Chris A. Baird | April 9, 2021
Why You Need Accountability For Self Publishing

You might think that you can do it all alone without the help of any other people or for this matter an accountability coach. Here's why you need accountability for self-publishing.

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it is a secret as to the one thing that you need to do to make sure your accountability is in check.

So let's get into it. Today's article is why you need accountability for self-publishing? Now, when you're first getting started, our motivation is incredibly high.

You feel wonderful about writing your book and getting it out onto the market. All of these things are driving you forward but you're going to reach a point where there are going to be activities or tasks that are necessary for your self-publishing journey that you are not going to want to do.

The question then is what happens when you meet these barriers? In addition, as we go down this self-publishing path, we discover that there are some dead ends when we're going in the wrong direction. Suddenly, we see failure kicking in and our motivation level starts to drop at this point.

We need somebody to tell us, hey you're going in the wrong direction or what have you done today to keep the progress going? This is the key issue when it comes to accountability for self-publishing. We're going to answer that in today's article.

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When I first got started with self-publishing, I lost my motivation after I'd been doing it for 2 or 3 years. We'd gone through the process several times. I trained up some virtual assistants in terms of keeping things moving and all of this. But my motivation levels started to drop.

The thing was just too much of the same thing over and over and no particular traction or anything that would be so exciting. So the excitement level starts to drop. It becomes normal, putting books onto the market becomes nothing special.

It's something that you do and then trying to get them to sell and running the ads. A lot of repetition involved here and it just builds on itself a bit and over time it can start to wear us down. My production began to reduce to just a few minutes of work a week, maybe an hour a week.

Wasn't Making Progress

I had to do a little bit of the accounting work. But other than that, I had reduced down to almost nothing. The monthly money was still coming in so I was seeing the money and the sales happening daily. Since I was using optimization strategies that I teach in this blog.

So the books which are great sources of passive income were continuing to bring money in. I was reinvesting the money but my motivation was dropping. So even the reinvesting became a little bit of a pain.

Until I saw that really what I wanted to do was help other authors get their books onto the market and start doing it the easy way. As opposed to the route I took which was the hard way of doing things. Taking confusing courses, reading confusing books, too many steps that are overwhelming and quitting.

So, I thought I could do go in this direction, but I simply wasn't making the progress I wanted. What I discovered was I hired a coach, an accountability coach, somebody who would have that ability to focus and make sure that I was at least doing 5 minutes of work a day.

Now it sounds like almost nothing but it was amazing, having to check in with somebody and say, did I do 5 minutes of work each day? Because what would happen is it started to get the wheels turning often when we start to let's say exercise or do anything for just 5 minutes.

It's hard to stop as we see ourselves making progress. So what happened was I was able to increase the work to 2 hours a day, maybe 2-3 hours, and sometimes 5-6 hours a day. My current business coach has been giving me directions also that I simply knew previously but I never implemented them.

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The idea of understanding the direction of taking a business in strategic ways. You may have heard stuff but having somebody hold you accountable, for me was key to making progress. I don't know if that resonates with you.

Do you feel that your wheels are just spinning and your motivation is dropping and you don't have any accountability? So if you do nothing today or something today, there is no consequence and that is a huge problem.

So why you need accountability for self-publishing? Number one, it is very hard to stay motivated in the long run. Success comes to everyone who sticks in it long enough, whatever it is.

You stay in and keep on self-publishing books and learning as you go. To produce higher-quality books, better marketing and you start to watch those sales trickle in. It starts to increase over time with each book you get that is much better.

Best Way To Stay On Track

The second thing is I found that masterminds, family members, and communities are helpful. But they just don't work because they're in your family. You're not really paying them to hold you accountable.

These people make terrible accountability partners when it comes to doing stuff. You just make excuses and what if your partners also are making excuses and not getting the things done that they also should be getting done?

The final and the secret answer of the day is that what I found and you will also find if you give it a try is one-on-one Coaching is the absolute best way to stay on track. It's like a personal trainer that's going to help you keep your focus.

To make sure that not only are you working every day and giving updates every day but also that you're taking the correct route. You're not trying to do too many things at the same time and the activities that you're doing are not causing you to waste time.

Where you're using things that aren't simply increasing the number of books you're selling or the number of books you're writing and putting onto the market. This is the key role that a self-publishing coach plays in getting your books published.

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So why do you need accountability for self-publishing? Do you feel that need to have an accountability coach? If you do, write "Yes" below in the comments and "No" if you don't.

Also if you are looking for a coach, we may be a fit. You can simply click the link below in the description of all of my Youtube videos. Let me know and we can get in touch with each other.

To see if this is in fact something that could work for you as opposed to wasting time and spending months on your books. What if you could get them out in weeks and what if we were able to start building a marketing plan to see those books start to sell?

I don't make promises, I do give guarantees that you will find that you're going to learn the best strategies that are out there. But you'll have to test it out for yourself. It was decisive for me and decisive for many people that I've worked with.

Maybe it's something you haven't considered but you definitely should. So, go ahead and do that and check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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