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How To Write A Book 10 Simple Steps To Self Publishing?

When self-publishing a book, you have to go through a series of steps. Find out how to write a book: 10 simple steps to self publishing as well as some helpful tips to help you sell your books.

More Steps Than I Ever Thought

Today's "how-to" has 11 steps and the 11th step is a secret that you are going to want to stick around for. Because I'm going to tell you the difference between the winners and the losers in self-publishing. As well as what the winners are doing differently.

So let's get into it. Today's "how-to" is how to write a book: 10 simple steps to self publishing. When you are getting started, you definitely want to be able to figure out what exactly are the necessary steps.

You have the first level which is just putting the book on the market. The second level is making sure that the book is going to sell. But there is the 11th step even though I said 10, there's the 11th one.

That is what makes a little bit of the difference here between the winners and the losers. Before I go into the "how-to's", check out my absolutely free Checklist that goes into detail on these 10 steps. It tells you exactly what you are not doing or should be doing if you wish to sell more books.

How to write a book: 10 simple steps to self publishing. When I first got started in self-publishing, I thought there were about 150 steps. In reality, there are maybe 500 or about 700 steps required to get the book into all the different formats.

I have a really detailed checklist that my virtual assistants and I were working together. Initially, it was just me until the book started making money that I could afford to pay virtual assistants to help me with this entire process.

But the fact is it doesn't have to be so complicated. I just discovered that by breaking it down each time I did something, I learned something. Something like steps that I have been skipping and is what I am going to want to do.

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That is the reason that it started to evolve and understanding that it can be broken down into very easy steps that a 10-year-old could understand the steps. And could carry out those steps to completion should he or she go through the process that's necessary to get to that point.

In other words, where they had written a story, and then it's just like one little step at a time until we get through the process. That was one of the motivations when I first got started. I wanted to see if I could help people make self-publishing easy.

That was one of the key issues for me which was that I found it to be a little bit tricky. Now, I did get a book onto the market and I did make some sales but not as many as I could have made.

Even those books are making a lot more money now than they were when I first released them onto the market. Because I have learned how to optimize those books by following very similar steps like the ones I'm going to go through today.

So, how to write a book: 10 simple steps to self publishing. Here are the answers. The first one is a book topic exploration. We are going to want to write a book on a topic that already has people who are buying books on that topic.

We are not trying to come up with a new niche or genre that doesn't already exist. That is because we people like to buy things in different ways. And if we like people to buy our book, well then wouldn't it be clever to make sure that our book is in something that people already buying?

Definitely A Good Side Hustle

That's the easiest way to find out if we want to know if there's fish in the river out back here. Maybe it would be good to see if other people are already fishing there. It is true you could go around every single pond, every little bit of water, every stream.

Throw a fishing line in there and find out for yourself. But let's say you do find fish, other people will start to come because everybody is using this strategy. So, you aren't going to want to be left behind on this particular one.

Step two, you're going to order a ghostwritten manuscript or write the book yourself. So sit down, come up with some words a day. You are going to write or go with a ghostwriter, you can go into Upwork, Fiverr, or other locations.

There are several places you can go to find somebody who can help you write the book. To help you get it into the market because maybe the topics that you found aren't necessarily the topics that you're particularly interested in, but people want to have high-quality books on those topics.

You're looking at this as a side hustle and so this is a definite option. High-quality books even if you're not writing them, are written by other people to find onto a market, this is a very powerful combination. It doesn't suck up your time.

I didn't even have the money to do anything like that until my book started making enough money to support that as well. That brings us into our third point which is to order or create a cover yourself.

These are both options. When I first got started, I was on the cheap and so I created the covers myself. Those sales were terrible compared to what happened when I swapped out the covers, it just showed the difference.

I use a cover designer on Fiverr to do the covers that I still order to this very day. So you are going to want to check her out. She's fantastic!

We move on to number four. We are going to format the manuscript. I use a tool called Jutoh. This is the easiest one, I trained my virtual assistants on how exactly to use this tool to put together books quickly and succinctly.

Where all of the parts of the book are easy to understand, easy to digest, easy to put into all of the different formats that we're going to put it in.

Then for number five, we are going to export the book to paper and eBook versions. This one gets a little bit tricky because initially, we're going to do KDP Print and Kindle just to see if you can at least get the book onto the market. Then we go to print after that.

But it's not that big of a deal if you use a good tool like Jutoh. Later on, we can use that exact same print format and use that for our hardback books, our Ingram Spark books, and our eBooks. We can just tell it to go into EPUB as opposed to Mobi and put it out to Smashwords.

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So now, we've got in all these different formats. Since we've got an eBook in Kindle format that opens us up to ACX for our audiobook format. But we'll get to that in a second.

Choose Free Route If Possible

Then, we are going to go for number six, we are going to format the cover. That can be a little bit challenging for the print books but you'll get the hang of it. I use a free tool called GIMP, just like Photoshop but free.

Why pay for something that you can get for free? That is always been my policy and when you're running this, you need to keep costs in mind every single step of the way.

Number seven, you are going to upload the books into those different platforms. Only one platform at a time though, just so we make sure we don't overload ourselves.

Then eight, we are going to order the audiobook version. Because we have the Kindle version out on Amazon, that makes it possible to order the audio version. You can either use one of their existing narrators where you split the royalties or go to Upwork and find yourself a narrator over there.

I would recommend you go to Upwork and find someone who already has the experience and can help you with this process. That is what I have done.

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Number nine, we are going to adjust the pricing to make sure that we are making a minimum of $2 per eBook on the sales for a single manuscript. If it's double manuscripts, we're going to make an additional dollar for every additional manuscript.

So, if it were 2 manuscripts, we should be making a $3 profit. For our paperback books no matter where we are selling them, we want to make $5 for the base manager for the first book. Then, 1 additional dollar for each additional manuscript we add on to that book when we're bundling it together.

Finally, we're going to gather reviews, whether we're dealing with family or friends or readers that we have. Maybe we've created an email list, there are a lot of different ways of getting reviews.

I would not suggest review swapping or finding virtual assistants who are swapping reviews with other virtual assistants. That will end up getting your account threatened or banned as I have seen other people have issues with.

So that brings us to our secret answer of the day with the key issue, how to write a book: 10 simple steps to self publishing. Actually, this is the 11th step and it is, don't do everything at once. Just set it off an amount of time per day.

Move slowly through the steps. Start with the first step and say, I'm going to use 5 minutes a day. That's what I started with but then move it to 30 minutes a day. And then see if you can increase that amount of time but do not try to do all of the steps at once.

Move slowly through the steps and you can also improve as you go. You'll learn new things. You'll find steps that maybe I'm not even doing that are better for you.

As you move through it, you will get your first book onto the market. So, how to write a book: 10 simple steps to self publishing. What have you found?

I would really love to know if I missed any steps. Let me know below in the comments, I respond to 100% of all comments that come in. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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