Chris A. Baird | October 16, 2020
Where To Find Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Login?

This is the very first question that beginners have when trying to put their books onto Amazon. Find out where exactly you can find Amazon Kindle self publishing login and get started right away.

Crossing The Line

Today's question has three answers and you are going to want to stick around. Because the third answer is a secret that I'm asked often about.

What about getting your books into other countries even though you've logged into the United States or one of the other specific Amazon KDP areas?

So, let's get into it. The question that was sent to me today was, where to find Amazon Kindle self publishing login? This is a very common question when you are first getting started.

You haven't bookmarked the location. You're wondering a little bit upon which site on Amazon should you go to. Maybe you have an Amazon account already but you can't seem to find the area where you can publish your books.

By the end of this article, you're going to know exactly where to set up your account and to log in. You are going to have the information you need to get started right away. You're going to feel amazing after setting up your account and getting started on your self-publishing journey.

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But before we get into the answers, grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist to make sure you are not skipping one of the 7 main key steps with self-publishing.

So, where to find Amazon Kindle self publishing login? Let me start a little bit about a story of my own here called Crossing The Line. Well, we have to rewind to 1994 and at that point, I had a goal just like you.

I have a goal regarding self-publishing. I had a goal I wanted to become an officer in the United States Air Force but how exactly was I going to do that? The answer was I was going to go through the Air Force Academy.

You first have to enter the Air Force Academy and that meant I came out into Colorado a week early before my entrance into the academy. I was with a friend and we tried to prepare. We had some of the things we would memorize at the academy.

So, we thought maybe we could start with that. There was a whole series of things, words, and phrases that you would need at the academy. And maybe by memorizing them, that would prepare us for the changes we were about to experience.

Accepting Our New Identity

A week of practicing, exercising and getting physically fit for the entrance. We then got to the very day and we come into the parking area where the buses were lined up. We found our correct bus and at that moment, I had to decide "do I really want this?".

Do I even know what I'm going to expect on the other side of the line? I thought a little bit about it and I realized that no until I crossed the line, I have no idea what exactly it's going to be like. So, I slowly moved towards the bus that was mine.

I walked up to the available seats. I took a seat down and there were people on the bus but they were not talking to me. Within the next minute or two, the bus was full, the door closed, and the yelling began.

These were the upperclassmen at the academy. They informed us very quickly that we were no longer civilians. We were no longer on the outside and that things were about to change.

In fact, things had already changed, we had crossed a line. The experiences that we were about to be hit with, was a lot of yelling in our faces. It would also include having our hair taken away from us.

Within a short period of a couple of hours after that, having all of our possessions taken from us and suddenly all of our previous identity was being stripped away as they were preparing us to become the future leaders of the Air Force.

I thought I had prepared for this experience. I had memorized the necessary things and I had even exercised a lot. I was physically fit at one level but I was completely unprepared for just what changes would be necessary as I move across.

The only way to know what exactly something will be like when crossing the line is just to do it, to make the crossing. And Amazon is exactly the same way when we're self-publishing and we want to get our books out there.

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We have to take that first step and in this case, it is logging in and creating an account on Amazon so that we can publish our first book. What will it be like? There is nothing that can prepare you for that idea.

What will it feel like? Well, the best way to find out is to actually go about doing it. Taking that step, signing up for the account, and figuring out the things as we go.

So, where to find Amazon Kindle self publishing login? The answer is you are going to go to kdp.amazon.com. It will take you to the country that's closest to you where they believe you will be publishing your books.

Ending Number Should Be 9

But there is something that some people wonder which is if I log into the US account or the Great Britain account on Amazon but I want my books to be in South America, Germany, Asia, and China, how exactly do I go about doing that?

That brings us to our secret answer of the day and this is a very common one that is asked to me often. That is your book will be available in all of the different countries for distribution.

When you first put that book in there, it will ask you where you want it to be and what price is in the different countries? Now, make sure you are making at least $2 per book on the Kindle version and allow it just to automatically figure out the other countries.

You want to make sure that the price you're selling it, that ends in number 9. That change some of the sales. Some psychological tests have been done so that in those other countries when you set it up, you let it do the auto-pricing.

Then it will round it up to the nearest number. That gives us a 7 or 9, just make sure it's an odd number at the end. It shouldn't be $8 or $3, it should be $2.99 for example when you're putting your book out there.

But it will be available in all of the different countries even though you are registered or logged in to the Amazon account that's in Germany or Canada or the United States. So, that's not something you're going to need to worry about.

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But you are going to need to cross the line. You are going to need to set up that account. And there is nothing that can prepare you for it until you've actually done it.

After crossing the line, you will make lots of mistakes as I did when I got into the Air Force Academy during my 4-year stay there. But the fact is that we sometimes really don't know what to expect.

After we crossed that line, then we discover what it's going to be like. And we have a new normal that starts to establish itself. So, where to find Amazon Kindle self publishing login?

What have you found? Has it been a challenge for you when setting up an account, logging in, and getting started? Did you find this to be a barrier to crossing the line for yourself?

I would love to hear about it down below in the comments. I respond to all comments that come in. Check out my other blogs and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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