Chris A. Baird | July 9, 2020
Amazon self publishing login

You can never find Amazon Self Publishing login on Amazon's main webpage. Find out where exactly you can set up an account to publish your books on KDP.

Today's question has three answers and you are going to want to stick around because the third answer will help resolve a lot of confusion around today's question.

The question that was sent in is where can I find Amazon Self Publishing login? This is a very common question that many people have. When you are first getting started with self-publishing, you need to figure out where exactly do you go to log in to Amazon self-publishing?

So, you are trying to make sure you're going to the right site. Because maybe you are thinking of doing Kindle books or paper books or whatever kind of book. You need to login first, set up an account login to put your books out onto the web.

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When I first get started with self-publishing, I found that there are many websites. And you need to create logins for each of those different websites. I also did start with Amazon Kindle Publishing, it was the place where I started.

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At the time there were other sites like CreateSpace and ACX. Some of these were related and some are Amazon-owned. Amazon was buying up companies of this at the time.

Your Paperback On Kindle

Sometimes you can even use the same login information on different sites. It can be very confusing to know where can I find Amazon Self Publishing login? Trying to figure that out can be a little bit tricky.

So let's get into the answers. The first thing is to log onto Amazon, you are going to want to go to, that is the main login. Then, you are going to create an account there and verify your email to make sure that you're able to start uploading your books on the Amazon.

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Second, keep in mind that KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing which in the old days was only Kindle Publishing. So, if you are going to put your ebook out, this was the place you are going to go to get it onto the market.

Now, the secret here and this is the thing that can be confusing for a lot of people who are looking to log in to Amazon Self-Publishing. It is that your paperbacks are done from the same site.

So even though it has Kindle as in Kindle Direct Publishing in the name, it is still the place you will go for your paperback. So, you will put your Publisher Paperback through Kindle Direct Publishing as well even though it says Kindle.

Same Login For All

That can be very confusing for some people who are looking to get their paperbacks. The other thing is that when you are going to get your books all in Audible and such, that will also have it's own the same login.

So you will use your Amazon login for those sites as well. All of these can be a little confusing when you're first getting started. Because when you go to, you see the store but you don't see where you can upload your books.

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That is why we add the subdomain, the to do that properly. So I hope that answers the question of how can I login to Amazon Self-Publishing?

Why don't you tell me what you have found? Do you find it confusing at all when you were first getting started figuring out where the Amazon Self Publishing login was? And how to go about setting up an account and logging in properly?

Go ahead and let me know below in the comments. Check out my other blogs and videos just like this one that will answer your self-publishing questions.

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