Chris A. Baird | April 23, 2020
Which Is More Profitable In General For Kindle And KDP Authors, Fiction Or Nonfiction?

You are now ready to give writing a try but can't decide on your genre yet whether you'll go to the fiction route or the nonfiction route. Let me make choosing easier for you.

Today's question is, which is more profitable in general for Kindle and KDP authors of fiction or nonfiction? Well, it seems a little bit confusing so this is an excellent question. It is because I can see how it could be frustrating. When you realize that there is plenty of different types of genres we can write on.

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Whether we are dealing with nonfiction or fiction, both of them have many different areas we can do. If we are looking at seeing a possible business that we can have around it, that we're actually carrying, and that we're going to make money or it is more profitable. Then this is something we are going to want to know before we start investing a lot of time into it.

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Now, let me go a little bit into my own story. For me, I already had some nonfiction ideas in mind when I started writing my Powerlist Books. So I realized that I was thinking with efficiency and how to use lists and along those lines.

And so it was an easy choice for me. I didn't have a story that I wanted to write when I first got involved. Later on, though, I did not make some discoveries, I took a number of courses. I watched an awful lot of videos. I listened to a lot of podcasts and the answer to this question became quite visible as I did some research.

The Use Of Right Keywords

The answer to your question is that, well, it is not so simple but fiction. It does earn more money but it's a lot harder to find your readers. So if you are having people that are going to be reading your books, you are going to have to find them. It is because they are not going to find you. They are not doing a Google search on you.

Now, there is an exception to this. That would be if you are writing any very hot genre. Some people like to read different types of romance books. So, if you are using the keywords that they are looking for, they don't really care about you as an author.

Many people are looking for specific authors in the fiction area. So it is very difficult to be found since there are so many people you are competing with. This is one of the reasons why nonfiction is a lot easier to be found and for people to buy your book.

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Nonfiction is focused on solving a problem which people are searching for. They are going to type into Amazon or they are going to type into Google, their problem. If your book has those keywords in it and it's ranked highly for that exact search, then they will find your book. Even if you are not a big-name author they can easily find your book.

And if it promises to solve their problem and does solve their problem, then they will buy the book and they will read it. So this is the advantage of the nonfiction. It's because people don't care so much about who it is who wrote the book. As long as it appears that it is going to solve their problem.

Go For Nonfiction

I personally would recommend it if you are not clear over which way to go. I would still say that nonfiction is the correct route. Unless you have a story or you are a fiction author already, then, of course, you are going to go with the fiction route than the nonfiction.

But maybe even for authors, some of them have found it to be very difficult. You write the book you've had on your heart. When you get it out into the world, you find that marketing your book is a lot harder. It is because you are solving a problem which is the problem of people wishing to be entertained.

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In terms of they have a problem recording exercise or diet. Or maybe a problem on how to train their dogs or other problems along those lines. They are not going to be searching. They are not going to find your book through a search that they do within a search engine. Whether Amazon of Google or some other search engines.

That's the reason why I would recommend that you go for the nonfiction route in the long run. Well, what have you found? Did you find that you can make money writing fiction? Or maybe you have found that the nonfiction route is a much more profitable route. Even if it's less money, it's much more predictable. We can do things including finding those keywords.

The tool that I use is KDP by Kindle. I think you will find that as a very useful tool for finding keywords that you will use for your fiction and even your nonfiction. So, do you have a problem? Have you decided? Please leave your comments below.

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