Chris A. Baird | October 15, 2020
Where To Find The KDP Self Publishing Sign In?

You want to publish your books and put it on KDP but you can't do that if you don't create an account and get into KDP in the first place. Find out where exactly you can find the KDP self publishing sign in now.

All Doors Were Closed

Today's question has three answers and you are going to want to stick around for the third answer. Because I'm going to tell you the one thing that you're going to want to avoid if you're going to want to succeed at self-publishing.

So, let's get into it. The question that was sent in today was where to find the KDP self-publishing sign in? This is a very common question that many people wonder about.

When you're getting started if we're going to set up our KDP Kindle Direct Publishing account. We are going to need to know where should we start? Where do we go on the internet to find this exact login?

That is what we are going to answer today. By the end of this article, you are going to know where to find the sign-in page. You're going to have the information you need to not get overwhelmed after you do sign in.

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You are going to feel great armed with the right information to succeed at self-publishing. But before we get into the answers, grab my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist. It will help you ensure you are not making mistakes or skipping steps to succeed at self-publishing.

So, where to find the KDP self publishing sign in? Let me start a little bit with a story from my son. He was looking to set up a new bank account here in Bergen Norway.

But the problem was to set it up, they needed him to go in with his passport to make sure that he was who he was. They weren't going to do it online so he went downtown to the bank. He tried to find the entrance and found the big building that had the name of the bank.

The entrance to the building was not very clear so that meant that he had to walk around the building as he was looking for the entrance. But none of the doors were opening and it simply wasn't clear where exactly the entrance to the bank was.

He knew that if he didn't find the entrance and he didn't show his passport, they would not give him a bank card. In Norway, it is used if you wish to prove who you are and to be able to log in to many websites like schools and other things like that to prove your identity.

Even if you want to sign up for a doctor's appointment online, you're going to need to be able to use the information from that bank card to do it. So, the consequences and what was at stake was actually pretty high.

The thing is that he finally did find where the entrance was. But it was closed which was quite a disappointment for him. It meant he was going to have to come back on a different day.

Don't Be Afraid Of Failing

It was closed because of the current crisis that we and everybody on earth are going through. They simply had special hours and special rules and things in terms of appointments and stuff that you need if you wanted to do it during this period.

So then you would need to go back online and find a time when you could set up an appointment to specifically meet with them. That is to ensure that you could get your bank account set up and they could do the scanning and such.

In one sense, that left him feeling that it was a complete waste of time to take the time to travel all the way downtown to get this bank account up and running. But at the same time, he discovered something which was that the barrier that he faced was a bear he would have had to face anyways.

So, getting started and figuring out what is the next step. Doing that step even if you don't succeed gives us more information to know what the next step after that is. The next step would be going online, signing up for an appointment, and then coming back downtown.

There may be another barrier, maybe he would forget the information or the documents he needed. They didn't tell him what he needed but the fact is that taking that very first step was the key to actually seeing what he needed to do for the next step. Even if it were a failure.

Where to find the KDP self publishing sign in? The first answer is you're going to go to kdp.amazon.com. When you get there, you either sign in with an existing account that you have or a new account.

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But it's very important to remember that this is the very first step. Signing up for an account can take almost no time. But for many people, this is a barrier where they feel like, "I don't know if I can figure out how to do this".

Like in the bank example, figuring out where the entrance is to get started. It is important to do it even if you don't figure it out at first. Going through the first step is crucial and we don't allow that to be the barrier that stops us from succeeding.

The second thing is once we do get into our KDP account, we have it set up. We're going to find 4 major sections. We're going to find the bookshelf where our books are registered and where we put new books in. We also can still set up advertisements from here.

On the individual books, we are going to have the reports. That is where we can see the sales data from our books. We're going to find our community and the community is where you find other people talking about your books.

But this can be dangerous because we want to make sure that we are doing and not talking about doing which is what a lot of authors do. Spending a lot of time talking and less time writing.

One Step At A Time

Then, the final area is marketing where you can set up marketing campaigns. You can hire Amazon if you want them to do more advanced marketing for your book. So that's the final step that we have with regards to our books.

Even though marketing can also be done under the bookshelf area for each of the books. But that leads us to our secret answer of the day and this is a really key one. It comes back to the bank story from my son, it is that we need to focus on only one thing at a time.

At Self-Publishing Made Easy Now our whole point is to try to break it down so we are not doing everything. We are doing one thing and this one thing maybe just getting logged in creating your account today. Then at that point, you can stop, you did a great job at that.

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The next time, it's getting our book written so that we have our book and getting it formatted using a tool like Jutoh. This tool can help you make sure that your book is formatted properly.

Then uploading it, so for example when you first log into your account, assuming you've already got your book format and you have your cover. The next step is going to be just uploading the book on the bookshelf.

Do not do 50 things on the same day. It's best to take things slowly. Make sure we understand the steps and then continue from there.

Too many people try to do too many steps and also get frustrated. For example, if you go downtown and you find that the bank is closed, maybe we'd say okay well I tried to get a bank account and we give up at that point. But my son understands that you have to keep on keeping on that.

Just because you hit a barrier and in self-publishing like any other online business, they're going to hit barriers but we need to work beyond those barriers. We have to keep on pushing and keep on trying until we succeed.

And if we do succeed, the people who are tenacious and keep trying, they eventually do succeed and you learn more and more. For me, after going through this process 185 plus times, I can tell you that I have seen exactly all of the mistakes that can be made and hit all of the barriers.

From time to time, Amazon changes things to create new barriers. But if we just keep on keeping on, we will find that we can break through those limiting areas. Not allowing a mindset that says we should quit or give up to become like the 95% of people who never succeed at these things.

We must become part of that 5% who do manage to get our book published. And manage to see it selling and continue with new books. So this is a very important point that I hope you have learned from this lesson.

Where to find the KDP self publishing sign in? Go ahead and tell me what you found below in the comments. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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