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What Are The Steps To Self Publish A Book?

Maybe you've already written a book but still confused about the next step to take and in this case, it's the hardest part for you. Check here for some useful tools and steps that you can follow to self publish a book.

Publish A Book In 21 Days

Today's question has three answers and the third answer is a secret you are going to want to stick around for. Because it will tell you how to not only follow the steps but to do it on a tight budget.

So, let's get into it. The question that was sent to me today is, what are the steps to self publish a book? Now, we're starting from an assumption that you've already written the book.

That alone involves a lot of research and other steps that you might have to follow to get started. However, assuming you've got the book, the next steps can be very confusing.

The biggest or the hardest part in some ways for some people is writing the book. Some people write the book easily but then the publishing steps become very confusing.

Before we get into the answers, check out my free Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist. It might help you realize that self-publishing doesn't have to be so hard.

When I first started getting self-publishing, I was following some instructions that I had found in a Kindle book. That taught me how to publish a book in 21 days. I followed the instructions and surprise-surprise, it worked.

Some of the things and the information is now out of date but much of it stays the same. So the steps are pretty standard.

But the amazing thing it's that the reason most people do not get their books published or self-published is not that the steps are complicated, it's because there are so many things you can do with each step.

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That's one of my reasons, I'm focused on trying to make it as simple for you to get your book published. So let's take a look, what are the steps to self publish a book?

The first answer is you need to order a cover, I use a cover designer on Fiverr. You also need to format the book and I use a tool called Jutoh. So, you should check out both of the links.

Just Start Simple

For formatting your books you need to ensure your titles are using the correct keywords. Even the book you're writing, you would want to make sure you're in a market where you'll find their books are selling. I use a program called Kindle Spy to do that.

Once I've published the book out there, I then will run ads against it. Because that will drastically maybe 5 to 10 times the amount of sales because of ads. To find the keywords for those ads I use a tool called Publisher Rocket.

So these are the tools that I used. These are the steps and I break each of these steps down. It is as simple as a process as possible.

The second answer and this is the important one is just start simple and improve over time. One of the beauties if you're starting with a Kindle book, it is that once you get that book onto the market then you can go back and change out the cover.

You can change the description and you can change the title. Now if it's a Print, the ISBN has been assigned and then it becomes much more difficult to go about changing it afterward.

So that can be a bit of a challenge for you. However, if it's a Kindle book you can change every aspect of that book after it's been published. No problem at all.

So this is really good news because it means your book doesn't have to be perfect. And you don't have to get the steps right like your cover, your description, the keywords you're using whether you're running ads. All of these things can be changed over time.

So, you don't have to feel that sense of overwhelming. And the third answer which is our secret answer of the day is that all of these steps surprise-surprise can be done for free.

That is if you're on a tight budget you don't have to pay anything at all to do it. So, for example, your book can be written in Word or Open Documents Libre Office, Libre Writer I think it's called. You can do it there, you can upload it directly.

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Now, it's going to have formatting issues. Your table of contents won't work but if we want to just get it out there for free and start making sales, this is a way to go about doing that.

Your cover can be made for free using Canva. You can do it right online no problem or even just let Amazon handle the cover front. They have templates you can use.

Useful Tools I Love Using

Now that's been a drastically drop your sales. On the keyword front, you can just research, look at the top seller's search for your book, the type of the book it is. See how many books are out on the market and then go through each of the books.

When you search for that type to see if how many are in the top hundred thousand rankings of the ones on the first page of the first twenty results. Then you look at the number and you look at the total number of books.

Take the total number of hits you've got for the number of Kindle books on the store divided by the number in the top hundred thousand. That will give you a number. If that number is I would say under 40, then you've probably got a good topic.

Lots of people buying those books and very few books available. Notice you can do the Kindle Spy trick for free. You don't even have to pay for it. Publisher Rocket starts to get a little bit trickier when you're trying to find the right keywords.

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But you can also just let Amazon ads choose for you. The keywords are going to do automatically placing your ads and running that way. The reason I wanted to bring up number three is that you won't see the sales.

But as the money starts to come in then you can afford to invest in a better cover through Fiverr. You can afford to get your book formatted correctly through using Jutoh. You can find the correct keywords and titles by using Kindle Spy.

And you can get those keywords you need for your ads using Publisher Rocket. You don't have to invest all the money at the beginning of your project. You can take your time and save your money until the money starts to come in through these different tools.

That's what I did, I started also taking courses and things like that. Once I started getting the money pooling in, the money starts coming in which opens up flexibility to improve the quality which increases the money coming in.

And then we continue this process and this is the most important thing. So what are the steps to self publish a book?

Well, what have you found? Have you found it to be trickier? Have you found that there are steps that I'm missing here? I would really love to hear it.

Maybe you found tools that are even better than ones I've mentioned? I'd love to hear it below in the comments and check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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