Chris A. Baird | May 27, 2020
Are there more writers now because of the Internet?

Thinking of negative thoughts will sometimes discourage you to pursue your ideas in writing your book knowing that there are more writers now. Learn about the reasons behind the growing number of writers nowadays. Are there really more writers now because of the internet?

I Never Gave Up

Before I answer today's question, I want to let you know that the fourth tip that I'm going to give today is something you're not going to want to miss.

Even though the answer to this question can be a little bit overwhelming, you need to know that there is an answer to this. And it is really really important to remember.

So, let's get right on into it. The question that was sent to me today was, are there more writers now thanks to the internet, or have there been a lot throughout history?

This is an excellent question. Usually, a person who's asking this question may be thinking in terms of, if you were thinking of jumping into writing that it probably won't work out so well for you.

Because there are so unbelievably many writers, more writers now and they're all alive today. How exactly can you compete as a self-publisher against all of these authors? And all of the books that are being pumped out daily?

Before I begin, check out my Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist. It will help you get started right away on your self-publishing journey. So, let's get into my story.

When I first started self-publishing, I realized there were a ton of authors out on the market. But, I also saw that it was completely doable. The idea of creating books and making money off of those books.

I had some ideas that I wanted to get out into the world. We even had some books that relatives even had that were possible books that we could publish.

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So I realized that this was a great idea to jump in. Even if I made absolutely no money, I was okay with that.

Even if I ended up not earning back the money I've spent in terms of the editing, all of the other covers, and all sorts of things and mistakes that I made.

Cellphones As eBooks

But I did not, under any circumstances allow this situation to discourage me from producing the books that I would be producing. At that time, I wasn't even aware of how many books were being put on to the market.

So, what are the answers? Well yes, there are nearly 46,000 authors in the US alone. We aren't even talking about people who are writing, who may be putting stuff out and they don't even fall under this list.

But in terms of just the latest check including self-publishers, 46,000 authors who are pumping out all sorts of content regularly on Amazon with tons of books that are published daily. This can be a little bit overwhelming because maybe writers are getting more and more now.

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On the other hand, number two, you can see the internet and mobile devices have made it easier than ever for readers to find your books. It may be that there is more content. I mean before the printing press, all the books had to be done by hand. So it is definitely a yes, there are more writers now because of the internet.

And that created several challenges for how many readers could read. If you did it by hand then each handwritten copy of a book could only be read by one person at the time.

With the printing press, we expanded out the number of people who could be reading these books at the same time. And now we move forward in time. Everyone's cellphone suddenly is a book.

Does that make sense? All of the cellphones are ebooks.

The other thing to remember is that for the population in the United States, 80% of people wish to become authors. They have a book or an idea that they would like to get on to the market. This is also something to consider but very few of them ever do.

Take It Slow

That brings us in, as I told you in the beginning, the secret here. The secret is, the key to winning at this game is just taking one step at a time.

Slowly moving through the necessary steps. Not looking for perfection but just simply creating that first book. You write that book, you publish the book, and we market the book.

Those are the three major phases that we're looking at here. And by breaking it down into simple steps. Not over-complicating everything, we're able to slowly move through it and get that first book on the market.

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And the beauty is once you have that first book on the market, then it becomes a lot easier for each book that we follow on in the future. Producing and making them higher quality.

And also we can go backward and improve the quality of our first book. Anywhere, from our cover to our description, to our title, to all of the different things that make the books sell in the first place.

Those are the things that we're going to want to do. And this is a secret you're not going to want to forget. Because with all of the books and all those more writers now in the world, what will set you apart is the fact that you actually will work through.

And by producing multiple books, you're going to get better and better at it. You will not be among the vast majority of people, the 80 percent who wish to create a book but never get around to creating it.

Even though the market is so big, and the number of people getting cellphones daily is growing every day.

So what have you found? Have you found that there are more writers now because of the internet? How many authors do you believe are too many? At which point you would think the market is saturated?

Leave your comments below. Check out my other blogs and videos for answers to questions just like this one.

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