Chris A. Baird | August 27, 2020
Should You Self Publish To Kindle?

There is actually a lot of options you can do to publish your books through different platforms. Learn which is the best route to go and whether or not it's worth it to self publish to Kindle.

Build A List Of People

Today's question has three answers. And the third answer is a secret as to why it is a terrible idea to just publish on Kindle.

The question that was sent in today was, should you self publish to Kindle? This is a question that lots of people wonder when you're first starting publishing and there's a lot of options.

You can publish through all sorts of different formats, audio, and paperbacks. You can go to Kindle using Mobi format. You can go to EPUB if you want to go through Draft2Digital or also going through Smashwords.

There are all sorts of options or maybe you should go to an actual traditional publisher instead of publishing to Kindle. So this is a question that is very common and that many people wonder when they're first getting started. What is the correct choice?

Before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my free Self-Publishing Checklist. It will help you make sure you haven't forgotten any important steps.

The question is, should you self publish to Kindle? When I first got started, I definitely started with Kindle. I published a Kindle and then I made a reader magnet so I could start building a list of people who are interested in the books that I was doing.

It is still bringing in books today. Only to discover that the Kindle version of my lead magnet that was in my first book ended up, bringing in selling even more books than the book that was a lead magnet too which is absolutely insane.

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I never imagined that I thought it would be just a short book that would bring in some readers. But as it turns out there was an awful lot of interest in that alone. And so I was making money off of that in addition to the primary books that were using the same lead magnet.

Now, the thing that to keep in mind here is that when I first started, I realized that Kindle was the place that I wanted to start. Looking back, it didn't matter where I started but Kindle was very easy.

It still is a very easy place to put your books out. But that still doesn't completely answer the question, should you self publish to Kindle? Well, here are the answers.

The first thing is yes you should definitely self publish to Kindle. There's no easier place to start with self-publishing than going to Kindle.

Types Of Readers

I use a program called Jutoh to do the formatting and putting the cover into the book. Making sure all the metadata is correct. And to upload it so that it's absolutely flawless with regard to the table of contents.

It's easy to fix it if there are any issues. You can put pictures of all sorts of flexible options available with this particular software. And then it would produce my Kindle book or my PDF for paperback or EPUB if I'm going to Smashwords or Draft2Digital.

I guess it would be just Smashwords which is the only one where that really matters. Then the next thing is you also can run special deals if you're going with Kindle.

You can set countdown deals. You can make it free for the day, for 5 days every 90 days while you're part of the KDP Select contract. And you can also run ads against that.

There are all sorts of options that are available. Some people have even found that when you're putting a book on
Kindle, it gets people's eyes seeing that initial Kindle price and then seeing the paperback.

And they're like "oh you have a paperback version available too" and then they decide to go that route. Because of our second answer of the day which is there are different types of readers in the world, many of your customers will like to read on Kindle and only Kindle.

I prefer reading on the Kindle. Every book I read is either audio or it's on the Kindle. I don't buy paperback books.

So if I have to read a paperback, I'd rather read a scanned copy, PDF copy of that paperback book. Because when I pull out my phone, I can just simply use my iPhone and read it on the Kindle app on the iPhone itself.

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I believe I have another app as well if I'm going a different route with other books. For example, PDFs I'm not sure if I have done those through kindle or not but I think a different app for that.

But for the most part, I prefer to read on Kindle or have my books read to me as an audiobook. Using Voice Stream, an app for the iPhone that I enjoy using. So I'm a perfect example of a person who would only buy on that.

If you choose not to have a Kindle version, you're going to lose on a lot of audiences. So it's both easy and there's an entire group of people including myself who prefer to read books on Kindle.

But the secret answer of the day and which is also our third answer as to why it's a bad idea to publish on just Kindle? It is because you want to publish in as many places and formats as possible.

You want to distribute your book so that all different types of readers no matter where they go, they just keep on finding it. And not just finding it but in the format that they want.

The Easiest Platform To Publish

One format I didn't even mention here was hardback books which I do through Lulu. And that's another format that some people and I could not even believe they will read it in that format.

Now, you might think and I've been told this many times for example, of the 170 books that I have out there, I've been told, "you should be careful not to publish cookbooks in some formats".

For example, who would want to buy an audiobook version of a cookbook? And the answer is one of my best sellers of all time is a massive library of cookbooks on Audible. People just can't get enough.

You may be asking the question "who would buy recipes of audible?" The answer is there are just people who enjoy listening to cookbooks. I don't know if they're following the recipes or not. There are hundreds and hundreds of recipes and they're great recipes.

But why would you want to listen to it? And the answer is we don't actually care why our customers want a hardback or paperback or a Kindle book in this case. But we listen to what they are telling us and we make our decisions based on that.

I can hear it loud and clear which is that there's a lot of money to be made in coming out with all of the different formats. So the worst thing you can do is to publish just on Kindle.

In fact, you want to publish across the board but when you're first getting started, you should start with Kindle. It's just so easy, it's the easiest platform ever to publish on.

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So, start with Kindle and once you see the sales coming in, use that money to buy some better tools and upgrade what you're doing if you're on a budget. So should you self publish to Kindle? What have you found?

Have you found that Kindle is the right place? Or maybe I missed something here. Sometimes I find that other readers come in and inform you of something.

Some of the comments I've read before like even this week regarding Smashwords and Draft2Digital, I had not considered there was even a third option. Which I had to explore to see if maybe I should publish there as well.

So leave me a comment below and tell me what you found. Or let me know your questions, I answer 100% of all of your comments. And check out my other blogs and videos for answers to your self-publishing questions.

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