Chris A. Baird | May 27, 2022
Top 3 Reasons Why I'm Self-Publishing My Books

You might still be having a hard time deciding which route to go. Let me help you out, here are the top 3 reasons why I’m self-publishing my books.

I couldn't remember a single time I had read a book that had been written by somebody who had self-published the book. So, this was a huge issue when trying to figure out whether self-publishing was going to be right for me or not.

That's one of the reasons why in today's article, we're discussing the Top 3 Reasons Why I'm Self-Publishing My Books. So, when I was getting started back in 2015, I was getting to the point. I was thinking I want to get a book on the market.

I had some ideas that I wanted to get out. I knew these subjects would be of interest to the world. Even if people didn't want to buy them, I still wanted to get them out there.

The thing was that to get my books out and sell them on the market, “Should I go for the traditional route or should I go for the self-publishing route?” It wasn't completely clear to me which route was going to be right for me.

But I knew that the self-publishing route was a route that maybe doesn't sell so many books. And that also is like vanity publishing. There were hybrid options and a lot of different things that made the whole thing confusing.

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What got me started originally was that my brother had put a book on Amazon. He had seen some sales through the book. But I was still trying to figure out which would be better for me.

If I didn't figure this out, I simply would not even get any books on the market. And obviously, that would involve not selling. The first challenge I faced was there were just so many things to learn regarding the tools around the thing.

I tried lots and lots of different tools trying to figure out which tools would be right for me. Now I put below in the description of all of my YouTube videos my affiliate links for the tools that I have found over the years.

Those are the best tools. I update it regularly based on changes in the market, changes in the tools, and the pricing structures for these tools. To ensure that these are the absolute best that I found to this point.

The second thing was that I started taking courses. I grew up in a way in which we didn't take so many courses. We didn't need to figure it out, we'll just figure it out ourselves. But this was a huge mistake. 

Going The Self-Publishing Route

I began to realize over time that you're not going to just figure this out; the strategies involved. It's not like a board game like monopoly or something. Where if you just play around a little bit, you'll figure out there are too many tools and too many rules that are not listed.

Without knowing the right strategies, you'd completely fail. So, I took a lot of courses. The first course I took was an ads course on Amazon that immediately started generating sales. The next course I took was focused on keywords and target markets. 

And that leveraged. Suddenly putting a book on the market, running ads against it, and making a profit of a thousand dollars a month off of a single book. That was what made me realize that this self-publishing thing was not fake. 

But after taking all of these courses on self-publishing and seeing results coming out of it. Going through all of the best and top YouTube channels on self-publishing and reading piles of blogs. Reading books I had heard a few negative stories about the idea of doing traditional publishing. 

So, it became very clear to me that this was not the route that I was going to do. So that was the number one reason that I went this particular route with self-publishing. It was what I heard from people and I hadn't heard anybody saying the opposite. 

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The second thing if that weren't enough, it's that I have had many coaching clients over the years. Helping them get started with self-publishing or figuring out what's right. Sometimes, self-publishing may not be the right choice.

If you have no time, no technical ability, no ability to learn anything, and don't want to learn anything, then sometimes a hybrid route or the traditional route may be right for you. But almost all of my coaching clients who did not go the self-publishing route regretted it.

I've never had a single client who said, you know, I went these other routes, the hybrid or the traditional route and we've been super happy with it. I just never met somebody. I'm sure there are tons of them out there.

You can see people's success stories. But it's just in terms of the clients that I have had, just not met those people. So that also helps reinforce the aspect of why self-publishing is the right choice.

The final thing was I had lots of success stories of people who did the self-publishing routes. Unlike these other routes, the self-publishing route, there aren't a lot of success stories where you get your book on the market. 

Seeing Enough Income

The key is not trying to make a profit immediately but understanding it's a learning process. And as you go, you'll lay deeper into it as you grow in the process. That's one of the things I discovered with the courses I took.

Now the courses I was taking at the time were very complicated. We're hitting so many things and it was almost impossible. Most people felt overwhelmed and were not able to make progress.

That's one of the reasons why I, on Self-Publishing Made Easy Now, like to break it down and keep things simple. In my checklist, I break down those steps and that's one of the reasons you're going to want to grab my free self-publishing secrets checklist.

To make sure that you can save the pain and suffering that I went through. In terms of learning the steps that are necessary to get your book self-published and also selling. But in the end, what happened was as I went through the process and I discovered it gets easier as you go.

And that's the reason why I have over 200 books out on Amazon. For me, self-publishing without a doubt is absolutely the best way to go. When you're trying to get your book onto the market and selling.

You're learning the process so that you are not dependent upon somebody else. To tell you what is necessary to win or lose. For me, I've seen enough income coming from all of these books.

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I've been able to hire a couple of people to be on my full-time team helping me with the self-publishing side. Also, in terms of the YouTube business and my courses, coaching, and all of these sorts of things.

In addition to hiring a coach myself, I don't believe it is a good idea to do any of these endeavors without having a coach. Whether you hire me or hire somebody else, having a coach that can take you through and hold you accountable daily is a very important aspect.

A YouTube production team as well as an SEO team and a conversion optimization team, a whole series of people all coming. Being funded from the profits coming from the books that I've put on there. So there you have it, the top 3 reasons why I’m self-publishing my books.

Now I wish to share these skills with you as well. That's one of the reasons I put together that particular checklist to do it. But then, you might be wondering which platform should you self-publish on?

That's the reason why I created The Best Self Publishing Platforms of 2022. You can check that video out.

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