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How To Publish A Book On Kindle Direct Publishing 2021 Amazon

Many authors have said that Kindle Direct Publishing is the right to publish a book. You might be new to self-publishing and you're asking this very question of how to publish a book on Kindle Direct Publishing 2021 - Amazon? Find out the answer now.

My Top Mistake

Today's article has three points and you're going to want to stick around for the third point. Because it is a secret as to the key strategy in 2021 on Amazon KDP.

The subject that we're going to discuss today is how to publish a book on Kindle Direct Publishing 2021 - Amazon? This is something that many authors are wondering about. You've got your book written and now you reach the point where it's time to publish it.

But should you publish it on Amazon? Maybe the Kindle Amazon "gold rush" is over, so maybe you should choose a different platform. Or maybe you should go for traditional publishing.

There's just a lot of choices that you need to make when it comes to publishing your book. You need to be informed of what's currently going on on Amazon KDP. And that is what we're going to discuss in today's article.

But before we get into the answers, you can grab a copy of my absolutely free Self-Publishing Checklist. To make sure that you are not skipping any of the steps necessary to get your book self-published and selling.

So let's get into it. On my own story, when I first got started, I published my very first book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing in 2015. At the time, I wasn't sure what would happen.

I mean if you put a book out there, I'd heard some people say that "we'd just start selling and it would be amazing on that side of things". But others had said, "no, the Kindle gold rush was already behind". So I just didn't know what to expect.

Well, the thing is I made so many mistakes on that book that I considered giving up self-publishing completely. Because the results were just so poor of what I was getting out of there. It was mostly because I just didn't understand some things about Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

My top mistake was not understanding the importance of optimizing and finding an audience. An audience is a group of people with a specific problem that you're in a position to help them help themselves to fix that problem. Now it can be entertainment when it comes to fiction or non-fiction.

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Finding an audience where they are wondering and asking questions about a problem that they're experiencing. Whether it's from Puppy Training or to my first book it was on Achieving Your Goals. I didn't start with the audience I just started with something I was interested in.

Something that I knew I could help people with but I didn't understand their problem completely. So the way that I worded my description and my title and everything else was a bit of a problem. Because it wasn't as clear as it could have been when I first came out with a book.

So I fixed these issues and began to see my sales increasing on Amazon. At the time it was very confusing when you're first getting started with Amazon KDP. You're trying to get into it but it's not clear what exactly the right steps are when we're going to get our book out there.

But since that point, I have moved on to other platforms. I've seen people lose their accounts on Amazon, so I would never recommend you stay with just Amazon. Though you definitely should start with them, you should not stay with them.

Format Your Manuscript To EPUB

Even in the past week, people who are doing low-content publishing we're seeing their accounts completely frozen and just taken completely off the platform. I've even seen some of the warnings they were getting.

So this is one of the reasons why putting out high-quality books that people want to buy that aren't in violation of any of Amazon's terms of services is a great strategy. Because we really should not be thinking about the short run but in terms of the long game that we're going to be playing.

Don't think that just because you feel that we may be following all the rules, Amazon isn't going to necessarily create problems for us. By being on multiple platforms, we're able to start getting sales of our books coming through. As a result, we're able to then have a lot more stability.

So if something should happen on one or another platform, we're in a position to like the legs of a chair or a stool. To make sure it's not going to tip should something happen to one of the legs. This is something that so many authors overlook.

You assume that just by putting it on Amazon, you're fine and good and well. But they can change all sorts of rules and you're going to need to think about that. So how to publish a book on Kindle Direct Publishing 2021 - Amazon?

Well, the key is the first thing you're going to need to do is you're going to need to format your manuscript into an EPUB. Now that's a new change in 2021. Before, it needed to be a Mobi file but no longer the case. An EPUB is plenty fine and we're going to be using Jutoh to do that exact thing.

Because it's just so easy and it gets the formatting perfect so that we also will have the ability to do our paperback versions from this exact version. The thing to remember with Jutoh is that once you have a basic template, you can plug your book into it.

Then it will just spit out your EPUB versions removing all of the issues and a lot of the other problems with it. I remember when I moved from Scribner over to Jutoh, I was completely blown away. I use it for all of my books.

That is the reason I can tell you that it's the right choice when it comes to formatting your book. The second thing you need to know is that you should order your cover on Fiverr. I have seen some people discussing 99 Designs and a lot of other places where you can also go to.

I prefer Fiverr just because I found some people who are amazing on the platform. In particular, if you look below in the description of each of my Youtube videos, you'll find a copy of the person on Fiverr I use in my affiliate link for her. She's done many of my book covers.

I've been very excited to see the quality and the sales that have come. As a result, you should never underestimate Amazon in 2021. It is incredibly important that your cover is looking fantastic and don't just go with anyone.

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Make sure you're going with somebody who's able to produce those quality covers. You can see her samples and maybe some of those sample covers are something that will match and be wonderful for your book as well. But she makes it personalized for every cover that she produces, so I've been very happy with that.

Focus From The Beginning

The other thing under point number two is that you need to write your description and optimize your title. Like I mentioned before, this is incredibly important on Amazon in 2021. We need to make sure that we're writing a title.

So it tells the benefits or the problems that we're specifically solving for our target audience. This is something that so many authors think "I'm going to have a clever title with some clever pictures and stuff". This is not the way we do it.

Your readers have an expectation and our job is to deliver on what they're expecting. So make sure you're looking at what other authors are doing with their titles and covers in your same niche. As well as looking at the best sellers in that category and make sure that yours looks similar to the best sellers.

I do not believe you should copy their covers or their titles but it should be close not too far off. Because your readers are already telling you what they're looking for within your niche. Make sure that your title has the keywords that they're searching for.

So, no matter what it might be that you have in the niche that you're doing, it should be very clearly flagged inside of the title. Let's move on to the secret answer of today and that is our third answer and it is the secret. It is that getting your first book perfect is a terrible idea.

When we're working on Amazon KDP in 2021, you do not need to have it perfect. The problem and this is the dirty little secret that people will not tell you is that your book isn't going to be perfect. And even if it were perfect, it still isn't going to sell.

The reason being is you may not have had the experience of getting a book out there, learning the skills necessary to market that book. And without those skills both the getting of a high-quality book and the marketing skills, you're simply not going to have everything you need to get the sales that you're wanting to see.

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That's the reason why we're going to put a lot of focus right from the beginning on getting a book out there. So that we can start practicing. Just like any other skill set, it requires practice and the goal is just to get something onto Amazon that is okay or good.

Then start building your audience. Building your email list so that you're ready to move on to your very second book and so on. Also, you're going to be learning in this process. Your audience will be telling you what they want.

You're going to be seeing sales not even happening at all perhaps. And that will cause you just like I experienced, to figure out what exactly is the best strategy for you when it comes to getting your second book and third book out onto the market and getting those books to sell.
So, how to publish a book on Kindle Direct Publishing 2021 - Amazon? Have you noticed any changes in 2021 for Amazon KDP? If you have, let me know below in the comments, I want to hear from you so I know exactly where you're coming from. And check out my other articles and videos for more answers to your self-publishing questions.

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