Chris A. Baird | December 10, 2021
Social Media Won't Sell Your Books - 3 Things that Will

Many authors are eager to get more sales out of their self-published books on the market to the point that they're taking a risk to go into different social media platforms without knowing how it works. Check out this article, let me tell you about this social media won't sell your books - 3 things that will.

Today's topic has three points and you're going to want to stick around. Because the third point is a secret as to the number one way to use social media to get your books to sell. The topic we're hitting today is social media won't sell your books 3 - things that will.

You're going to know why social media is a complete waste of time. If you're relying upon it to get your books to sell. You're going to have the information necessary to follow the simple steps to get your book to sell with better techniques.

You're going to feel great because you're not going to be wasting your time and money on ineffective strategies when it comes to marketing and selling your books. Grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist.

Let's get into it from my own story when I first got started I had put my very first book on the market. Then I jumped onto Facebook groups where I found other authors who were also talking about how to get their books also to sell.

There was something that I found a little odd on these groups it was that these authors were doing most of the time. They were thinking that simply by copying the link from their Amazon sales page. And posting in these groups that by spamming other self-published authors.

That this would be the key to getting their books to take off which I found to be a little strange. But I may have even participated a little bit myself and how many sales did I get well. The answer is I wasn't making any sales at all nothing was going through.

It wasn't working one bit so and for these other authors I asked them as well and it wasn't working. They figured that if you just keep on doing this you just keep on posting that. Eventually, somebody is going to buy, and then you can get a snowball effect which is complete insanity.

It has absolutely nothing I even was posting my books on Twitter I found a program that would post. I don't know what it would be every hour it would post one of the links to the books on there. I was like "Wow, look I can see even see the traffic coming through".

But in reality, it was just bots it wasn't any people. Because the real question at the end of the day is how many sales are you making on your books? And what was the problem with this whole Facebook or social media strategy?.

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The answer is it was the wrong audience at the wrong time and that combination means no sales. The thing was is that the people in these groups felt like they were doing something. In other words, I'm so busy using my time posting into these groups.

So that should count for something right well no it doesn't count at all. The fact is that some work is the opposite it's not only a waste of your time and money. It's sucking your time that you could be using high-powered strategies.

To get your books to sell, build an audience, and such which is what we're going to hit in the three answers for today. Let's get into it, social media won't sell your books three things that will. The first thing is you have to understand that people buy from people they know like and trust.

The kit factor of things this is so important and so many people want to jump over this. This is the key issue which is that familiarity and this is something that I help my coaching clients. You can check out below in the description of all of my YouTube videos if you need help with your books on Coaching.

Moving through these steps to help you build and find your audience. That's the first group that we're going to be looking at so you can use Content Marketing. As I go through my Content  Marketing Course or you can just start a Blog and start putting things on out there.

Building An Audience

People will be able to start finding your books and the material we have to. At some point start building an audience the best time is today. Once those people like you enough they're going to be willing to give you an email address.

And from that email address now we have the most powerful and important asset. You possibly can have because we can contact them without the gatekeepers of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All of these people decide how much it's going to cost to contact them.

It's permission-based marketing people have given you their permission they can exit at any time they want. We're not spamming people these people are interested in our things. I have people on my email list who join regularly and some people who leave.

This is just acceptable churn as we go forward in time as the list continues to get larger and larger with this audience. That's being built of people who know like and trust and when the timing is right. They will make the purchase.

That's kind of the biggest issue that I want you to know is that people buy when you have an offer that meets the needs that they have. They're felt problems at the right time with the right audience. You have a problem you have an audience who also has that problem.

Let's say boredom for example and you're meeting them at the right time. You have the right audience that combination will result in you seeing sales. To get these people to even know, like, and trust us. They're going to need to be able to see us a lot now.

Not by spamming Facebook groups but by rather putting content out onto the market. Or using paid ads in order as they're coming in they're going to keep on seeing your cover. They're looking for one thing but your book also meets the same need.

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For example, if you have a book on puppy training we'd be targeting the keyword puppy training. And so other people with their puppy training books are going to see your ads right next to their books. The average person when they're seeing that they're going to say "Wow, I see you everywhere".

You have both your presence on with the Content Marketing that you're doing. By putting out content videos podcasts or blogs you're getting them on your email list and forming them. You're running ads against them at the same time so they're getting to see you regularly.

The results of this are quite surprising for so many authors because the combination of this means they're going to be very familiar with you. It's just a question of, is it the right audience? do they have that need right now?

Because if they do they will do everything in their power to go about buying your books. That's something that and takes time to build up. So for those of you, I've had chats with and you know who you are. If you don't have your book on the market this is going to make it hard.

Even a low-quality book is better than no books on the market. So get your books onto the market and start building the audience and I was even listening to somebody yesterday. Somebody who I know like and trust myself.

They were commenting also on the same issue which is that the email list is by far the most important thing when it comes to authors. You're going to want to get started with that almost before anything else. You're going to give them something to figure out what your audience wants for free.

Content Marketing

You're going to give that to them and we're going to start building that up. Because that's the key to getting our reviews for our books and then moving forward. This is not a waste of time these are the things that are going to be necessary to move the needle forward on your book.

None of this you've noticed is social media but let's get to the secret tip of the day. The third tip and is that once you build familiarity by using your ads and your Content Marketing. You can check out below in the description of all of my YouTube videos of Content Marketing.

It will show you exactly what you need to do step by step then and only then will put offers. In front of the relevant social media channels start working for you so we've already built the know like and trust. Then we can just share this on social media with those very same people.

You can buy ads on social media or you can just post in groups with people not groups of self-published authors. That's completely worthless not in these freebie groups where everybody in there just wants free books. That's also a complete waste but interested groups.

For example, if you're writing a book on some sort of a harry potter type of fiction. Then you're going to go to maybe harry potter and fantasy. Young adult groups where you can push your books to those groups but it won't be effective.

They will not even be tempted to buy your book unless they already have an idea who you are. You're going to be sticking to just one topic with your author's name. So the name you're using for your book shouldn't be 50 different types and genres of books.

It would be confusing to your audience I had another friend an author friend who would put on the market hundreds and hundreds of books. The thing was is they were all over the place and then on his email list. He would send these emails saying okay now I have a book on relationship advice.

I have a book on I don't know let's say "You know fortnight strategies" then I have a book you see the problem was it was too many genres so he wasn't targeting. Most of the emails coming in would be hitting his audience. They simply were never going to buy because the audience was all over the place.

Most of the emails coming would be irrelevant and that's one of the reasons why joining my self-publishing secrets newsletter list. Which you get by just grabbing my checklist is a powerful tool and you're if you're interested in self-publishing.

Then you're the target audience it's the same thing I use content marketing even on this channel right now. You watch enough of the videos that I'm doing and as a result, many of my students come directly from these videos.

As a result, because why you know like and trust me we build this over time. We build a relationship I'm telling you everything I know but then I'm able to take your self-publishing to the next level with one-on-one coaching. That's something that many of the fake art scammers out there don't do.

There's no one-on-one it's just simply you know buy my complicated course or something like that. Whereas I believe that you should keep things easy
and we break it down no matter whether you have no technical background.

We can slowly move through the steps to ensure you do not feel overwhelmed and get your book published. Then we can also work on getting it to sell by running ads and such. I train you how to do everything so these are a few of the things that definitely will help.

My question for you today is, have you had success with selling on social media? if you have, write "yes" below in the comments. If you haven't, write "no" below in the comments because I need to know where you're coming from. Check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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