Chris A. Baird | May 1, 2020
How do you self-publish a children’s book on Amazon Kindle?

You're wondering about how do you self-publish a children's book on Amazon Kindle? Find out what tool I am using that helps me to easily do the formatting.

Today's question that I received directly was how do you self-publish a children's book on Amazon Kindle? Well, first I want to start by saying this is a very good question. It is a pretty common question because when publishing normal books with just text.

It can be a little bit easier because we don't have to deal with the formatting of the individual pictures. As well as knowing exactly how we're going to put them in. So that when it comes out in a Kindle format, it's going to look properly formatted.

So, that is a question that I have heard before. You should check out my free self-publishing checklist. The question is how exactly do we go about publishing a children's book?

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There's a couple of things to keep in mind. One of the things is you are going to want to make sure that you have the proper tools that you are using to do this. One of the tools that I like to use is called Jutoh and you can find my affiliate link below.

Not only that it gives you the ability to do it for your KDP books but also for your regular print books. It will give you great formatting for your KDP books as well. As you imagine when you're doing your books, you are going to have each of the pages. 

Jutoh Works Best Here

You are going to want to make sure that you have the pictures that are imported. You need a tool that's going to be able to see the exact sizes. Can resize based upon the KDP as well as Epub or the other even your print format.

Each of these has its own challenges so you are going to need a tool. That's the reason why I would recommend that you check out the tool Jutoh. That's what I use for all of the books that I do.

Also, just on the subject of the children's books, I have nearly 180 books altogether. Several of them are children's books. In fact, I even took my own kids' drawings and turned them into KDP books as well as KDP Print.

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I don't think I turned them into audiobooks but that is also a possibility. I am assuming that you are looking at the possibility of we're looking for pictures. That's most likely the question.

Because when you do have your books, you have different pages. You will also have different pictures that you are going to have on each of the pages. And you're going to want to make sure that based upon the device the person is using, that it will automatically format.

Have The Perfect Quality

The reason why I would definitely go with Jutoh is that it automatically formats your book. You can let me know below if you have got print books, I would be very interested to hear. So make sure I correctly understood your question.

Also, what have you found? I know a lot of people have been reading the blog that I write as well as the videos that I have been posting. Have you tried doing children's books?

Even if you haven't done children's books, maybe you have done cookbooks or other books that have pictures in them. It's a very similar problem and a question that comes up. If your pictures are low quality or low resolution, you are using the wrong tools.

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Then, you are going to have several issues with that exact issue there. Where you have got a low quality and your readers are not going to enjoy the thing. That's one of the reasons why you are going to want to check out and grab the Jutoh tool.

For my affiliate link, click Jutoh here. Check out my other blogs and playlists for the questions that self-publishers just like you are asking.

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