Chris A. Baird | February 21, 2021
Why KDP Keywords Are So Important!

Are you one of the people who ignore keywords when they first started self-publishing? Check this out to know why KDP keywords are so important! When it comes to marketing your books and also to learn more about self-publishing tips.

Today's topic has three points that we're going to hit. You're going to want to stick around because the third point is a secret as to why keywords can be the deciding factor between whether you win or lose with self-publishing.

Let's get into it today's topic, why KDP keywords are so important! This is something that many authors who are getting started, completely ignore. This one thing can make such a huge difference when you first start getting into the world of writing books and self-publishing.

You begin to understand and hear other people talking about keywords. But you're not sure whether it's something that you can ignore. Maybe you need to pay attention and this is a huge mistake if you choose to ignore them.

Like many self-publishers do when it comes to putting your books onto the market. That is what we're going to discuss in today's blog. But before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist.

Let's get into it, when I first got started with self-publishing, I had never even heard of keywords. What exactly are keywords? This was something I was completely unfamiliar with.

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But then after I started using hours and hours, possibly 100 hours or so of learning the importance of keywords by listening to podcasts, Youtube videos, reading books, blog articles, and participating in forums, I began to understand that keywords were something that should not be ignored in my books.

What happened was I had ignored them completely on my books. I went back and changed the titles and the keywords that I was using. To make sure that they were much more profitable.

Besides, I also learned about a tool called KDSpy which you can find my affiliate link below in the description of each of my Youtube videos. It is the tool that I use personally to figure out which topics and keywords I should be using in my books.

Start With KDSpy

Those keywords determine which niches are going to be profitable and which ones will be losers. The whole point of this keyword game is that the keywords are what people are searching for when they're looking for your book.

Unless you're already famous in case your name alone is a keyword that they would look for. Then you're going to need to get deeper into the keyword issue. To ensure that you're not making mistakes with those keywords.

The impact for me was a huge increase in the number of sales just because of searches that people were doing. So why KDP keywords are so important! Well, the first thing is they are the number one way why people find your book.

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When you're first getting started and people are looking for a book to read a topic or something along those lines, they're simply going to type in something into the search engine. Keeping in mind that Amazon is perhaps the third largest search engine on earth, only second to Google and Youtube.

This is the way that people find books. If you're looking for something on maybe "puppy training" or you're looking on something on "how to bake cakes", they're going to type in "cake baking" or certain terms.

As you start typing those terms into Amazon, you will see that certain keywords start to show up. Where it shows up it tries to fill out what you're typing. That gives you an idea of which keywords people are searching using a tool like KDSpy.

As I mentioned earlier, it then shows you how those keywords rank in terms of how many books are on the market for each of those keywords. Based on that, we're able to determine which keywords are good ones to include in both our seven keywords.

We choose KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing, and also the very title of our book itself. Number two they make it clear what your value proposition is.

Importance of Keywords

It's not only that they find it but you need to make sure that you word it. In terms of what are you delivering, what exactly are you promising to deliver to your audience. When it comes to the contents of your book and this is something that so many authors overlook.

The third thing which is the secret answer today is that many authors maybe 90% or more ignore keywords completely. They choose to try to get clever with keywords or use the seven keywords.

Use ones that are already in their title and we need to remember that your title itself is the first search thing that they're going to look for. It needs to show maybe even the very keywords that have an identical match between what they're searching for.

The unique sales proposition that you have in your title. So we're not trying to get super clever with that title but making sure that when they search, they see your cover comes up. We see that title, it's perhaps the first most important thing of any aspect when you're writing the book is the title.

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Then the cover which then they say "Wow that cover, it's promising to deliver". Exactly why I was searching in the first place for that keyword. That's why these keywords are so important and can make the difference between whether your book is discovered or just completely ignored.

How else are they supposed to see it? You can run ads but it's the searches they're doing that are going to reveal your keywords for you. This is something you're going to want to consider with the books that you're putting onto the market.

So, why KDP keywords are so important! Are you paying attention to the keywords in your books? If you are, write the word "yes" below in the comment.

If you're not, then write the word "no". So that I can get a better understanding of where you're coming from. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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