Chris A. Baird | August 27, 2020
Using kdp.amazon.com Self-Publishing Dashboard?

When doing self-publishing on KDP especially when it is your first time, you might get confused and wonder how to use the kdp.amazon.com self-publishing dashboard. Continue reading below and you'll find out some tips and secrets that will make self-publishing easier for you.

Free Promotions And Countdowns

Today's question has three answers. The third answer is a secret as to shortcuts you can take on your KDP dashboard. It will make it much easier for you to get around and to find where exactly you're going.

As well as where you're going to spend a much great deal of your time. So let's get into it. The question was sent in today was, using kdp.amazon.com self-publishing dashboard?

Now, the person who's asking this question wants to understand a little bit better upon how exactly we go about using the dashboard that we find under KDP which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing.

So when you're getting started, it seems very confusing with all of the different menus and sub-menus. Now, it has been more difficult in the past than it is even now.

But when you first start, it's unclear where you should begin? What exactly happens in the different areas under the dashboard?

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Now, let's get into the answers. Using the kdp.amazon.com self-publishing dashboard? Well, when I first started, I saw immediately that this was a little bit confusing because you would start going under one of the menus.

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And you would start putting your book in and then you were missing something. Then they would get back to you and tell you "oh you forgot something". Then you'd have to go back and figure out which menu it was located underneath to check up again.

The same goes for the ads, they were put somewhere. And then you were trying to figure out where exactly they were located. You had free promotions and countdowns going on.

But it wasn't clear where exactly you would find all of these different tools? When you would get sales? Which books were selling exactly?

Four Main Areas

Did you have to manually go under each book to find its report? And then finally, you would also have the issue for tax purposes when you were going to be pulling in all your data.

That would also be confusing, trying to figure out where exactly for the different markets? And how long does it take for them to come through? Just very confusing and it took me a long time to work with this.

After 170 plus books, I can tell you I've completely mastered this area. I made lots of mistakes in the beginning and it was very confusing to me. So, using the kdp.amazon.com self-publishing dashboard?

Let's get into the answers. The first thing is there are four main areas that you need to master here. The first is your bookshelf, the reports, the community, and the marketing.

Now, the bookshelf we can just start with this because it takes time. And you should just play around and explore these different areas when you're getting started.

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The bookshelf is the location where you're to go to find the latest books that you've published. And the status of the newest books that you're putting in there. So that's the first thing you're going to find.

The reports are going to give you the ability to see the graphs necessary to see what sales are being made. As well as how many pages are being read in your books?

The community is a place where you can ask questions to other people who also are doing Kindle Publishing. Even though I generally like the communities on other sites like Facebook or Reddit, but you can also use the community there in KDP.

Because obviously, whatever problem you're facing, they've also faced it. Marketing gives you the ability to set up advertisements and also setting up your author central.

Your author ID in there or maybe multiple, I think you can have up to four author IDs in there. You can have an infinite number of pen names.

But four author ideas that you're allowed to put under the marketing area. So you want to take some time to explore these different areas.

Advantages Of Both Reports

Let's get to the secret answer of the day. Which deals with a couple of shortcuts that will make your life easier when self-publishing on Amazon KDP.

The first thing is that under your bookshelf when you open up a book, you can go under there and directly set up the promotions for the book. So that's an important one to keep in mind.

You can also change the prices on what the book is selling for and you can set up ads from there. So you can get those ads up and running from that location. You can run an advertisement or marketing against it.

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The next is your reports area. Under the reports area, you're going to want to look at the beta reports they have. There are advantages to both of the reports but I like the beta reports.

On the other reports, you can go to history and look back. You'll see how well you're doing over a period for the years you may have been publishing. Or if you're just starting, you'll be able to see the history.

But on the beta reports, it's much easier to see which of your books are making a killing. And so I like to use both of them. Then we have the community one that also will give you some of the tips there.

But the marketing one is one that I don't use so much. Only to set up your author central but under the reports was the key one that I would normally use to see what's going on there. And I would set the ads up directly from the individual ones.

Later on, when you get the ads going, you can then do batch editing of the ads. And that becomes a lot more complex. But just in terms of the initial that sort of gets you up and going with regards to this specific issue in the question that was asked today.

So, using kdp.amazon.com self-publishing dashboard? Well, what have you found? Have you found any tips or tricks with regards to this dashboard?

Have you found other ways of using it that maybe are even better than the ones that I found? I always love to hear about it. Let me know below in the comments and check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your questions on self-publishing.

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