Chris A. Baird | December 24, 2021
3 Self-Publishing Know-Hows to Get Your Book Self Published And Distributed Worldwide

A lot of new self-publishers wanted to disseminate their self-published books worldwide to earn more high sales out of it. Check this out, let me tell you about these 3 Self-Publishing Know-Hows to Get Your Book Self-Published And Distributed Worldwide.

I Expand The Distribution

Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret to absolute number one reason you need to get your books published globally using global distribution.

The topic is 3 self-publishing know-hows to get your book self published and distributed worldwide. You're going to know the necessary to understand the importance of global distribution. When it comes to your self published books.

You're going to know exactly the steps necessary to go about getting your books into global distribution. And you're going to feel great knowing that you're not leaving money on the table. When it comes to getting your books into the hands of your ideal readers all over the planet.

Grab a copy of my absolute free Self Publishing Checklist to make sure that you are not skipping any of the steps necessary. From my own story, when I put my very first book on the market I did through to Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing.

Which was KDP, and I did it through Createspace which is now KDP Print. The interesting thing is that I set the distribution to expanded distribution on those sites. Because I was thinking why would I want to hold it to one region.

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But my initial thought was that "The only reason to speak English just like Australia maybe the UK or in the United States and Canada would be interested in reading books that actually would be written in English" why should I waste my time on the rest of the world since perhaps they don't speak English.

That was a huge misunderstanding so when it came to marketing off the boxes I did say, "Okay, I'll expand distribution for my books." Even though maybe it won't make that much difference. The interesting thing was I suddenly saw sales coming in from countries all over the world.

Including places like Japan or Germany and a lot of other places where you would think maybe they only really want to read books in Japanese or in German and that was a bit of a shock. I even remember the point that living here in Norway.

I can see sales from normal region distributors coming through because my books were available on all of these distribution channels. Amazon has a very large network so it was amazing to see my books making sales globally.

And having the book in English means that a quarter of the world's population can read it. Some people do limit themselves to the language of the country that they live in. But that's not a very strategic choice.

Especially since we're talking about if you have more writers on a particular topic as supposed to if it's a single language. Let's say Norweigan with a total of 5 million Norweigan speakers worldwide. If you're looking for a book in Norweigan that covers puppy care.

You're probably going to have a lot more limited selection as supposed to if you want more international sellers on Puppy Training. Then when you come into it, it's going to show you exactly what you need to do. It's been tested by a lot more people.

So the quantity and quality of the books available in English are going to be greater for the most part. It's nothing personal, it's just if we're in a different language. Then maybe that would be the language and that would be strategic.

Use The Amazon Distribution System

I discover that the country people live in did not impact that much that they're buying my books in English. Now, people who don't speak English would not purchase my books. The last thing that I now can go look and see in libraries all over the world.

People can check out books that I've written not only that I can get in their hands in those countries when they finish reading it they don't need it to the library. The thing is that most money still does come to the UK and US as I anticipate.

However, I still see a good chunk of sales coming through other countries than English-speaking countries. You will see just a little dot all over the map of where exactly these sales are being made. That is very exciting when it comes to seeing what happens on Amazon.

So, 3 Self-Publishing Know-Hows to Get Your Book Self Published And  Distributed Worldwide. The first thing I want to say is, just use Amazon and their  distribution system to get started. They have a massive global distribution.

Make sure when you're doing it you check off expanded distribution. I would say there are other services that I also use like Lulu and IngramSpark. Some of their networks are not overlapping with Amazon they have extended networks where they're pushing the books through an additional location.

The same with Smashwords, Draft2Digital, where they have other networks to get your ebooks and push them through even more distribution channels than Amazon itself. I also use IngramSpark and epub files right on in and push them through their channels.

You'll see a pattern here, we're trying to reach as many people as possible in the format they want. In which every store they happen to be in, the same goes with the ads. Then we're getting to go heading with these ads all over these different stores.

That's our first big trip and the second one is if possible write your book in English. A quarter of the population on earth speaks English and so you don't want to miss this market. You target another market as well if you want.

You're not limited to just doing it in English for example if you're book is already in English, consider putting your book in Spanish. There are so many Spanish markets where people are willing and eager to buy your books. You need to figure out which language works for you.

Because many people around the world do not speak up to three-course and I think it was those who do not speak in English at all. They're going to be looking for books that will meet their needs in their language.

This is an important point which is we need to have our books available for purchase. Wherever our customers find in our ideal prospects, find themselves so that they're able to reach out. And grab a copy of our book and get it in the format and language that they wish to have.

I don't believe that you should get the book translated into a thousand languages. Don't have a google translator, some people tried to do this. And got their accounts banned on Amazon for trying some easy shortcut to the translation method when it come to their accounts.

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By the way, some people try to do audiobooks by using audio recording  equipment. I think some people on Fiverr are selling gigs to do that and that is  illegal. Because they don't have the rights like using Siri's voicer or Alexa to the  reading and selling that as a book.

Because they do not own the rights to the voices. It seems like if you get it to produce you should own everything but you do not. So listen to me closely, you don't want to have to pay or lose your entire account. As a result of crossing these lines when it comes to Amazon.

The Influence Of Internet

Our third and secret answer of the day is that people all over the planet are joining the Internet daily. They're getting their cellphones that they never had previously. And those cellphones are smartphones where they're not only able to do local transactions.

They use this phone as part of their infrastructure they're also able to install the  Kindle App where they can read other e-reader apps. They can read more from  those books on their phone. They don't need paper books that would cost  perhaps too much for some regions.

But for $2.99 book that's on Kindle where they can get it on their phone and then open this book right on their phone and read. I prefer that format, I would say "No" that my paperback sales outsell in terms of money in my Kindle books.

I usually get one-two of many sales and money-wise is being made on my paperback book. But the Kindle books bring that whole indecent amount as well. We do not want to underestimate their ability to deliver to us the sales that we need and want.

The other thing you'll remember is that other people around the world are not so different than you and me when it comes to reading books. They have the same needs, desires, hobbies, and interests. They like to read fiction, they like to read non-fiction so there's have that much difference.

It's just when we get it in a language that they would like, in a format that they would like, and in the region that they are in. Those books are being marketed to them so it makes it so easy for them to make a purchase when they are ready for it.

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This is a huge mistake that so many new self-publishers getting into which is underestimating the power of a massive distribution global distribution network. Thinking that you know where your audience is I'm telling you, you most definitely don't know.

You can many musicians here in Norway, there's a band "A-ha" from an American standpoint was a one-hit-wonder for example. But what happened was that this band continue to produce album after album. They are still popular both in Norway and Japan of all places.

I love their music but I also was under the impression they produce one song that was popular back 1984-1985. The fact that they kept on producing album after album and high-quality music. And which region will they be popular with? will they popular in just Norway since they're Norwegians?

Or in the United States since they're singing in English? No, they're popular in  Japan and not in America. The point being is that you don't know if your books  are going to resonate with this specific crowd and that you're losing money.

Or you're leaving money on the table, it's really bad from multiple levels. One is if you get the money and motivates you to write more books and produce higher-quality books. Number two, those people who would get value out of what you've written.

Assume that we're talking about the high-quality book as I've said, 3-5 star books. Then you're depriving them of the value they would've gotten and satisfied with the books that you're producing but now they're simply not able to do that.

That would leave them very disappointed or maybe they never get the book in the first place. But my question for you is, are you getting international sales for your books? Let me know and check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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