Chris A. Baird | April 26, 2022
My Best Book Marketing Tip

Have you been finding ways to successfully market your book? I will tell you my best book marketing tip that really works.

Realizing That Something Is Broken

Gary told me he had no idea what was broken with the marketing for his book. But there was something not quite right. That's why in today's article, we're going to discuss my best book marketing tip.

So, it was a few months ago and a brand-new self-publisher name0d Gary was just getting started. Now he was getting started with a different type of self-publishing than many of you perhaps are doing. He was dealing with the ghostwriting side of things.

Some people have understood that you can find writers. People who are already writing books out there, who can write books. Then you're able to do the marketing process, owning the rights to those books and building a business this way.

It's an incredibly profitable way to do business. This isn't for writers but for people who wish to try the self-publishing business model. Without actually doing the writing themselves which is a completely legitimate model for doing business. 

In fact, if you look at other businesses like music and things like that, where they will pull together artists and people will pay to create these bands. I think the Spice Girls was one of these bands but anyway, this is a strategy that has worked for many self-publishers. 

The key is making sure that the quality of the writing is high enough to get the best books onto the market. Then you're learning the ins and outs of marketing. And what it takes to get a book to sell. 

Many times, this type of self-publishers ends up outperforming other self-publishers. The reason is that they understand the key is not so much in the exact words. That is done with the quality at a high enough standard. 

It's the marketing that actually decides whether your book is going to sell or not. Gary had heard about this model and was wanting to test it out for himself. The thing was he had written a book on Leadership. 

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 In particular, looking at the historical aspects of leadership. And how exactly you can be a better leader through understanding what happened in history. He was so excited about this particular event. 

He was looking at the idea of saying “what if I were to look at multiple leaders or leaders within different regions over different periods?”. 

To see if you can pull that together and glean the best leadership lessons possible from these groups. The problem was that when he put his first book onto the market, something was broken. 

It just was not selling; he wasn't seeing any copies of it move at all. He initially saw Amazon as a way to make a reasonable living. That is what originally got him going with Amazon KDP. 

It originally got him going in the entire process. He had tried other business opportunities in the past. He had tried drop shipping and a couple of other ones. 

I think drop shipping was one of the big ones. Lots of different businesses like cryptocurrency, trading, or real estate. He had tried a few of these different ones. 

He found they did not deliver the results he was looking for. He thought KDP may be a good way to go. But he was doubting that maybe this method just doesn't work. 

Giving Up And Asking For Help

It might have worked several years ago when people were first getting started. But over the last several years, it's completely useless. In other words, nobody's buying any books on Amazon. 

Well, at least that's what he thought. So, the first thing he did was he ordered the book from a company like Writing Summit. Some of the other companies that actually will do ghostwriting will find these authors or people who write high-quality books. 

To help you move forward with your self-publishing business if you're using this particular model. He got his first book published and noticed the formatting was slightly off. So, he was able to get that fixed. 

The cover needed some changes and he was able to make those changes. In addition, he still was not getting sales. So then, he was watching some of my videos where I commented on the power of Amazon ads. 

So, he figured I'm just going to run some Amazon ads. Following are just a few of the tips that I had put in my videos. And he still was not getting sales on his book at this point.

He realized maybe I should book a session and that's what he did. That's the point at which he got in contact with me and said “Okay, I give up. I don't know how; something is broken in the marketing. What exactly is it?”. 

So, what we did was we took a look at his specific book. As we started moving through it, it did not take us very long. One of the things I first do when I'm going through a book is that I use a tool called KDSpy

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To take a close look at how the keywords for that book are working. How many people are buying books on this specific topic? For example, historical leadership in this particular category and Gary was certain this would be a good one.

He also was interested in the topic. I'm interested in the topic, sometimes many of my clients and students are writing books on topics I find very interesting. The question isn't whether we find the book interesting. 

I looked at the book, and the formatting and the layout look great. The chapters looked good and so I was looking at this and it was like One of The Great Leaders of South America. Then maybe book two would be One of The Best Leaders of The Second Century of the Second Millennium or whatever it is.

The problem we discovered immediately was that there simply aren't books selling historical leadership on Amazon. That's not to say that it's a bad topic, it's just not a good market for selling books on Amazon. The absolute most important thing when it comes to your marketing is to make sure you're targeting a market that exists.

This is by far my absolute top tip when it comes to marketing. It is that if the keyword in your title is not one for which people are searching. Using KDSpy, I'm able to find this stuff by searching for and then actually looking up the other books that are ranking. 

None of the books are selling that many copies within your specific genre. We have a problem here. It is that no matter how much marketing we do and no matter how much money we throw against it, the books are simply not going to sell.

So, this is what created a huge problem for him. He could directly see the results of this even when you were increasing his bids on his ads which is my suggestion to him. We still were not seeing that many clicks coming through. 

Understanding What’s Important

The ultimate obstacle that he faced as he was moving through it was the idea of saying “Okay, let me increase the bids. Let's change the title and let's change the cover. Let's make it more of a leadership book instead of a history book.

Since we see the leadership books aren't doing much better in sales, it's not a good market. This particular type of leadership is not a great market to target on Amazon KDP. But that's exactly what he was doing and at this point, he already had the book out there.

He did see some clicks and some sales coming through. But not what he was hoping for. Because what we're hoping for is seeing a book that we put on the market, we do basic marketing against it and we see this thing flying off the shelves. 

That is exactly the target that we're going for here. And so, what happened was he learned everything he could about these profitable keywords. So, what was he going to do at this point? 

Well, the answer is, should he quit? Maybe try a different business like gold or cryptocurrency. Maybe he has learned all of these skills. 

This is the thing I want to get across, a lot of people go back and forth with email and other locations. Coaching clients struggle with this idea, they're just giving up too quickly. So, by staying in there for his next book, he will not be making that mistake. 

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He'll be using KDSpy. He'll be finding what keyword is going to be profitable. That's going to ensure that his next book does not flop. 

It's not a flop if you don't give up. So, by simply staying in there, now in his case, he was dealing with these ghostwritten books. Do you see? 

But in many other authors' cases, you're dealing with books you've written yourself. You chose a topic not based on whether there's a market there. So, we're going to want to take a close look and that was the thing Gary was looking at.

It was the understanding that I need to think first about the niche or sub-niche that I'm targeting. Second, what is the rest of the book going to be about? So, we're choosing what is our cover and our title and all of these things before we've even really started writing the book.

And it's hard to get our minds around this. But some people do and understand that the marketing comes first then the content of the book comes second. Then we deal with formatting and all of this other stuff.

But the idea of marketing and understanding this market, finding that market first is the most important thing that we're doing. It’s what Gary needed to do with his book instead of switching. 

This was the transformation that I saw in Gary; it was the idea of saying “No, I understand. I believe this method works. We're going to stick to it and we're going to keep on going.”

So, there you have it, my best book marketing tip. Now my question for you is what is your best marketing tip? Let me know below in the comments.

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