Chris A. Baird | March 26, 2021
Skillset Vs Mindset In Self Publishing

Can you sense that you have the correct skillset and mindset to succeed in self-publishing? Find out which between the two is more useful, skillset vs. mindset in self-publishing.

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it is going to tell you which is more important whether it is skillset or mindset. You're going to want to stick around to know more about that.

Today's topic is on skillset vs. mindset in self-publishing. This is something that many authors have heard a little bit about. Like what exactly is the role of the skills that you're learning in building up and gaining mastery over and the mindset necessary to win at self-publishing?

Mindset is something that often is downplayed. We spend so much time focusing on what we need to do and how we need to do it when it comes to writing our books and putting them out into the world. But very little time upon what is going on inside of our head and some of our limiting beliefs.

The way that they play a negative role in ensuring our books never get published and don't make sales. People completely downplay this. They don't understand that there are major consequences to your sales if your mindset is not correct.

But the skillset matters too. That is what we're going to hit in today's article. But before we get into the answers, you can grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist.

To make sure that you are not missing any of the important steps necessary to get your book published. To start making sales on that book. So go ahead and check that out for free.

Let's get into it, when I first started self-publishing, I completely underestimated the roles of skillset and also the mindset. But skillset that is "what are the skills necessary to succeed at this?". Now I knew that it was necessary to learn certain things if you're going to succeed.

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But I could just figure it out myself, after all, wouldn't that be cheaper? I'd heard a lot about this mindset concept but I thought well, that's kind of irrelevant because who really cares what your mind is focused on?

Whether you have an idea of scarcity like I have very little money and therefore I need to hoard what I have. As opposed to investing and a growth mindset which is having an idea of abundance. There is a lot of customers out there who would love to hear about my books.

I was dealing a little bit with both of these categories without fully understanding them. That I had embedded in myself a scarcity mindset. And that scarcity mindset was causing me not to invest money in myself, in learning the necessary skills.

For hiring coaches that could help me and in taking the courses that would teach me the things I needed to win self-publishing. I was trying to save money on courses, books, and coaching. As a result, I saw much slower progress than other people who were investing in themselves.

Learning these things and paying additional money, they were seeing huge and money coming back at them. In their learning rate, their growth rate was much faster.

Both in terms of the skillset and mastery of the core skills. As that occurred, their mindset started to come into alignment. So they were working on both of these at the same time. 

Failures Lead To Success

One of the things that you need to think about is like a farmer, you have a seed. You need to put it in the ground to get more seeds. But when we first start, we are so thinking about how few seeds we have that we're not willing to plant them.

If we do plant one and it doesn't succeed, well I guess that was a failure. As opposed to saying "What can I do to get as much return on investment off of those seeds that we're planting out into the field?".

This is the same with self-publishing if we're trying to get a hold of what it takes to win and get our books out there. As authors, we're going to need to invest in ourselves. And that is going to cost money to build that skill set up.

Also, money to help us generate the correct mindset of understanding. You're a small business owner with your self-publishing business. Finally, I began to invest in myself and building up a skillset.

With that, the revenue that was coming in and the royalties from the books that I was selling started to go up. As that occurred, my mindset began to shift. Because one mindset was that this will never work.

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Anybody wants to hear what I have to say about the books. The topics that I'm writing about. I do want to get them out into the world but maybe it will be irrelevant, maybe there isn't a target audience out there.

These were the bad poor mindsets. The scarcity mindsets were causing me to not move as quickly as I could have. If I had done it earlier, if I would talk to my earlier self, I would say, use all of the money you have to invest in yourself to building up those skillsets.

It's incredibly valuable and what happened was seeing the mindset start to change. From a scarcity mindset where I looked at everything, I had as to how can I save and conserve as much money as humanly possible of what's happening to an abundance one.

Which is as the money comes in, spending it out we're providing jobs and creating work for other people. To do things like cover design and these other areas and it started to expand in that direction. The mindset caused then my skillset to improve which caused my mindset to also improve.

We got into a very positive loop which I'm still playing off of today. I'm trying to help you avoid the mistakes that I made in the early days of self-publishing. Now skillset vs. mindset in self-publishing?

Let's get to the three points of today. The first is you need to first and foremost focus on getting the skillset in place. Learning the skills that are necessary, for example, reading this article right now is helping you build your skillset, it does build the mindset too.

But mostly, we try to help you get those skillsets in place. So you're making progress as an author. Getting your book onto the market and getting it sold.

What happens then is we get a sense of mastery, we fail and we try again. We fail and we try again and after some time, we discover that we somehow start to succeed at what we're doing. You see, I can say I experienced a lot of failures.

Must-Have The Mindsets First

I can't tell you how many times I attempted different strategies and nothing worked. Until I tried enough that something did start to work. A series of strategies that I introduce here on this website and on my Youtube channel that I just give away for free.

Showing you exactly how to go about making it your successful self-publishing business. Out of what you're working on over a while you begin to get mastery. And then therein comes the next issue which is then the mindset starts to come in place.

Because without mastery, we could tell ourselves all day about abundance and such. Trying to avoid scarcity but until we feel that we've got traction, that what we're doing is working, it's hard to convince our minds that we are in fact on the right course.

This is such an important point as a self-publisher or an aspiring self-publisher. If you have not yet caught your first book on the market, then we need to get this in order. It's usually downplayed quite a bit but that leads into our third point, our secret point of the day.

That is the only way to win in the long run is to focus on both skillset and mindset. But of the two, it is the mindset that is the most important. It ensures that you have the mindset, the growth mindset is I will invest money in myself.

I will use the skills that I'm learning from whether courses or coaching. I do Coaching for anyone who needs help with their self-publishing. To get both your skillset and your mindset in place.

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To hold you on track and besides, the mindset begins to get in place. It gives us motivation and drive. It's the gasoline that is inside of the engine that's pushing and moving us forward.

When the mindset is in the correct area, we can not even have any skillset but the mindset will cause us to build up the skillsets. To get the traction and to stay in the game long enough to succeed.

One of the most important things that I've learned is that if you just keep at it and ask what can I do better next time and how can I improve? You will start winning at this game and self-publishing is a game that you can win at. You can find the readers, find your target audience, and you can get your books out there.

Imagine that feeling of having all of these people out there reading your book. So you're doing yourself a favor, you're doing them a favor. It's a win for everybody and that's one of the key things I'm trying to do.

There are so many people teaching self-publishing out there. That makes it so complex and complicated. The goal here with Self-Publishing Made Easy Now is to make it simple, so that you can avoid the mistakes and the pain that I experienced.

So, skillset vs. mindset in self-publishing, what do you think? Do you feel you have the correct mindset to win at self-publishing? If you do, write "Yes" below in the comments. If you don't, write "No" below in the comments. I really want to know exactly where you are coming from.

I want to know how you're feeling about this entire self-publishing thing and the progress that you're making. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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