Chris A. Baird | March 17, 2021
Self Publishing Help

You might have some problems along the way as you go through the whole process of self-publishing. Well, this article is for you because you'll learn from here the right place to go where you can find self-publishing help.

Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it is a secret as to probably the absolute best place to find help with your self-publishing.

So let's get into it. Today's topic is where can you find self-publishing help? Now, this is a very common question that authors have when you're first getting started.

You realize that it's difficult to get traditionally published. Perhaps you would like to have better control. So you decide you're going to go the self-publishing route.

But as you go down the self-publishing direction, you discover quickly that there is a lot of things you need to know. Where are you going to learn these things? Where are you going to get the help that you need?

The result can be either one, you never get your book onto the market, or two, you just get very frustrated. The whole process is a lot more painful than it needs to be. And that is something that many authors experience and that's what we're going to hit in today's article.

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But before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist. To get you started on your self-publishing journey. To make sure you're not skipping any of the steps necessary to win the self-publishing game.

So let's get into it. Doing it my way? Well, when I first got started with self-publishing, I realized "wow this is exciting with the Kindle". I heard about the "Kindle Gold Rush". All of these other things were coming out only just a few years ago, 5 or 6 years ago.

What happened was that people were putting books on the market. Seeing all sorts of crazy high-level sales on those books. And this was something that should definitely not be ignored.

I wanted a part of the action, I had some ideas I wanted to share with the world. What better way to get out into the world than through self-publishing? That was exactly what I did.

So I had a free eBook that I had at the time. I started working through the book and it told me some of the basic steps to self-publishing. I was a bit overwhelmed and it took me a really long time to get through the process.

But I successfully did get through the process. I was doing it a very cheap route and the result was that I did not get any sales at all which is what we are not trying to do. Even if you get your book on the market, we want to make sure the book is going to sell.

Fantastic Starting Point

So I heard about groups, courses, and coaches, and all sorts of stuff like that. But I knew I didn't need to do any of that because I could just figure it out myself. I finally decided to give it a try when a friend of mine had found some success within self-publishing courses.

My friend pointed out that "wow this material is fantastic, you're going to want to check it out" and I did! Suddenly, what amazingly happened was I've never looked back. I discovered that investing in your education is a fantastic use of money when it comes to self-publishing.

You do not want to do this the cheap way which is "oh I'll just figure it out myself". Using only free tools, free solutions, no courses, just nothing. That is a bad idea, I tried it and it did not work very well.

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So where can you find self-publishing help? Well, the first thing is Youtube! On my Youtube channel and also here on this on a blog or perhaps you're listening to my podcast. Wherever you happen to be, this is a fantastic starting point.

Because you can decide if the information that I'm giving you is useful to you. If it is, then simply put it into action. If it's not, then you just ignore it and move on to another blog, no problem.

It doesn't cost you anything and so you're able to do it. I would suggest if you do move somewhere else, make sure those people have published books. There are so many people giving advice who don't currently publish books. Maybe they did it 5 or 10 years ago but they've stopped.

And they're still telling people how to do it without having done it. I put out at least a book or two a week. I've got around 200 books that are on the market and continuing to put out new books regularly.

So I'm very familiar with the steps necessary and what it takes to get your books to sell. The second thing is podcasts and courses are very useful ways to go. Specifically, courses, because they will break down things into steps.

The problem I found with most courses was that they were just too complicated, way too many things, and way too many steps. They're selling you this gigantic package. Then you don't know where really to begin when you do start the course.

Self-Publishing Coaching

It's just too much information. When in reality, you just need to get your Kindle book on the market and you want to know "what do I need to do to make that happen?". That is something that most courses don't offer.

But some will at least give you a good idea of the direction you should be heading. But the third and secret answer for today's question is coaching. It can make a huge difference.

Self-publishing coaching is incredibly helpful because you'll both get the motivation that you need. With the accountability and the direction that you're going to need. To ensure that you're moving in the correct direction to get your book out onto the market.

I personally offer Coaching for a limited number of students. I don't have too much time, I'm very very busy as I mentioned with self-publishing, among other things family and all sorts of stuff. But the fact is that I make room in the schedule from time to time to take on a few new people who would like to do coaching.

But only if you're serious and only if you're really looking at getting a book onto the market. I don't have too much time otherwise but you can check that out if that's of interest to you. I'm only saying it because coaching is a fantastic way to make sure you're not wasting your time and money.

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To make sure that you're getting your book onto the market and we're working to get it sold. Now there's a whole series of things we can do. One of the best ways to get your book to sell is to write more books.

But if you don't have a first book on the market, then you're definitely not going to be making sales at all. So this is where exactly you should be starting. With one of these options, I would highly recommend coaching.

It's up to you to decide what type of self-publishing help you need. Now, my question for the day for you is where can you find self-publishing help? Do you need help with self-publishing? If you do need help, write the word "Yes" below in the comments.

And if you got it under control, you have this whole self-publishing thing figured out and you're doing great with your sales, then write the word "No" below in the comments. You don't need self-publishing help.

That will really help me figure out where you're from so I can make articles that are designed to help you where you're at. And check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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