Chris A. Baird | July 31, 2020
best self publishing platforms

Before taking the next step in doing self-publishing, we want to make sure which platforms are the best ones. Find out where exactly you can find the best self publishing platforms.

Today's question has three answers and the third answer is a secret to how if you've chosen a platform, you are already losing money. So let's get into it.

The question that was sent to me today is, what are the best self publishing platforms? Now, this is an excellent question that is getting right at the root of understanding that there are many different places you can publish your books.

But not all of them are equal, there are several different reasons. You may be wondering, maybe which one's the best to make money? Which one's the best to find your target audience?

Which one's the best in terms of social responsibility? Or other issues related to looking at the platform. Maybe you're in a particular country and you want to make sure that it's going to be able to publish.

With just extended distribution into the country that you're in. So there's a whole series of reasons. We might be looking at which one is the best and in different ways.

But there is one thing and that's where the secret comes in. Well, let's get into it. So when I first started self-publishing, I started with Amazon. That was my first starting point.

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After that, I then moved over to creating audiobooks and putting them onto ACX. I also moved on to getting my print books on CreateSpace which is now KDP Print.

Then after that, I've got my hardback books onto Lulu and I got an extended distribution through Ingram Spark. Now, which one was the best?

And the answer is well, it's all of them. Because throughout different times during my self-publishing journey different platforms have made more money than the other platforms. So, what are the best self publishing platforms?

Well, the first one is Amazon. It is by far the best place to go because on Amazon there are people with money and ready to buy. So that's what you've got.

You've got people there who already got their credit cards attached to their Amazon accounts. They are ready to purchase your books right away. They've searched, they've come up with your titles or maybe they look for you directly.

Go For Wider Distribution

Now, if you already have an audience that's searching for your name directly, your author's name, or your pen name, then it doesn't matter which platform you're on. Because those people are die-hard customers.

It is just a question of where you get your highest royalties? Assuming we're talking about Kindle books because you're going to get 70% between $3 and $10 at least.

But the beauty is that people who don't know you and your main target should be those people. Then, when you post your books out there and they search for your books or you run ads, Those people already are looking to buy.

They've got their money out and they're ready to buy. Lulu, which I mentioned earlier is great for your hardback production. You only have to buy one print copy as proof that you have to show that you're willing to buy the copy.

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Check to make sure everything looks okay and then accept it. That will cost you about $20 per book to get your books as hardbacks out there. It also increases distribution in terms of going to other locations.

It will also go on Amazon as a print book. They'll notice the titles are the same. Lulu provides the ISBN so you don't have to pay.

If you're buying, it is only $150 which can be a little pricey in the United States. And then the next one is Ingram Spark which even gives you a greater distribution of your paperback books.

Even if you've already got your paperback on Amazon, you still need to have that Ingram Spark to give you a bigger distribution. The downside there is they're charging $50 per review of your book.

But they usually have promo codes that make it free. And you have to come with your ISBNs and now we're back again to paying $150.

If you buy a thousand of them or if you buy 10 of them or whatever, you can get it for like a thousand dollars or less. In some countries like Canada or where I live here in Norway, we can get them for free.

Be Mindful Of The Downside

Now in Norway it's even easier than Canada because they'll just give 50 of them away for free. So that makes it a no-brainer when it comes to Ingram Spark.

When you combine the promo code with free ISBNs, then we're able to get the books out there for free. Also, the competition is much lower on Ingram Spark because they already have their paperback version on KDP Print.

So why would they bother with Ingram Spark exactly? It's because you're going to hit another audience. And if any of your accounts stopped or slowed down or frozen you can immediately go over to one of these other platforms.

That will be pulling in money every single month. And you're not going to experience the same level of pain. Then the off switch is hit by Amazon. Suddenly, all of your revenue is gone overnight and your business disappears.

This is a reason why I personally really like to get my books in other places. Other streams of revenue that are not only dependent upon Amazon. So let's get on to today's secret answer.

The secret answer of the day is that sticking with a single platform is not only leaving money on the table, but it is also unnecessary. So what are the best self publishing platforms?

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The answer is many of them are the best. Now, Amazon is the best but it would be ridiculous to only be publishing your books on Amazon. For the reasons I mentioned before, you're leaving money on the table.

There is a whole pile of an audience who would be willing to buy from you. But they're not going to be able to do it if your books are not located in other places.

And you protect yourself from having your account frozen and having all your money dry up. So what are the best self publishing platforms? What have you found?

Go ahead and let me know below in the comments what you have found. Check out my free Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist. Also, my other blogs and videos that answer your self-publishing questions.

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