Chris A. Baird | October 30, 2017
get productive fast

Starting the self-publishing process is easy. But being productive is where the challenge begins. There is a right tool to help you get productive fast.


There are piles of productivity apps on the market. I have personally tested many of them. However, none works well tool like Todoist.

It's simple and cheap. Here is a reason why it works so well. It is exactly because it doesn't take long to learn.

It helps you keep track of all of your projects. It keeps track of all your recurring tasks. Therefore, helping you to get productive fast.

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No Need For Piles of Tasks

There is one big problem with most tools. Your tasks start to overwhelm you as they pile. When used properly, Todoist is very effective.

It allows you to space out all of your tasks. I have different areas of focus each day. I only allow each of these areas to have five tasks.

When the day begins with 15 tasks in an area. I can quickly space those tasks out into the future. To focus on the most important tasks for today only.

That's one of the most effective ways that I do. In order to get productive fast.

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A Daily Checklist is Where it Starts

I go a step further than most people who use Todoist. I have created Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist. That makes it super simple to mark off actions.

The ones you need to do each day. As you move through the day. It's for free, so check that out.

It will really help you get productive fast. With Todoist, each of those items magically appears. It appears on the next day's list.

And it disappears from the current day. This single use of Todoist makes it worth the cost.

I recently finished reading Steve Scott's Latest book Master Todoist: How to Use a Simple App to Create Actionable To-Do Lists and Organize Your Life.

This book is an excellent place to start. Whether you are just starting with Todoist. Or have been using it for years. 

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