Chris A. Baird | August 12, 2021
Who Else Wants To Make More Book Sales

Getting more sales out of your books is your ultimate goal as an author and I can tell you how you can achieve it. Who else wants to make more book sales? Learn some tips on how to win at self-publishing.

Consider These Things First

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it's a secret as to the one thing you can be doing and should be doing to increase the sale of your books.

The topic we're hitting today is who else wants to make more book sales? I know what you're thinking, you initially put your book onto the market and of course, everybody was going to find this book. They'll start to watch and start reading it.

Then you would be selling so many copies, you didn't know what to do. I had one of my students even ask the question regarding what happens once I release my book? I mean your inbox is going to
get overflowed with emails and people are going to be contacting you.

And what about the press and the media? Well, it doesn't exactly play out that way. In fact, for most authors, it's very disappointing when you first get the book out.

It's so exciting but then suddenly there were no sales. You're not seeing this book moving. In terms of the charts, you're flatlining very quickly.

I mean you have your friends, your family, people you know and they're eager to buy your book. To support your self-publishing business. Or just the fact that you've finally become an author, in the sense that you put your very first book out.

You went from being a writer to somebody who writes short stories, novels, how-to's, or things like that. To be an author where you put it out there as a self-published author. But then the sales are not coming in and this leads to a great deal of frustration.

Because the whole point of it was you would write this book and then people would buy it. That is what we're going to answer in today's article. Grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist that will give you the secrets that I have used on my 200 plus books.

The books that I've self-published on Amazon, Ingram Spark, and all of these other sites make as many sales as possible. For my own story, when I first got my very first book on the market, it was incredibly exciting. But a little bit embarrassing because after all, what if people don't like my book?

This is something that many writers experience, the sensation of the excitement of getting their first book out there. I just want to say congratulations if you did get it out there even if it doesn't sell. Because you've done something that few people have done.

It's not just writing the book. It's also getting it formatted and putting it together in the description. Putting it onto the platform, learning how to register and get it signed up then hitting the publish button.

It's so exciting when you've managed to do that. Because you've done something that most people either haven't been able to do or they've been scared to do. Because when you put your book maybe it will reflect upon you.

That's something that a lot of people are concerned about. In my case, I got the first book out there but then none of the sales were coming in. The problem is nobody knows who I am.

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If people knew who I was then what would happen was they would start to purchase that book. Because after all, they would already be following me on Amazon. When I release a new book, they would get a notification of a pre-release of the book.

They'd start ordering copies. I do this with my favorite authors. They're all favorited on the website on Amazon. I get a notification personally when each of their books goes online on Amazon.

I don't want to miss a single one. But what about your book, how many people have favorited you as an author? If you haven't even been an author for very long, well not very many.

Probably none because you need to be discovered. Your number one problem is discoverability. Who are you? Why should we trust you? There's a whole series of questions that go through people's minds.

But in reality, they may not even see your book. Think of the thousands of books that are released daily on Amazon. They just get mixed with the other millions of books that are currently out there.

Choosing A Right Keywords

This is a very serious challenge, so who are you and how are they going to discover you? That's the first problem. It was visibility and a promise to solve their problems. That was what I discovered I needed in terms of visibility and one of them is running ads.

The other is doing content marketing. As I've been telling you about my Content Marketing Course. You can learn how to do content marketing, it's a cheap way but it is the best use of money.

In terms of getting your books selling, building a brand around yourself so that people will know, like, and trust you. They wish to buy your books because if somebody just drops your name somewhere, does anybody say "who is this?".

"I have no idea who you are" or do they say "oh yeah the person is putting that useful videos, podcasts, blog articles, or short stories out, I just find that amazing". Or contributing to communities where people are interested in your books.

Notice that I didn't say contributing in author communities. Because so many authors just dump and spam these groups of other authors. Thinking that your target audience is other authors, they are not.

You need to narrow down who exactly you're targeting. Figure out where they are and then write content that would be very appealing to them. Also, stay in touch with them so that when your name shows up and they see you on an Amazon listing, they're going to say, "I know you, I should check out your book".

You see, discoverability is one of the key things. The other thing is to find me, I needed to use the right keywords that were on the cover. And the description is just a promise of the value that's going to be delivered.

That we're going to solve a problem, it might be a very exciting story with lots of open loops. They're going to want to buy the book to close in your description. Or maybe your descriptions about Puppy Training like I always like to use.

These people are simply trying to better understand what they need to do to train their puppy. Your descriptions, it's not about describing what the book's about. It's about telling them, ensuring, and comforting them so that they know if they buy your book.

Then you're going to deliver the value that you have promised to them and it is this trust that we're building. But how do you build trust with people you don't know? Well, you can do it through the sales copy here.

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The words you use on the page will convince them that maybe they should buy it even if they don't know you. But if they do know you, the chances of them buying skyrocket. That's the reason why we want to use things that will help people get to know us.

That's where the Content Marketing Course comes in handy. If you haven't already started but maybe you've already got it figured out with your media. So you don't need to do that and that's just fine.

But if you don't have tons of people recognizing your name and when they see your books considering buying because they know you already, well then you may wish to consider. The absolute cheapest most efficient way of building an audience it's a slow method but over time, it works.

The final thing is I started to see my sales jumping. Even now I still see the effects of some of the marketing that I've done previously. And the sales continue to go up.

I'm also making promises to the readers that I'm able to deliver on and that's the important part, we're not scamming anybody. A scam is where a promise is made and we don't deliver what we promised.

This is a great offer, we're solving people's problems and you may be thinking what problem does fiction solve? The answer is it solves boredom or the need for excitement. Or a need to move into a different universe or a world that you haven't been in or maybe to solve a mystery.

There are all sorts of things that your fiction books also will promise and have the ability to deliver. That's just a couple of the thoughts that I had on this particular subject. Let's get into it, the answers to today's question, who else wants to make more book sales?

We already know, it's everyone. But the first thing we are going to need to do to get those book sales is visibility. You're going to need to make sure you're using the right keywords.

If people are searching for certain keywords to find your type of book, you're going to want to make sure they're in your title. Your title and description will have it. In addition, we're going to use paid ads.

We're getting our cover in front of a lot of people regularly. Then finally, the content marketing which you can learn more about in my course. I believe it will seriously help take your books to the next level. 

Building Trust To Readers

Moving on to the second point is the promise you need to use better sales copy. Those are the words you use that sell your products and services in this case would be selling your book. Remember they're part of the title, they're part of even your description and the table of contents.

All of these things are pulling together to try to convince your prospective reader that "yes I trust you, you seem very reputable that you're going to be able to deliver on your promise. You told me you would but now we test it out. We test to see if you're going to be able to deliver on what you told me you would be able to do".

That's something that this trust between a writer, author, and the reader is very sacred. That's one of the reasons why to build that trust, sometimes we have to give away stuff for free to people. To make sure that they're able to start building that trust and be able to know, like, and trust us.

So that they will buy our books and that becomes a winning situation because we're delivering the value. They're satisfied, we come out with new books and our old customers coming back. Plus we're getting new customers and you have a word of mouth.

People are telling other readers about the amazing things that you're doing. Then we're able to drive traffic over to that as well. So we get into this beautiful cycle here with people discovering you, old people coming back and we're seeing your book sell like crazy.

But of course, I didn't mention it but the best way to sell books is to write more books. If you're messing up these issues with the ads and the content marketing and this sort of thing, then you're not going to even get the chance. You could have 50 books on the market but probably none of them will sell.

A lot of people don't believe me when I say this but your very first books probably aren't going to sell at all. Unless they're like a how-to book and you're in a nice niche. In other words, you've done some fantastic keywords research.

I've commented on other videos on how to do but unless you're doing that, you're not going to sell that many books. We're going to do a slow process of building up an audience and if you don't believe me just talk to other writers.

Go ahead and ask them how many of them are selling thousands of copies a day? I think you'll find that it's not that many who are doing that. I don't want your expectations to be super high here but I need to get on to the most important and the secret point of the day.

The answer is don't try everything at once, all of the tools and tips that I give you. You should not be doing them all at once, that will create complete chaos. It will frustrate you and build up friction to making further progress.

It takes time to learn these skills. So do not buy 50 courses on how to do everything I would recommend. I regret not doing content marketing earlier so I would recommend starting with that if you've already got your book on the market.

If you don't do, well then the Book Formatting Course and some of these others will be more useful to you. But at least I would start with content marketing. I would start already building up an audience that way.

Using Google, Microsoft, Bing, and Yahoo. Let them drive traffic to your website. So that people will discover you and they can begin to like reading your material.

They will buy your books and leave positive reviews for you but that's the first thing I wanted to say. The other thing was just trying one thing at a time until you figure it out. And then we move on to the next one as we've continually been pressing.

I've personally experienced what it's like to start getting close to the burnout point where you feel like you can't write another word. You feel like it's so difficult to produce. I found that the main reason for that was repetitiveness, too much stuff.

I found other people who could do those tasks for me. The other thing was that I was trying to learn too many things at the same time. I was overwhelmed by that thing, let's keep things easy.

It's "self-publishing made easy now" not "self-publishing made overly complicated now". Like many of the fake gurus out there will tell you that you need to buy all of these 50 tools. You need to start investing in multiple courses at the same time and I'm telling you don't do it.

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Learn one thing at a time, let's move through the steps nice and easy until we get it done. We get your book on the market and then we focus on getting it to sell. Who else wants to make more book sales?

Do you want to make more book sales? Do you feel you're making enough or do you want to make more sales? If you want to make more sales, write "Yes" below in the comments.

Let me know how many more sales you would ideally like to be making. If you feel you're making enough book sales as is then, write "No" below in the comments. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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