Chris A. Baird | June 9, 2020
Which Ad On Amazon Works Best?

Thinking of which ad on Amazon best suits your ebook will take you some time to decide, especially if it is your first time and you don't have any idea about it. Find out which ad on Amazon works best.

Today's question has three answers. The third one is a secret to making serious money on ads for your Amazon books.

So let's get started. When we're going to create our first ads for Amazon, there's a whole series of questions. As you start to go into different settings that Amazon has, you will see that it's not clear at all.

Which ad on Amazon works best that you should use and how you should set them up? Whether you should have the bidding, the automatic, or choosing your own keywords that you're bidding on. Up and down bidding in negative words.

What is your bid price? And the number of ads spend per day per ad set that you're going to do. There is a whole series of questions that come up.

That makes it very confusing for most people who were looking at getting started doing their ads. So, there's quite a bit of frustration there and so hopefully we'll be able to answer that today.

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Let's get started. When I first started self-publishing, it was several years ago. I had a friend who took a course on Amazon ads and told me about it.

And I took the same course. The course was very low quality. But what was interesting was that it didn't have to be very high quality. To get the points part across, that we wanted to be able to see in terms of how to start making money through self-publishing.

And I noticed a jump in my sales even though the strategies that were being used do not work out now. And many of them were a bit outdated even in the time.

But just getting started at all was a fantastic choice. And over the years I have taken other courses. I have read books and I watched tons of videos. I was trying to figure out the best ad types out there.

And I test it out for my ads on the 170 books that I have on the market. I have tried KDP promotions. I've started finding patterns that emerged to how exactly to go about making money, running Amazon ads.

So let's get into the answers to today's question and that is which ad on Amazon works best? So the first thing is you have to choose, you can do a sponsored product ad campaigns. And the other I believe was called fixed or lock, something along those lines.

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But I generally find that the sponsored product campaigns are exactly the best ad types. The ones you're going to want to use for ebooks and paperbacks. And a trick that I've tested out lately that seems to work well is splitting them up.

So that you do not run the same ads for your paperbacks as you do for your ebooks. And one of the reasons is because your profit margin will be higher on your paper books.

Publisher Rocket For Keyword Search

So you can afford a higher cost per click without losing money on those particular books. Even though with your ebooks you do make 70%. But let's say you have an ebook going for $3.

Then you're going to make about $2 off of each sale. So you can't afford as much as opposed to a paperback book. You could be making between $5 and $10 profit per book.

And so we can afford to pay more money for the paperback books without spending extra that losing money. We can make money, even in a break-even deal sometimes that still worth it.

Because there is traffic that we don't even see, that was driving to our book. The person comes back later and makes a purchase. But Amazon does not attribute those sales to our ads.

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Since they generally, I think it was 24 hours they keep track of that. So number two, you can set it to be on automatic bid. That's an option.

I have tested that out and have had some success using automatic bids. And I would say that if you're getting started, just set on an automatic bid.

But you need to be careful because it can seriously cost you a lot of money. If you set your price too high on a day or for not monitoring your ads. That brings us into our secret answer of the day.

That will be number three. And that is the best option is to use a tool like a Publisher Rocket. And find a thousand keywords for your book, for the keywords that your book is on.

The thing that completely blows me away with the use of a Publisher Rocket is that it finds keywords that you would never think are related to your book. Yet people click. They look for those keywords.

They look for names I've never heard of. Books I've never heard of. Keywords I've never heard of, I don't even know what they are and how they even would relate to my book.

But will click on those, and search for those keywords. They will come across your book because you're running ads against it. It's low competition.

And you can pay literally, I pay one or two pennies. And suddenly making sales off of that. It's unbelievable.

The return is amazing. And on Amazon today, you are not going to be selling your books unless you're famous or unless you're running KDP promotions or ads against them. This is the reason why you have to choose the best ad types that are so powerful at getting the sales that you're going to want to be able to make.

Make Use Of Automatic Bidding

With Publisher Rocket, you're going to get a thousand keywords that's what you're shooting for per book. And then put it into Excel or into some other file. But just keep those keywords.

Then you're going to set your bid price into $0.15 in terms of euros or pounds or whatever other currency based upon the market so you're going into.

Then you will adjust it. So if you see that you're getting a lot of sales you can afford to raise that rate. And if you see that you are losing the money you can lower it down.

But generally, for me, I'm going to say that if I'm getting the return on my investment of above 50%, I'm going to stop that ad immediately.

Number two, ads take a time to figure out, whether they're going to start earning your money or not. So if it goes below, I used up $2 and spend on a given ad, I'm also going to shut that ad down. That is if I haven't made any sales.

The reason to keep this in mind is that for your paperbacks, you're usually making about 40% of what it costs. So that means if you're running ads and you're making 40%, that's fantastic.

But on Kindle books, you're making 70%. And that's the reason I like to keep my books separated. So I'm going to have an ASIN code for my kindle books when I'm running Amazon ads.

And I'm going to be using the ISBN for my paperback books. To ensure that I'm specifically targeting each type of book. And I'm aware of my profit margins so that I do not go over that.

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50% is sort of what I found as, look, we're not going for that. I know in my US ads are making 20% or less on those ads.

And by everyday grooming the ads and making sure that I don't have that problem. Unable to maximize the sales that are coming through on those ads.

This is something that you're not going to want to forget. That's a secret that going to make you some money. So if you haven't started with the ads, get them set up.

Set up your sponsored product that clicked campaigns. Put it to an automatic bid of $0.15. You can put it $10 a day, I put a $100 a day and never spend that much money.

They try to tell you you should be setting it at $50 a day. You will lose money if you listen to Amazon's advice on where your ads should be.

Set it up on an automatic bid and allow them to adjust the bid. I would say bidding downwards and not letting them go upwards. Since they can seriously use a lot of money of yours and you will not see the return on investment.

So that's what I've found. Maybe you could tell me a little bit about what exactly have you found? Have you tried running KDP promotions? Go and leave that below in the comments and check out my other blogs and videos, you'll see other answers to your self-publishing questions.

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