Chris A. Baird | July 22, 2020
self publishing Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

If you are going to do self-publishing, you will be having a hard time choosing which is the best place for you to start. Find out if self publishing Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a good route for you or if there are other better places online.

Today's question has three answers. The third answer is a secret that will help you overcome your fear of making mistakes when it comes to self-publishing.

So let's get into it. The question that was sent to me today was, self publishing Amazon Kindle Direct publishing?

Now, I believe the person's question is related to the idea of is Amazon KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing a good place to start if you're going to be self-publishing? This is an excellent question.

There are so many different choices to choose from when it comes to self-publishing. But before we get into that, check out my free Self-Publishing Checklist.

It will help you get started right away on your self-publishing journey. So let's get into it. Self Publishing Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, that is exactly where I started when I was getting going.

I read through some books and they described exactly the easiest way or where exactly you could start. Now, I've seen many other areas, ways of publishing with Smashwords, and using other places.

Where you can go a Draft2Digital or other places where you can publish your books. But then it brings in that very interesting question.

Did I make the right choice? When I went with Kindle Direct Publishing as the place that I wanted to do self-publishing. Because after I finished with that I went on to doing print through CreateSpace.

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I ended up putting my audiobooks out on ACX. I ended up creating hardback books through Lulu. And then ended up creating additional paperbacks through IngramSpark.

So there are a lot of places that you can go to. It seems very confusing, it's exciting that you've written your book but where exactly should you publish it first? And is KDP right for you?

Making A Decent Amount Of Money

Is self publishing Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing the right choice? So let's get into the answers. Yes, this is the easiest place to start publishing your books.

There is absolutely no other place to publish your books that is easier and will make more money for you. The key reason being is that you can simply just sign up to get your account.

You can create a cover or allow them to just create a cover for you. Now, you're going to lose money if you do that but that's an option.

You can upload your file in a word format that's also a bad idea I would recommend going with. I used Jutoh to do the formatting of the book.

That's the correct place to do it. But if you want to create it into a Mobi file and later your PDFs and your EPUBs and things like that, initially, you can upload your manuscript by just using the Word.

You can let them use their cover creator built-in low quality but it'll least get it done. And that is part of it and then you can run ads against it.

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And you have lots of customers who are coming to Kindle Direct Publishing. They're coming to Amazon and they're going to see your books there. So it's going to be very easy for them to find your book.

They've got their wallet out, they're going to see ads you're running. Perhaps after you've finished getting the book out that you're going to run some ads against it.

And you're going to see sales coming into your book which is very exciting. If you do these steps correctly you can make a decent amount of money from the books that you're publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

So that brings us to our secret answer of the day which is answer number three. That is you can make changes later very easily. So you haven't looked into your exact version and the way everything looks initially.

Excitement Caused By Sales

So if you get a better cover you're going to be okay to go about taking that cover. Putting a better cover out there. If you decide to change your keywords that you're using no problem.

The same goes for your description, even the title under Kindle Direct Publishing. It becomes more difficult if it's an audiobook or paper books. Because the ISBNs are a little bit tighter seal.

But regarding your Kindle, you can continually improve upon the book. This is why your tendency towards being a perfectionist or worrying "what if I make mistakes?".

What if the quality is too low? This isn't something you're going to have to worry about. So it's very very exciting.

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You can make those changes later and you'll be able to make the book better as you go. And this is the exciting part which is that you can take your manuscript. Make it as good as you can and just get it out on the market.

Once you start seeing sales that's when the excitement begins. You'll make each book that you make thereafter will be better. And you can go back in time and fix the books that you did.

So that they also will be better. A lot of people get into a situation where the analysis paralysis. Where you're trying to make everything perfect and so you never get a book out on the market in the first place.

What if it's not good? What if I need to change something? So that brings us back to the initial question which is self publishing Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is this the right way to go? I found that it is.

What have you found? Go and let me know below in the comments. Have you found this to be the best place to start?

Maybe you could let me know if you found a better place to start and why you learned stuff continually? I would love to hear what exactly you have found. Go ahead and also check out my other blogs and videos just like this one answering your self-publishing questions.

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