to be running against our particular book. 

If you are a new author, I'm going to tell you it's insanely difficult to make sales at all if you're not running ads. So, if you're thinking, well ads are too pricey, this is where you want to go.

But number two, Publisher Rocket will give you the ability to see lists of keywords as well that we can then plug into KDSpy to figure out their ratios. Does that make sense? The total number of books is divided by the top number in the top hundred thousand. 

It's going to give us the ability to see very clearly which books are making a killing. Those keywords they're using, so we're going to want to make sure we have those keywords in our title or subtitle.

Our keywords, we're also going to put into our description. As many keywords as we can fit that are profitable inside of our description. Including even ones that are a little less profitable right in the description.

We can boldly face those keywords so that when a person's coming through, we already know they're searching for these things. They're just going to stand out, these boldface words are going to stand out. This is a perfect book for me because these are the exact keywords that I am searching for. 

Investing In Yourself First

The third tool I was discussing with Randy because I did look at some of his books and the formatting was off and he said he had chosen to go with Draft2Digital. Which was a little bit not working super great when it came to putting in the eBook form and these other things.

So, I said you need to use Jutoh. You need to learn this tool, Jutoh is by far the best tool on the market. It makes it super easy to get everything formatted. I have a course that goes through this thing. 

It is fantastic and they've earned their money. You don't even have to pay a subscription and that's the part that I really think is fantastic with them.

So Randy was thinking about this and considering it. Because we were still dealing with the fact that based on the money, he earns from scuba diving and such and with all of the other bills that he has, it makes it difficult for him to afford any of these tools.

It is okay because usually when I'm going back and forth with somebody, I'm not saying you have to do it, I'm saying when you can do it when you're ready, then these are the tools you should consider. Or at least get your mind thinking about it.

If you want to see the other tools on the list you can also see them in my free checklist. You can grab a copy of that and you'll also get the newsletter where we can get in touch with each other. So, we can figure out where you're at.

Regardless of whether you can afford anything. Because it doesn't matter, I give this stuff away absolutely free. You'd have to pay absolutely nothing and I give the value away. I can show you what's going on with your specific books, whether it's email or Volley app or doing a Zoom Discovery Session 

There are lots of ways we can contact each other and go back and forth a bit. I do this regularly. I have lots of people, I do it with those who simply can't ever pay me which is just fine.

Because my goal is actually to see if we can take authors who are out in the world and help you to become successful authors or best sellers using the right tools. But let's get back to Randy. So, Randy realized that these tools were going to require an investment.

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If he wanted to succeed, you were going to have to invest in yourself. Just like in today's world, your books aren't going to sell, if we're not running ads against them. Or you maybe win the lottery now and then, somebody wins a lottery.

I've never met one of these people who've won the lottery. Never met somebody who's won the lottery, or their books either. I've never met somebody who was getting millions of sales after like a week. Nobody's ever heard of them.

I've never met those people. So maybe they're out there. I mean obviously, there's somebody who's going to be a winner of the lottery. Somebody's going to maybe put a book on the market, not run ads to it, have a terrible cover and terrible keywords.

Then they're selling millions of copies of it. I just haven't met those people. So, my suggestion is instead of trying to hope and pray to win the lottery, why not reverse engineer it? The algorithm in Amazon where we're taking advantage of the information, they're giving us and we're plugging in the right tools.

Randy realized he was going to have to invest in himself. But then at the same time, he didn't have a budget for it. What did he do? As I mentioned before, he was relaxing. He was going on to Netflix and so he said Okay fine, cancel the Netflix subscription and buy one of these tools instead.

And so, he went for KDSpy and then using Ubersuggest, he was able to go back and forth between KDSpy and Ubersuggest. KDSpy is probably the most affordable of all of these programs. Well, Jutoh is even cheaper but KDSpy is also a very affordable program.

You get so much out of it. It's by far my favorite self-publishing tool for everything I have. So, as we're going back and forth through using KDSpy, he was able to start finding these nuggets, these gold nugget keywords that are buried inside of Amazon.

They're telling you the information. It's just that it takes too long if you're not using the tools to do it. It's like trying to dig a hole in the ground but not using a shovel. Trying to use your hands to save time and money. And in reality, just get dirty.

You start to break your bones and your fingers and all sorts of stuff. It's just not the way to go. That's the reason why one of the first things to think about as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, as you are, as an author who's putting books on Amazon, you need to understand you have to invest in yourself first.

That's one of the reasons I tell all my coaching clients: a third of your time should be dedicated to growing and improving the knowledge sets that you have and in yourself. There are lots of things you should do but it's about getting your daily practice in place. You can learn more about 3 Self-Publishing Practices You Should Do EVERY DAY At Home in my previous blog and I will see you there. 

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