Chris A. Baird | February 25, 2020
Amazon KDP As A Business

Golden Era Of KDP

Today's question is, do you think it's still worth doing Amazon KDP as a business? So, that's the question I am hoping to answer today. The problem is the question of whether KDP is dead for business.

In the past, people tend to say "oh you know during the golden era of KDP, there was a lot of money to be made". They would tell you, now that that period is over, Kindle Direct Publishing is no longer viable as a business to go. Check out my free Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist which will help you get started with your self-publishing journey.

Maybe you think there is a better place to get started than KDP if you are going to use your time and money. And that you shouldn't necessarily go for Kindle Direct Publishing. So those are two of the common questions that tend to come up and that was the question I'm looking at for today. Let's get right into it.

So, 5 years ago when I started self-publishing, I heard all of this was regularly even stated back then. It was that as a business the self-publishing is dead, so you are completely wasting your time if you are doing this because the KDP gold rush back then was in 2012-2013.

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Before, the market was completely flooded with ebooks. Thousands and thousands of books are coming out a day and so clearly, there would no longer be any space before anyone who wanted to publish books. So, that at least was the idea 5 years ago.

It's Actually Worth It

However, I can tell you that during that period of time, things were not dead. When we talk about the good times now, we are not referring to 2012, but to 2015 which was actually during the period when I was self-publishing.

Now, many people are asking the exact same question again if it's still worth doing Amazon KDP as a business? So, the answer is yes KDP is still worth it and I'm going to give you three reasons why.

The first one is that it would be an easy place to start. The second is there are more and more markets opening every single day. And third, people are getting used to using their phones to read on as well as buying devices like Kindle and other ebooks.

So let's start with the first reason, it's an easy place to start. The thing is that if you are starting a business online, there are many choices, obviously, dropshipping.

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We could start affiliate marketing, there are all sorts of options. Maybe you want to start making apps or other things but the reason why KDP, in particular, is a good one is that you really don't need any money down in order to start publishing.

KDP Has A Whole Lot More

If you can write, you can publish, and you can start putting products. There are not many other products on the internet where you can actually start creating products right away without that initial investment. So, if you're asking, is it still worth doing amazon KDP as a business? It's obviously, KDP is an excellent place to start.

It will also give you the basics of understanding marketing and sales, product development, finding a market and figuring out what those are. KDP is an outstanding place in order to learn how to start doing online business and there are many resources available for this.

Number two, there are more and more markets opening every day on KDP. The number of people who are reading is going up and the number of places of ebooks that are being purchased is increasing. Every day I get new notifications from another country that's just jumping on board.

So in terms of the total number of places that you can get your books published, it's going up. Even if you don't wish to use KDP only, you can publish wide.

There are many other markets as well, Ingram Spark or Lulu for hard backing or spark on the softcover books as well as Draft2Digital and other places for your ebooks. If you wish to go that route, I still would recommend KDP but it's huge the end.

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The market is continuing to grow, people are growing. It's becoming much easier for them to actually do the reading and that brings us into the third option, the third point which is people are getting used to using their phones. More and more people have smartphones and all of those phones are ear eaters.

So why would there be a decrease in the amount of reading going on? There will be actually an increase going on. The market is getting bigger, more people are available to buy and read books. It is also a very low level of friction to put books on the market.

Assuming you understand what exactly you are doing in terms of which markets you're targeting. Obviously, not all are equally profitable so that would not be strategic for you to go that route. The key question I have for you is do you have the big three reasons that I just gave?

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