Chris A. Baird | January 30, 2020
How do I sell my self-published book?

Today's question is how do I sell my self-published book? I'm assuming this question is coming from you are just not quite sure where to start. Perhaps you've already written the book but you don't know what you should with it or is it the best selling ebook? and so you are looking.

There are three keys that we are going to look at to answer the question. The first is you are going to upload it to Amazon KDP which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. It is by far the easiest way of publishing your ebook. It can be in a PDF or it can be in a Word document.

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Consider Your Budget

It doesn't even matter what format you have it in, KDP can handle it. I wouldn't suggest in the long run going this but just in the beginning. If you are looking you have a book and you don't have much of a budget, this is a good way to start.

The best thing to do is just to get it uploaded first and then you can improve it later on. So you are nervous you don't have to stick with the same format which is getting something up there starts the process.

The next one is you can either get your covers made on Fiverr which costs a bit more money or do it for free on They have templates designed for making your covers on there. That makes it super easy to get it going especially if you have no budget and don't wish to hire.

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If you want to hire a really fancy artist, then you can get a graphic designer on Upwork. Otherwise, just go to Canva when you're just getting started and don't have much of a budget either.

Description Matters

Then, the other issue that you are going to need to look at is the description for your book. I would suggest looking at other ebooks in the same genre that are bestsellers.

See what the best selling books' descriptions look like and you can sort of match their formats. So, if it's like nonfiction, maybe they have bullet points and they are high. They are putting things in boldface and such, so you are going to want to copy that.

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So, those are the big three. We looked at uploading it to KDP which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing, creating covers on Canva, and looking at the descriptions that are used by the best-selling authors. So then, the real question is, what is stopping you? Do you have issues with this?

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