Chris A. Baird | September 8, 2020
amazon self publishing sign in

If you are having difficulties in how to sign in and signed up on Amazon, then you must read this out. Learn about how to use Amazon self publishing sign in as well as some tips that will make self-publishing easier for you.

Today's question has three answers and the third answer is a secret you're going to want to stick around for. Because I'm going to explain to you a little bit about the confusion with regards to your print books on CreateSpace.

So let's get into it. The question that was sent in was, how to use Amazon self publishing sign in? The reason the person asked this exact question is that first, it can be difficult to figure out.

You go to the Amazon page but you're like "I don't see how I can publish books from the main Amazon page or the page where you buy stuff". And the answer is well, you can't.

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So, you have to go to a special web page. But then there are some other questions regarding what exactly do you find when you do log in and where are the paperback books? So, I'm going to get into all of these issues today.

Hopefully, I will answer every one of your questions on this. But before we get into the answer, check out my absolutely 100% free Checklist. It will give you the secrets necessary to increase the earnings that you're making on your books.

So, how to use Amazon self publishing sign in? Well, when I first got started, I was using a system. A book that I had bought at the time that went through the exact step by step.

Which website to go to? Where to click? And how to do that? So I never really actually had this question when I was doing it.

But one of the big things to get you started is the fact that we're going into Kindle Direct Publishing. That is where self-publishing is done, so that's KDP. And by going in there, we're able to get access to our account.

Create An Account

But at the time for me, I also had to go to a CreateSpace account if I wanted to get my paperbacks done. So it would be a different website but it was still under the umbrella of Amazon.

That's no longer the case, but we'll get to that in a little bit. So, how to use Amazon self publishing sign in? Well, the answer is you need to go to

So should get you to the place you need to be to log in. If you haven't logged in before, you may need to create an account which makes very little time. You'll have it up and going in no time to start uploading your manuscripts and get started on your self-publishing.

But there are several things you'll find once you log in. The first is your bookshelf and this is where you can add new books, you can also edit books. I like the fact you can go under those books that are located there and you can run ads and campaigns.

You can set them for their 90 days free or whatever it might be that you would do with the different campaigns and options that are available under your books for the promotions that you're trying to do.

Also, you can go to the reports area. You can see the number of sales that you've had day by day. You can see both the pages read, you can see your eBook sales, and you can see your paper book sales.

It gives you a good view and you can go to their beta reports. That gives you an even better view of colors and even more graphs that you can play around with. So there's an awful lot of options you're going to want to check out under reports.

Then under community, you can find other writers and such. If you have questions that you can post and you can get some help and feedback. Though, I prefer Facebook groups as a great source of finding the latest and best strategies.

Go Under The Marketing Panel

Sometimes, the community area is not as helpful as Facebook groups are. So, you know it's up to you, you should check out both and see what's great for you. And the final one is marketing.

Now, I like to just go under the bookshelf under an individual book and do the marketing from there. But you can go under the marketing panel itself. I just never use it but that's something you're going to want to check out.

The secret answer for today and that is after the end of CreateSpace. Because CreateSpace got bought up by Amazon. But eventually, they got rid of the website that you would normally go to for CreateSpace.

It was replaced by KDP Print which you can get there from as well. So instead of just seeing your Kindle eBooks there, you'll also see your paperback books.

And if you have a new one, you just click add book. So you're able to add the book for your different available options. And when you run ads, you can also set up ads on both of them at that particular location.

I like to keep those ad campaigns separate from each other, the eBooks, and paperback books. But it depends upon what you find is most helpful for you. So hopefully I was able to answer your question on this issue of where to go.

So how to use amazon self publishing sign in? What have you found? Have you found it to be difficult getting logged in and sometimes there are double authentication and other challenges?

Go and let me know below in the comments and check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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