Chris A. Baird | September 27, 2020
KDP Self Publishing Account Sign In?

You want to get started with KDP but have no idea how to sign in. Find out how you can register an account and go through KDP self publishing account sign in.

Today's question has three answers and the third answer is a secret you're going to want to stick around for. Because I'm going to tell you some dangers of once you've logged in to your KDP self-publishing account.

Things that can cause you a lot of time and money and other consequences. But we're going to get into that later. So, let's get into the question that was sent in today.

The question was, KDP self publishing account sign in? Now, the person who asked this question was wondering a little bit about how exactly you go about signing in? Also, maybe what to expect with your KDP account or your Kindle Direct Publishing account.

That is what we want to explore today. But before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist to help you get started on your self-publishing journey today.

So, KDP self publishing account sign in? Well, let me tell you a little bit about my story. When I first got started with self-publishing, I was trying to figure out exactly which sites I should use and which ones would be most clever?

Before I even did that, it was can I get my book written? And that was what I did, I sat in the chair every day and put out a thousand words a day until I hit 10000 or even 12000 to 15000 words. Then I realized okay, I've said everything I wanted on that particular theme.

I knew I needed to get at least 10000 words. That's what I was told at the time in my book. So after getting that done, then it was an issue of getting it formatted.

I made a lot of mistakes with the formatting but eventually, it came a time to get into KDP which is Kindle Direct Publishing. I needed to figure out how exactly to register the book.

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All of the different areas is quite confusing when you first get started. It's overwhelming, the number of things they can do and the number of offers, and all of these things.

Where do I find my books? Where do I upload my books? What are the different sections? And so that was something I found a little bit confusing but with a little practice, you begin to get the hang of it.

And before long, you know exactly where you are and what you're trying to accomplish with your books and with KDP. So, KDP self publishing account sign in? So let me get into today's answers.

Motivation Keeps You In The Game

The first answer is you can very easily sign in or create a new account at and that will completely make it easy for you to get into your account. If you don't have one, you can quickly set one up in a matter of minutes.

When you get inside that area and you have your account, you perhaps have to confirm that your email is correct. It should not take you too long to get that going. It's a simple process.

Then what we are going to do next is we're going to go to one of the four sections. We have a bookshelf and that is where we find the books that we have. We can also set up our marketing campaigns by clicking into those books to run advertisements.

If you don't have any books at all you just click add a new book and it will take you right through the process. We're typing in the title and all of these things and you can save it as you go.

So if you change your mind or if you need to go look something up, it's very easy to go into the account and find information that you're going to need. To successfully set up your account and get your book registered.

The second area which is an area I check daily is your reports. This shows you exactly how much you're selling and which books are selling. They have their beta reports which I find very useful.

It gives me a great idea of the order of books that I should be publishing on as well as when I should be publishing those books. So, this is also an area you're going to definitely want to be checking out.

I find it to be very motivational and when we're playing the self-publishing game, motivation is the biggest challenge for a lot of people trying to get your books in front of the eyes of as many people as possible which are your ideal readers.

So you are trying to go from there and every sale you make, every page that somebody reads is going to help motivate you. To pull you through into making sure you're producing more books because that's the nature of winning this game.

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It is producing more books and this report area will be very helpful to make that happen. The next area is the community. There you can find other authors who are also publishing who have published and they have a series of questions.

You can step in there and find out what people are saying and problems people are having. Maybe help some people with their problems and you can discuss your books with other authors who maybe are writing the same books. Or just looking for some people to talk with about your books.

The final area is marketing. Now, I just use the bookshelf to get the marketing done but you can go to its own marketing area. They have a whole series of services that you can get.

But you are going to want to run ads against it when you put your book out on KDP. To make sure that it's getting the sales and making you money. The secret answer of the day gets a little bit into the dangers of when you get into one of these areas.

Be Careful How You Spend Your Time

The answer is you need to be very careful about spending too much time in the community area. It's a complete waste of time if you are not careful. You should set a timer and decide it's only going to be 10 minutes or 20 minutes and do not spend a second longer than that.

The reason being is because we get the feeling sometimes that we're accomplishing work when we in fact get a book or we're in a dialogue with somebody talking about our books. When in reality, we're not actually writing.

Now, this seems a little bit obvious but most people make this mistake. It is all too common in anybody working in the business at all is you spend all of this time talking about what you want to accomplish and not doing it.

That is a thing that a lot of authors run right into. You were able to sit in your chair and get this book published, get a book out there. But then you are going to sit around talking to people all day as opposed to actually writing your next book.

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Working on ordering the covers and getting the different things that you're going to need to pull it all together in place. So, my recommendation for you is to be very very careful.

One final thing about your account sign in, you should not share this information with anybody else. I'm telling you even for my virtual assistants, I do not give this information out. Because it has all of your account information including all of your sales.

They could be re-changed who's getting paid for what and you don't want to get into that. So it's best that you do the uploading of your books into your account. You check the sales and things like that.

That's generally a good idea. It just keeps everything nice and clean and tidy. You don't have to do it all the time.

You don't want to also be on the reports just checking and reloading it all the time to see if you've made another sale. This is a terrible time waste. Your job as a self-publisher is to publish as much as possible.

I hope I clarified a little bit about those different areas. So, KDP self publishing account sign in? What have you found?

Have you found a different path, a different way to log in? Maybe it's different from where you are and you're logging in maybe into some different country accounts? There may be some different links to get into the account.

Go ahead and let me know below in the comments. I respond to 100% of all of the comments that come in. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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